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  1. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Greeting to all and welcome to Ready Aim Fire! 9: Monarchy Mishap

    As per the choice of RAF8 Winner, we are going with Monarchy Theme. Inspiration may come from anything.

    This is a very simple game. Everyone starts the game with a weapon. At any time during the action phase, you may PM me one of the following three actions:

    1. Shoot [living player who is not you].
    2. Defend (Shoot Self)
    3. Do nothing.

    After everyone submits their action or time runs out, all shots are resolved simultaneously, with nonsensical and hilarious flavor to keep things fun. When you submit your actions, you may also submit a weapon to execute your action with. This will help me form flavor and makes it more personalized. I'll pick a randomize weapon if you choose not to select one.

    If you shoot a player, you kill them and they die. If that player chose to defend themselves, however, then you die instead. If you defend yourself and no one else shoots you, you die. Or you could steer clear of everyone and just do nothing, idly wishing your life away, but should you survive you will earn yourself a piercing shot. To use a Piercing Shot, you must state in the PM containing your action that you wished to use your Piercing Shot (This will replace the regular shoot). Piercing Shot may be kept to be use in later rounds. A person who is shot by a Piercing Shot regardless of the target's action for that phase will die.

    An example to demonstrate. Reinforce, Celever, bbninjas, GM DracLord, Professor Palutena are in a game. Reinforce shoots Celever. Celever shoots himself. bbninjas shoots himself. GM DracLord shoots Celever. Professor Palutena does nothing. Resolution: Reinforce and GM DracLord die because they both shot Celever, who shot himself. Celever survives because he shot himself and was also shot. bbninjas dies because he shot himself and no one else shot him. Professor Palutena avoids everyone, survives and gain a Piercing Shot.

    There is no altering of an action once it has been submitted unless the host gives permission to do so.

    Each action phase is 48 hours long or whenever all living players submit their actions, whichever is sooner. There are no extensions.

    If you fail to send in an action, you will be MODKILLED. Be the last player standing to win!

    Special Rule :
    1. Please also choose a one character (it can be as real as Queen Elizabeth or as fictional as Prince Charming) to present yourself in the game when you sign up. Do provide adequate information so I know who you are referring to.
    2. You may choose a partner before the game begin. If both pair survive till the end, you guys may be the first ever co-Champion in RAF history.

    Players [Alive]:-
    1. @mordacazir - Augustus, Roman Empeor
    2. @Celever - King Sejong the Great of Korea
    3. @simsands - King Bob-omb, Super Mario
    4. @Jadethepokemontrainer - Emperor Akihito, Japan
    5. @Epist - Charlemagne (Charles the Great), King of Franks
    6. @rainyman123 - King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule, Legend of Zelda
    7. @NinjaPenguin - Marie Antoinette, Archduchess of Austria and Queen of France
    8. @Blakers - Bowser (King Koop), Super Mario
    9. @bbninjas - Zeus, King of Olympian Gods
    10. @TheSceptileMaster - Ertuğrul, Founder of Ottoman Empire
    11. @PikaMasterJesi - Princess Daisy, Super Mario
    12. @double o squirtle - Aragorn , Lord of the Rings

    Players [Dead]:-

    Sign Up Closes Sunday 11:59pm 20th May 2017 [GMT]

    Hall Of Fame :-
    1 - Ready Aim Fire by PMJ > Jeremy1026
    2 - Ready Aim Fire Game 2 by PMJ > Reinforce
    3 - Ready Aim Fire Game 3 by PMJ > Machamp The Champion
    4 - Ready Aim Fire Game 4 by PMJ > N/A (Jeremy and Blui KILLS each other)
    5 - Ready Aim Fire Game 5: Hunger Games by PMJ > Teal
    6 - Ready Aim Fire Game 6: Super Smash Bros. by PMJ > Machamp The Champion
    7 - Ready Aim Fire Game 7: Super Smash Bros. by PMJ > bbninjas
    8 - Ready Aim Fire Game 8: Fanbois by Jeremy1026 > bbninjas
    9 - Ready Aim Fire 9: Comics by Blui > TrainerLoganPoke
    10 - Ready Aim Fire 10: Pokemon by bbninjas > N/A (Machamp the Champion and Reggie McGigas KILLS each other)
    11 - Ready Aim Fire 11: Mario Kart by Celever > Carpey

