'Rebel Clash' English Set List!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by steffenka, Apr 14, 2020.

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    Update #3 (12 AM): Yep, TPCi made an error in their official set documentation. We’ve confirmed Sandaconda V is in the set, meaning Rebel Clash has 17 Pokemon V, not 16. Our set list is now confirmed.

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    The first set since the sun and moon era not to have any legendary V cards in it if I’m correct? As each SM set has some form of legendary GX in.
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    The Ninetales translation is wrong, the attack does +90 if the opposing Pokemon has a Special Condition, not an Ability. Saw the card in a YouTube video of a booster box opening to verify the English translation.
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    Bewear: throw your opponent across the room?


    >Psychic Clefairy

    I can't stand it. I just can't stand it. *sigh*
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    Or I really cant count, or Im counting only 16 Pokémon V instead of 17...
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    So excited about playing the new V Max cards!
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    I have arrived late to the party after learning that Milotic V is a thing now.

    Only deck I'll be building/playing until it rotates out regardless of meta viability.


    As a collector, just curious – does a card like Lampent cause a bit of controversy in League games? I can see someone drawing a card from their deck and directly into their hand out of habit, but the wording suggests you have to put it into play right from the top of your deck, and I can see some saltier players arguing Lampent wasn't actually the card drawn at the start of the turn if someone does try to play it from their hand.
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    As the card states you "may" play the card onto your Bench, if you don't choose to Bench the card before adding it to your hand and actively mixing it so the opponent can no longer determine if you want to use its Ability, judges would probably rule that it's a no-go. It can definitely create some salty situations with newer players that may not know what's going on.

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