Pokemon Real gym badge pins

Is being able to buy pins of gym badges not something obvious nintendo should have thought of?

  • Yes, the game is based around them after all.

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  • No...

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  • They exist already ( tell me where! )

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Hey everyone, I hope this is the right place to post this,

anyway I have been looking all over the place for Pokemon pins and found quite a cool Charizard pin from the pokemon center promotion April 2010. The pin is the shiny/black version of Charizard and whilst it is easy enough to tell it is Charizard I think it is not very obvious as it is just a black silhouette of Charizard.

I like that this pin doesn't completely shout Pokemon to anyone who sees it and I was wondering if anyone knows of any other pins that are subtle such as this. Specifically I am referring to pins in the form of Pokemon gym badges as I think they would look awesome. Whilst not all are subtle ( rainbow badge!) I would really like to have something like a Earth badge pin.

Sadly the closest I have found are Pokemon gym badge badges, as in those silly plastic clip on badges, if anyone knows of any metal/enamel pins please let me know.

I find it very very strange in all the years Pokemon has been out and they havn't thought to make the gym badges...


They have made league badges, in form of Organized Play TCG rewards.

Are these the ones you're referring to as clip-ons? These are metal, and are actual pins:


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By clip on ones I mean normal badges like these;


Just the circle plastic ones.

That looks interesting, but is there anyway I can get one of those TCG badges without actually playing in the TCG...

I just think they should have accessible pins.

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there is always ebay if you want to get league badges (though they stoped making them after the energy badges because back when all the controversial stuff about lead paint was going around it was to expensive for whatever pokemon/nintendo company who made them to test for lead paint)
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