Finished Reggie's Racing Cup Season 4 Race 10 (No Video due to Glitch)

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  1. Welcome to Reggie's Racing Cup: Season 4! I initially planned to do this a long time ago but was busy. School ends for me this Friday so I should be set to host this like I planned to!


    How Do I Play/Quick Summary of the Game

    This game is a simulated season played on a Nascar game that I own where people who enter get to choose what their car looks like and "race" in simulated races where I post video recaps of each race. After each race, each driver will be able to give 5 points to any of the four stats they can upgrade: Agression, Qualifying, Reliability, or Pit Crew to customize their cars even further. The rules and how to win will be explained below.


    For the second time in RRC history, we are using a points system to determine the winner. It is slightly different from last season's system. Now, this is important. For our points system we will host it on google sheets so everyone can view it live. However, I am very bad at using formulas and stuff with google sheets, so I will need someone with google sheets/microsoft excel experience to help me out. Please comment with your sign in if you can help me out. Anyways, here is what the schedule and points will look like:

    10 Race Season:

    1st place - 8 points
    2nd and 3rd place - 6 points
    4th and 5th place - 5 points
    6th to 10th place - 3 points
    11th to 14th place - 2 points
    15th place onward - 1 point

    The person with the most points at the end of the regular season gets a bye from round 1 of the playoffs.


    Post Season:

    All race winners enter round 1 of the playoffs as well as the next 3 highest ranking drivers in the regular season points standing who HAVEN'T won a race.

    We have a last chance race among the people who haven't met the criteria of the playoffs, the top 3 will enter the playoffs. So the first round we start with maybe 15 drivers plus our bye guy gives us around a 16 driver playoff.


    Playoff Race 1: This race features only the cars in the playoffs and the top 3 drivers advance to Playoff Race 2. This gives us a "final four" among the driver with a bye and the top 3 from this race.


    Playoff Race 2: This race features all drivers, even those that aren't in the playoffs. The highest finishing driver from the final four becomes THE CHAMPION of Reggie's Racing Cup Season 4.

    Drivers will get 200 points to start with and will be able to choose what stats they want to invest it in: agression, qualifying, reliability, and pit crew.

    People who want to enter only need to post information about their car in this format:

    An example would be like this:
    During the original RRC Season 4 I introduced teams, however on further review I think I'll be removing that mechanic due to confusingness. You guys can create teams and such, but I won't be doing the team championship like I originall


    How can we see who wins each race?
    I'll be posting video highlights on here hosted on youtube for you all to see as well as having race results imported from the game. I'm equipped with OBS recording software and Sony Vegas 13, so the production values of the recap videos will be pretty good. I will make your own Nascar and it will appear in each race.

    You Said that We Can Change our Cars' Settings.
    Indeed I did. In between races, you may choose to improve your car. Each car will start out with 200 points that you can use toward a stat (except you can't devote more than 80 points to 1 stat) and after every race you can put 5 points into 1 stat. Notice: If you don't say how you want to align your stats, I'll automatically put 60 into aggression and qualifying and 40 into reliability and pit crew.

    Aggression: Increasing aggression will allow your car to make riskier moves in order to notch the top spot but can result in crashes.

    Qualifying: With a higher qualifying stat, your car has a higher chance of starting near the front at the beginning of a race. Note this does not guarantee that you will start towards the front/at the front every race.

    Reliability: Increased reliability will decrease the chances of your car blowing a tire or engine blowing
    (the odds of this are low in the first place, however it can happen)

    Pit Crew: A better pit crew means faster pit stops. There will usually be only 1-2 pitstops per race but a quick and reliable pit team can really help a car.

    Signups (At Least 12 Cars) (* = rookie driver)
    Pikamasterjesi (#64 Pikachu)
    2. Celever (#36 Phanpy)
    3. Mirdo (#79 Wingull)*
    4. Blakers (#48 Talonflame)
    5. Steffenka (#86 Passimian)
    6. NinjaPenguin (#22 Phermosa)
    7. Lord o Da Rigns (#37 Alolan Ninetales)
    8. jadethepokemontrainer (#28 Decuidueye)*
    9. Little Cherrim (#99 Dunsparce)*
    10. Athena (#17 Mimikyuu)
    11. GM Draclord (#8 Flygon)
    12. bbninjas (#08 Ninjask)
    13. rainyman123 (#97 Rhiombee)
    14. epist (#14 Elektross)*
    15. double o squirtle (#42 Misdreveaus)
    16. Tails (#78 Tapu Lele)
    17. GekkisaiDaiNi (#44 Garbador)*

    (max is 40 cars)