    1 - Ready, Aim, Fire! by Celever > GM DracLord
    2 - Ready, Aim, Fire! 2: Bullet of Bullets by GM DracLord > bbninjas
    3 - Ready, Aim, Fire! 3: On a Cruise by bbninjas > Yeowie
    4 - Ready, Aim, Fire! 4: Olympus Challenge by GM DracLord > Reinforce
    5 - Ready, Aim, Fire! 5: Delta Stream by GM DracLord > Celever
    6 - Ready, Aim, Fire! 6: Pokemon Contest by Celever > Professor Palutena
    7 - Ready, Aim, Fire! 7: Norse Nostalgia by GM DracLord > mordacazir
    8 - Ready, Aim, Fire! 8: Egypt Experience by GM DracLord > bbninjas
    9 - Ready, Aim, Fire! 9: Monarchy Mishap by GM DracLord > mordacazir
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  2. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord



    Drac : "At time like this I wish I held no favour the President. He sure like to cash it at the most troublesome times. This Gala is nothing but misfortune in the making. Who in their right mind host an event inviting all the royalties to discuss the seat of power. The weirdest part, apart from those involve, I don't think the rest of the world has a clue about what is happening tonight."

    ~Multiple country ruler of various nation and realm gather around in the gala freely discussing nation talk like a simple chitchat. Not a single drop of care is given tonight.~

    **Trumpet Horns**

    Host : "To all my fellow Royalties in the hall. My name is Emperor MetaCross of the Revival Kingdom will be the host for tonight event. Before the night continues, we would like all security personal to leave the premise as per agreed in our humble invitation."
    Drac : "Regina. Sorry Madam President, why am I here anyway, I'm no one guard and clearly not any ruler of state or realm."

    Regina : "My husband never kept any secret from me, I know you are of a long forgotten Royal Bloodline and still hold the power over that secretive realm you kept so well hidden, even my mirror can't peek inside it."

    Drac : "You mirror, I taught you borrowed it from Enchanted Forest."

    Regina : "She is my counterpart, hence still me."
    MetaCross : "As you all have agreed before hand, there is a new world connecting with ours soon, all of us here are the absolute ruler of our pieces of Kingdoms. Although this suggestion we never made public, but each of you have individually expressed your strong opinion that you should be the one leading our collective. What better way to prove the face of a whole world other than war."

    Regina : "Me and the Emperor have no interest to quarrel in this matter hence, I'm announcing that both of our Kingdom hereby severe all ties to all of you. Your Majesty Imperial Emperor of Dread Realm, Kingdom of the Damned, you as witness to this event are now fully in-charge"

    Drac : "Wait WHAT!!!!!!!"

    ~~Emperor MetaCross and President Regina when into a portal and vanish concreting their decision.. As they left, the whole hall is covered in magic sealing of the whole area.~~

    Drac : *Sigh*... That wretched couple, It's bad enough that I'm here, now they trapped us in a spellbound place. I know enough to know that only the last surviving soul can leave this place. Me being part dead clearly made me excluded from this deal but I still need to observe and compile the "Royal Stamps" as prove of authority to the last one standing if not, the world outside would also heads into war themselves."
  3. mordacazir Lord of Souls


    In as Augustus. And I want to go solo this time
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  4. Celever Wheeeee~


    In! I'm gonna be a history nerd and go for the only monarch I really like: King Sejong the Great of Korea. He was just a chill dude in terms of civil rights and the like; he got rid of the death penalty (as much as he could in the 15th century) and made all Korean laws public knowledge, which was once again a very rare thing for a leader to do at the time. He advanced Korea's scientific endeavours immensely (creating its written language) and created communication links between Korea and neighbouring tribes, which previous leaders disregarded as barbaric.

    I'm just a big fan and he is imo the best monarch globally in history in terms of what was accomplished.
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  5. simsands Half raccoon, half chipmunk


    In to suicide round 1 again!

