Finished Reggie's Racing Cup 2: Final Race Up!

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Reggie McGigas

Hey guys, 2 years ago I did a thing called Reggie's Racing Cup. It's been a while and I recently got Nascar Racing 2003 (the game I played this on) back on my computer so I can do this again.

How Do I Play?
This game is a simulated season played on a Nascar game that I own where people who enter get to choose what their car looks like and "race". At the end of a 8 race season, the driver who "wins" the most races is crowned the CHAMPION of Reggie's Racing Cup. In the case of a tiebreaker, a 9th race will be held with the tied racers to determine the winner. All the cars will have the same stats so the results are basically randomized, however people can change their stats as each race progresses (more on that below). People who want to enter only need to post information about their car in this format:

Car # (0-09 or 1-99)
Pokemon Sponsor (A Pokemon that appears on your car)
Colors (Should be obvious)
Extra Info (Like if you want me to do a specific design for the car)

An example would be like this:
Reggie said:
Car #: 9
Pokemon Sponsor: Regigigas
Colors Black, Gold, and White
Extra Info: The front bumper, hood, roof, and rear end of the car should be black, and the sides should be white and gold.

How can we see who wins each race?
I'll be posting video highlights on here hosted on youtube for you all to see as well as having race results imported from the game. Last time I did this, I just recorded my video screen with a camera and edited with movie maker. Now that I'm equipped with OBS recording software and Sony Vegas 13, so the production values of the recap videos will be a lot better. I will make your own Nascar and it will appear in each race.

How do I win?
Every race has a winner, right? Well, we'll be doing 8 races and the person who wins the most races becomes the winner of the overall series. In the case of a tiebreaker, a 9th race will be held with only the people that are tied.

You Said that We Can Change our Cars' Settings.
Indeed I did. In between races,you may choose to improve your car. Each car will start out with a base rating of 70 in each stat and drivers can choose to improve one stat by 5 points (winners can improve a stat by 8 points). The stats that can be modified are listed below:

Aggression: Increasing aggression will allow your car to make riskier moves in order to notch the top spot.

Qualifying: With a higher qualifying stat, your car has a higher chance of starting near the front at the beginning of a race.

Reliability: Increased reliability will decrease the chances of your car blowing a tire or engine blowing
(the odds of this are low in the first place, however it can happen)

Pit Crew: A better pit crew means faster pit stops. There will usually be only 1-2 pitstops per race but a quick and reliable pit team can really help a car.

TL;DR: You sign up and tell me what kind of car you want. You come back each race and post what improvements you want to be made to your car. The car with most wins after 8 races wins the cup!

Signups (At Least 8 Cars)
(* Indicates Rookie Driver)

1. Celever - #39 Gligar
2. bbninjas - #8 Cacturne
3. double o squirtle - #7 Torrocat*
4. NinjaPengiun - #22 Empoleon*
5. Scattered Mind - #15 Latios*
6. Steffenka - #42 Alolan Ninetails
7. Tails - #25 Whimsicott*
8. PikaMasterJesi - #64 Pikachu*
9. Lord o da rings - #38 Glaceon*
10. QuakingPunch73 - #54 Dartix*
11. TheGrovyleKid - #72 Pichu*
12. TheFlyingPidove - #77 Articuno*
13. Robin Aisaga - #4 Darkrai*
14. NightOfYuyuko - #13 Carvanah*
15. GM Draclord - #16 Flygon
16. Athena - #17 Shellos*
17. Ice Espeon - #79 Slowpoke
18. King Xerneas - #68 Simisear*
19. Blakers - 48 Talonflame** (signed up after the season began)


1. Daytona: King Xerneas (2nd: GM Draclord)
2. Dover: bbninjas (2nd: NinjaPengiun)
3. Michigan: Celever (2nd: Ice Espeon)
4. Charlotte: NinjaPengiun (2nd: Celever)
5. Watkins Glen: Tails (2nd: King Xerneas)
6. Phoenix: bbninjas (2nd: Tails)
7. Martinsville: GM Draclord (2nd: Athena)
8. Talledega: NinjaPenguin (2nd: Blakers)
9: California: Ice Espeon (2nd: TheGrovyleKid)

Season 1 Winner: NameBlank - #7 Feraligatr Car
Season 1 2nd Place: Celever - #93 Altaria Car
Season 2 Winner: bbninjas - #8 Cacturne Car
Season 2 2nd Place: NinjaPenguin

T1. NameBlank : 3 Wins
T1. Celever : 3 Wins
T2. bbninjas: 2 Wins
T2. GM Draclord: 2 Wins
T2. NinjaPengiun: 2 Wins
T2. Ice Espeon: 2 Wins
T3. GadgetJax: 1 Win
T3. Raichulover11: 1 Win
T3. Machamp The Champion: 1 Win
T3. Jeremy1026: 1 Win
T3. King Xerneas: 1 Win
T3. Tails: 1 Win
Signups end 10/9/16 at 11:59 PM EST. I'll try to put out races every 4-5 days at the longest.
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Car: #39
Pokémon Sponsor: Gligar
Colours: Tyrian purple, hot pink

So hype to see this game return!
Car: #8
Pokémon Sponsor: Cacturne
Colors: Green, Black, Gold
Extra Info: Green and black should be most prominent.
Car #22
Pokemon Sponsor Empoleon
Colors Silver, Aqua Blue, Gold
Extra Info Silver should be more an accent color, while Gold should be used purely for the roof.
Henny I'm back for my revenge!

Car #
Pokemon Sponsor Alolan Ninetales
Colors Light blue, white and light pink
Extra Info Light blue and white more prominent
Car #64
Pokémon Sponsor Pikachu
Colours Yellow, Black, Red, and Brown
Extra Info Yellow should be the most prominent. If you can make the car look like Pikachu, that'd be awesome! ^v^

I'm in! This sounds really fun, and I'm interested in joining in!
Hey why not? Let's give it a whirl! I woulda done Alolan Ninetales, but @steffenka beat me to it. Oh well :/

Car #38
Pokémon Sponsor Glaceon
Colors Blue, and white
Extra Blue should be more prominent, it needs to be told apart from @steffenka 's car.

This looks really fun! Hope I can get in!
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Car #54
Pokémon Sponsor Dartrix
Colors Burgundy, Dark Green and White
Extra Burgundy should be the most prominent of the colors, with Dark Green being more of a secondary color than white.
Car #72
Pokémon Sponsor: Pichu
Colours: Yellow, Black, and Pink
Extra: Yellow should take up most of the space, with black being a trim and pink being like cheeks on the front.
Car #77
Pokémon Sponsor: Articuno
Colors: Cyan and Black
Extra: I'd like the roof to be black and the rest can be Cyan :p
Car: # 4
Pokemon Sponsor: Darkrai
Colors: Batman Black
Extra Info: Black tints should be used as the prominent colors in the design... Gold can be used for certain accents like the wheels.
Everyone's in, I've made most of the cars. I'll post a video of everyone's cars when I finish em all. Also, I'd like to elaborate on the rule of numbers - you can have numbers 00-09 as well as 1-99. For example, if you wanted to do #7 but someone else took it, you could do #07 as your number.
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I accidentally made a typo that signups ended on 10/8 when they actually end on 10/9 at 11:59 PM EST, so you have all day tomorrow to sign up as well, so don't feel discouraged to sign up if you are!
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