    Fairy Racing: #37, #78, #97
    808 Motorsports: #8, #08
    Brave Bird Racing: #28, #48, #79​

    1. Daytona: bbninjas
    2. California: Celever
    3. Dover: Tails
    4. Michigan: Lord o Da Rings
    5. Watkins Glen: Pikamasterjesi
    6. Martinsville: Mirdo
    7. Texas: Tails
    8. Dirt Bristol: Epist
    9. Infineon: Blakers
    10. Talledega: Athena
    11. - Last Chance Race (Richmond):
    12. - Playoff Race 1 (Indinapolis):
    13. - Playoff Race 2 (Daytona):

    Season 1 Winner: NameBlank - #7 Feraligatr Car
    Season 1 2nd Place: Celever - #93 Altaria Car
    Season 2 Winner: bbninjas - #8 Cacturne Car
    Season 2 2nd Place: NinjaPenguin - #22 Empoleon Car
    Season 3 Winner: Celever - #99 Seel Car
    Season 3 Regular Season Winner: Celever - #99 Seel Car
    Season 3 2nd Place: Reinforce - #21 Galvantula Car
    Season 3 3rd Place: Tails - #78 Primarina Car
    Season 3 4th Place: Blakers - #48 Talonflame Car
    Season 4 Winner:
    Season 4 Regular Season Winner: Tails - #78 Tapu Lele Car
    Season 4 2nd Place:
    Season 4 3rd Place:
    Season 4 4th Place:

    1. Celever : 5 Wins
    T2. bbninjas: 4 Wins
    T2. Tails: 4 wins
    T3. NameBlank : 3 Wins
    T3. Ice Espeon: 3 Wins
    T3. Blakers: 3 Wins
    T4. GM Draclord: 2 Wins
    T4. NinjaPengiun: 2 Wins
    T4. Jabberwock: 2 Wins
    T4. Lord o Da Rings - 2 Wins
    T5. GadgetJax: 1 Win
    T5. Raichulover11: 1 Win
    T5. Machamp The Champion: 1 Win
    T5. Jeremy1026: 1 Win
    T5. King Xerneas: 1 Win
    T5. Double O Squirtle: 1 Win
    T5. Athena: 1 Win
    T5. TheDivingSeel: 1 Win
    T5. Steffenka - 1 Win
    T5. Rainyman123- 1 Win
    T5. Pikamasterjesi - 1 Win
    T5. Mirdo - 1 Win
    T5. Epist - 1 Win

    Signups "end" 7 days after this post is published on midnight EST. After that time I'll upload a video of every driver's car and then start uploading races. You're allowed to sign up after but you'll have less opportunities to win the championship, so the earlier the better. Good luck and may the best driver win!​
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  2. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    Car # 64
    Pokemon Sponsor Pikachu
    Colors Yellow; red; black
    Extra Info If you could make my car the same as it's been the previous times this has run (where the face is on the front of the car), that'd be awesome! ^v^

    Stat Distribution-
    Qualifying: 20
    Pit Crew: 20
    Reliability: 80

    Good luck to everyone! Glad to see this is back! :D
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  3. Celever Wheeeee~


    Car # 36
    Pokemon Sponsor PHANPY
    Colours Blue, red, muddy brown. See avatar for shades of blue and red.
    Extra Info If possible could there be a red stripe at the front of the car where the headlights etc. are, and red wheels? Then could the rest be a gradient from the baby blue that Phanpy is to a muddy brown towards the back of the car, so the windshield is in the blue bit?

    Stat Distribution-
    Qualifying: 40
    Pit Crew: 80
    Reliability: 0
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  4. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    ( I think i can help with the sheets and stuff if you want :))

    Car # 79
    Pokémon Sponsor: Wingull Motorsports powered by Mird-O Cereal
    Colours: White, Lightblue, Orange
    Extra Info: To stay with the Wingull theme i would suggest to keep it white. Have a few big blue stripes and have the wheels/rims orange (because it's feet are orange)

    Stat Distribution:
    Aggro: 50
    Qualifing: 80
    Pit Crew: 60
    Reliability: 10

    The Team:
    Driver: Mird L. Chegal
    Team Director: Marco Hufferson
    Pit Crew Leader: Tobias Cynd-Quil

    (some backstory and all that jazz)
    Wingull Motorsports is proud to announce that it will be tipping it's wings into this season of the RRC. This business venture is almost a year in the making and finally we can confirm that we will have a car to represent our team.
    Our driver Mird L. Chegal will be taking the driver seat of the #79 Mird-O Cereal Ford Fusion. We put high hopes in our driver as he was making a big splash in the German Touring Car Championship for a few season now and will now be doing his first behind the wheel of a Nascar.
    In fact our whole Team made the jump from the DTM over to the states so we hope that our well seasoned team can make an impact in it's rookie year.
    We wish every other team good luck. And try to not cry when the germans are beating you :p
    We wish you einen Guten Tag

    Wingull Motorsports

    Im so excited that this is back :3.
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  5. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!



