Ready Aim Fire Game 6

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by PMJ, Nov 1, 2014.

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  1. PMJ happy thoughts

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    It's time for another exciting episode of Ready Aim Fire!

    This is a very simple game. Everyone starts the game with a gun. At any time during the action phase, you may PM me one of the following three actions:

    1. Shoot [living player who is not you].
    2. Shoot myself.
    3. Do nothing.

    After everyone submits their action or time runs out, all shots are resolved simultaneously, with nonsensical and hilarious flavor to keep things fun.

    If you shoot a player, you kill them and they die. If that player chose to shoot themselves, however, then you die instead. If you shoot yourself and no one else shoots you, you die. If you do nothing and no one shoots you, you will earn a piercing shot to be used at any time. This shot will pierce the "defense" of any player shooting themselves. Will you roll the dice and try for the piercing shot? Or play it safe and take action? The choice is yours...

    An example to demonstrate. PMJ, Drohn, Athena, DNA, Teal are in a game. PMJ shoots Drohn. Drohn shoots himself. Athena shoots herself. DNA shoots Drohn. Teal does nothing. Resolution: PMJ and DNA die because they both shot Drohn, who shot himself. Drohn survives because he shot himself and was also shot. Athena dies because she shot herself and no one else shot her. Teal avoids everyone and earns the piercing shot to use at his leisure.

    There is no altering of an action once it has been submitted unless the host gives permission to do so.

    Each action phase is 48 hours long or whenever all living players submit their actions, whichever is sooner. There are no extensions.

    If you fail to send in an action, you will die. Be the last player standing to win!

    This game's flavor is Super Smash Bros. When you sign up, also include the name of a non-secret character from Smash 4 (aka anyone on this screen) that has not already been chosen (see signups below).

    If you have any other questions, please ask. Happy hunting. :]

    Game 1 winner: Jeremy1026
    Game 2 winner: Reinforce
    Game 3 winner: Machamp The Champion
    Game 4 winner: no one
    Game 5 winner: Teal


    Ice Espeon (Sonic)
    Teal (Villager)
    Keeper of Night (Pac-Man)
    Celever (Yoshi)
    GM DracLord (Greninja)
    Omega Soul (Ness)
    bbninjas (Olimar)
    Drohn (Charizard)
    Luispipe8 (Lucario)
    Chaos Jackal (Shulk)
    --- 10 smashers ---
    TwistedTurtwig (Robin)
    Machamp The Champion (Diddy Kong)
    King Xerneas (Pit)
    Blui (Little Mac)
    Jeremy1026 (Toon Link)
    --- 15 smashers ---
    xDoggerx (Kirby)
    Lugia123 (Luigi)
    Reinforce (Mario)
    Haunted Water (Mega Man)
    sillykyle (Peach)
    --- 20 smashers ---

  2. Ice Espeon _____________________________________hi
    Ice Espeon


    Approved and in!

    (Hopefully I'll get past round 1 this time...)

  3. Teal 黄前さん らしい ね


    In it.

    I'm the psycho Villager.
  4. Keeper of Night Nobody Special
    Keeper of Night


    Missed the last one. In this time with Pac Man.
  5. PMJ happy thoughts

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    At Ice Espeon's suggestion, the theme for this round is Super Smash Brothers.

    For this round instead of you, you will be doing battle with the character of your choice.

    For the three of you, edit your in post with your chosen character. Do not use secret characters.

    No duplicate characters. It's first come, first served.
    Ice Espeon likes this.
  6. Celever Wheeeee~


    In. I have 3 primary mains right now since the game is still new, but one is taken and the other is hidden, so I'll be Yoshi! :)
  7. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Since i don't play that game.. how about i just use Greninja for this round
  8. Omega Soul I'm feeling dizzy
    Omega Soul


    In with ness! Les do dis.
  9. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    In with Captain Olimar!
  10. Drohn Wild War Dance


    In with Charizard. He's in SSB, right?

    Also, I think it would be good to edit the OP for future sign ups. I read the conversation, but others might not.
  11. Luispipe8 Pokémon Professor


    I'm in, as Lucario! :p
  12. Chaos Jackal Legend of the Past
    Chaos Jackal


    In with Shulk.
  13. Jeremy1026 Aspiring Trainer


    In, not a smash player so someone pick a character for me.
  14. PMJ happy thoughts

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    Here's the starting roster.
  15. Jeremy1026 Aspiring Trainer


    I'll be nginx.

  16. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    What the hell.

    Hosted it on imgur instead.
  17. TwistedTurtwig Semper Currans


    I'll join again! Put me down as Robin - I love me some Fire Emblem.
  18. Machamp The Champion TCG Articles Head
    Machamp The Champion

    Forum Super Mod Articles Head Member

    Oh right, this was posted. I'm in as Diddy Kong. Of my 4 mains, all 3 besides Diddy Kong are taken. Just glad I got him before he was taken, too. :p
  19. King Xerneas Icy Goth
    King Xerneas


    I'll be in as Pit since his sexier better counterpart is a hidden character.
  20. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Ha! Pit would have been my 3rd choice if Olimar and Sonic where taken.
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