    I'll be King Bob-omb.
  6. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

    Forum Mod Chat Room Staff Member

    In as Emperor Akihito cause why not
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  7. Epist Captain Clamps

    Advanced Member Member

    In as Charlemagne.
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  8. Nyora A Cat


    In as King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule, or just King Rhoam
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  9. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    In as the illustrious Marie Antoinette, Archduchess of Austria and Queen of France.
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  10. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    In as Bowser! (He counts as a king too, right?:p)
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  11. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    /In as Zeus. :D
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  12. TheSceptileMaster Gastrodon ate my cake


    /in as Ertuğrul from Ottoman real history.
    @Celever want to team?
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  13. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    Can I be Bendy and just make him a king? :p

    Nah, just kidding. In as Princess Daisy from the Super Mario series!
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  14. double o squirtle Sweet Summer Child
    double o squirtle


    Is princess mononoke an option? :U Not actually a princess but w/e

    I'll be Aragorn from Lord of the rings.
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  15. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    I'll try to make something out of it..

    @Celever I really appreciate your post, surely there something from there I can really implement.

    To that other sacrificial humans, do share what do you like about the Monarch of your choice, just to add some flare to the narrative.
    Last edited: May 17, 2017
  16. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    There's something about Marie Antoinette's ignorance that I like. From The Affair of the Diamond Necklace to her misuse of the treasury, there's something comical about her actions that never fails to entertain me.
    Also, I like eating cake.
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  17. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    I like that you felt the need to clarify that Princess Daisy is from the Mario series. :p

    I actually don't like Zeus at all, he's just a random king that technically should beat everyone but probably won't. :x
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  18. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    Well, I wanted to play it safe. He said to clarify. :p

    Daisy is a tomboy, like me. She also doesn't need a guy to save her, like me, except that one time when Tatanga kidnapped her. She also chose the better brother to be with, and while I'm not exactly the kind of person to date, I really do like Luigi as well, so that's a pairing I can get behind. Her dress is also yellow. I really like that for some reason.
  19. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Since there is probably no more new participant and I'm abit free at the moment. The game will started earlier than schedule.
  20. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Phase 1

    ~Uproar can be heard from the banquet hall. The sound of disbelief and whining limber around the room.

    Drac: "Let's be civilize here, we are all ruler in our own right... " (Drac was cut off by what happened next.)

    @mordacazir - "I'll never stoop so low, I am the Augustus, Emperor of Rome. I shall be triumph." *As he finish his sentence he slice the a nearby monarch's throat*

    @Celever - "The undead king is right, we are now bunch of savages, I King Sejong suggest we vote on this matter." *The Korean King nearly manage to move abit as an arrow flew by him.*

    @simsands - "Why am I here again, I don't remember seeing an invite to this event." *Feeling abit frustrated King Bob-omb smash the head of a nearby monarch*

    @Jadethepokemontrainer - "It's seems this alliance are to be consist of people from different realm. Maybe this time I could be Akihito Emperor of the Whole Realm"

    @Epist - "Why is the filthy roman in hear, I'm Charlemagne, King of Franks should eliminated that wretched soul from this plain of existence."

    @rainyman123 - "I shall further reach my land by taking the heads of this other fools." *King Rhoam took out a hidden dagger and stab a nearby prince*

    @NinjaPenguin - "Damn that President Empress, leaving me with this tainted blood buffoon. I came here just as a courtesy to her." *Due to rage she kick a princess nearby into a sword shelf, impaling her*

    @Blakers - "I see the Princess is here, she is to be my queen, and did I left my trusty potion. Kidnapping her should be a piece of cake."

    @bbninjas - "So much of trusting that slew Emperor, my power are limited in this place, he really is a tricky one" *Zeus barely manage to produce a lightning bolt and threw it to an unsuspected victims.*

    @TheSceptileMaster - "It looks like I came here for nothing, I dare using such magic to bound me, Ertuğrul, of all people here."

    @PikeMasterJesi - "Why must I be in this position just the day after my own coronation. I have other things to do then being stuck here."

    @double o squirtle - "For honour, I shall slay all of this undeserving monarch." *Aragorn strangled a nearby king with a piece of thread.*

    ~After much carnage later, only 12 leaving souls still stuck in the room (13 if you count the undead soul belonging to Drac), the spell still bound them from leaving the hall.~

    Drac : "Looks like a massacre is far from finish."

    You have 48 hours to send in your action (Shoot/Defend/Do Nothing). I encourage you to pick an item to be used with your action.
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