    Car # 48
    Pokémon Sponsor: Talonflame
    Colors: Black
    Extra Info: Scarlet flames down the side as usual please!

    Aggression: 40
    Qualifying: 80
    Pit Crew: 40
    Reliability: 40
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  6. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    She done already done had herses, and she is back in the game!

    Car #86
    Pokémon Sponsor Passimian
    Colors Black, Light Green and White
    Extra info Car hood = Green, Car top and back: White, Car sides: Black

    : 80
    Qualifying: 50
    Pit Crew: 40
    Reliability: 30
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  7. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    It's back! Here's my entry (totally not copied from the first RRC 4):
    Car #22

    Pokemon Sponsor Pheromosa
    Colors White, with touches of green and red added in.
    Extra Info Make it distinctive and evil, yet in a strangely beautiful way.

    Stat Distribution-
    Aggression: 80
    Qualifying: 80
    Pit Crew: 10
    Reliability: 30
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  8. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Woohoo! It's back! :D

    Car #
    Pokemon Sponsor Alolan Ninetales
    Colors Light Teal, White
    Extra Info Possibly light teal all over with white flecks? That'd be great!

    Stat Distribution-
    Qualifying: 50
    Pit Crew: 20
    Reliability: 60
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  9. Everyone's in, keep em coming!
  10. Jadethepokemontrainer We're on the edge of greatness~

    Forum Mod Chat Room Staff Member

    Car #28
    Pokemon Sponsor Decidueye
    Colors White, brown, green
    Extra Info is it possible to make the tires white? that would be cool. I'd like to rest of the car to be brown with two green stripes along the top.

    Stat Distribution-
    Qualifying: 50
    Pit Crew:
    Reliability: 20
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  11. Little Cherrim Political Obsessor
    Little Cherrim


    Car #99
    Pokemon Sponsor:
    Colors: White, Yellow (Or gold), Light blue
    Extra Info (The car is epic and exudes a sense of greatness)
    Stat Distribution-
    Qualifying: 0
    Pit Crew: 40
    Reliability: 80
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  12. A teaser featuring some of the cars I have designed so far ;)
  13. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    Talonflame looks as good as ever! And awesome job on the rest of the cars, too!
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  14. Athena The Cooler Danchou

    Advanced Member Member

    Car #17
    Pokemon Sponsor: Mimikyu
    Colors: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Black
    Extra Info: レースカーじゃないよ ミミッキュだよ!!

    Stat Distribution-
    Qualifying: 40
    Pit Crew: 30
    Reliability: 60
  15. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Car #8
    Pokemon Sponsor: Flygon
    Colors: Green & Gold
    Extra Info: Surprise ME!

    Stat Distribution-
    Qualifying: 70
    Pit Crew: 30
    Reliability: 50
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  16. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Car #: 8
    Pokemon Sponsor: Ninjask
    Colors Yellow, Black
    Extra Info: I'll beeat all of you!

    Stat Distribution-
    70 points
    Qualifying: 40 points
    Pit Crew: 20 points
    Reliability: 70 points
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  17. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    I like my car my a lot! Does the fact that it's in 1st place predict what's to come?
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  18. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    I really like my car and some of the others look amazing too. Love the colors of Celever's 36.
    I've started to write up some backstory and all that jazz for my team because im that type of guy :p.
    @Reggie McGigas i started to work on the Spreadsheet if you want me to take care of it.
    This would be the overview page for now. Have single pages planned for each race and some formulars so it calculates itself
    Also tried to come up with some "More Raceteam-ish" names. If you guys got more suggestions throw em my way :p Everything in this is still WiP and just a concept.

    Oh and @bbninjas and @GM DracLord you both have the same number rn.
  19. Nyora A Cat



    Car # 97
    Pokemon Sponsor Ribombee
    Colors Pink, yellow
    Extra Info Pink on back and like, a yellow color in the front kind of mixing in at the middle.

    Stat Distribution-
    Qualifying: 0
    Pit Crew: 40
    Reliability: 80
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  20. Great job @mirdo! A message for everyone - if you want to make teams you can just request to make a team here and other people can accept it. If two people are on the same team I'll try to make it so the number font is the same and the car designs are similar.

    Also @bbninjas and @GM DracLord you have the same #. Draclord signed up first but bbninjas has used the 8 every year so I'm sure you guys can work it out. Remember that the #08 and #80 are available too.
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