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  1. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Greeting to all and welcome to Ready Aim Fire! 5: Delta Stream

    Before anyone assume this gonna be ORAS related. Let me emphasize the theme is Egyption.
    The Delta refers to Nile Delta while Stream relates to Nile River.

    This is a very simple game. Everyone starts the game with a weapon. At any time during the action phase, you may PM me one of the following three actions:

    1. Shoot [living player who is not you].
    2. Defend (Shoot Self)
    3. Do nothing.

    After everyone submits their action or time runs out, all shots are resolved simultaneously, with nonsensical and hilarious flavor to keep things fun. When you submit your actions, you may also submit a weapon to execute your action with. This will help me form flavor and makes it more personalized. I'll pick a randomize weapon if you choose not to select one.

    If you shoot a player, you kill them and they die. If that player chose to defend themselves, however, then you die instead. If you defend yourself and no one else shoots you, you die. Or you could steer clear of everyone and just do nothing, idly wishing your life away, but should you survive you will earn yourself a piercing shot. To use a Piercing Shot, you must state in the PM containing your action that you wished to use your Piercing Shot (This will replace the regular shoot). Piercing Shot may be kept to be use in later rounds. A person who is shot by a Piercing Shot regardless of the target's action for that phase.

    An example to demonstrate. Reinforce, Yeowie, bbninjas, GM DracLord, Carpey are in a game. Reinforce shoots Yeowie. Yeowie shoots himself. bbninjas shoots himself. GM DracLord shoots Yeowie. Carpey does nothing. Resolution: Reinforce and GM DracLord die because they both shot Yeowie, who shot himself. Yeowie survives because he shot himself and was also shot. bbninjas dies because he shot himself and no one else shot him. Carpey avoids everyone and survives.

    There is no altering of an action once it has been submitted unless the host gives permission to do so.

    Each action phase is 48 hours long or whenever all living players submit their actions, whichever is sooner. There are no extensions.

    If you fail to send in an action, you will die. Be the last player standing to win!

    1) simsands - P1 > SHOT by Ice Espeon
    2) bbninjas - P1 > SHOT by simsands & Reinforce
    3) Ice Espeon - P2 > PIERCING SHOT by mordacazir
    4) thegrovylekid - P1 > SUICIDE
    5) double o squirtle - P1 > SUICIDE
    6) Vracken - P1 > COUNTER-KILLED by Celever
    7) Celever - P4 > Have a PIERCING SHOT
    8) mordacazir - P2 > SHOT by Reinforce
    9) Reinforce- P4 > Have a PIERCING SHOT
    10) Drohn - P1 > SUICIDE

    Hall Of Fame Season 1:
    1 - Ready Aim Fire by PMJ > Jeremy1026
    2 - Ready Aim Fire Game 2 by PMJ > Reinforce
    3 - Ready Aim Fire Game 3 by PMJ > Machamp The Champion
    4 - Ready Aim Fire Game 4 by PMJ > N/A (Jeremy and Blui KILLS each other)
    5 - Ready Aim Fire Game 5: Hunger Games by PMJ > Teal
    6 - Ready Aim Fire Game 6: Super Smash Bros. by PMJ > Machamp The Champion
    7 - Ready Aim Fire Game 7: Super Smash Bros. by PMJ > bbninjas
    8 - Ready Aim Fire Game 8: Fanbois by Jeremy1026 > bbninjas
    9 - Ready Aim Fire 9: Comics by Blui > TrainerLoganPoke
    10 - Ready Aim Fire 10: Pokemon by bbninjas > N/A (Machamp the Champion and Reggie McGigas KILLS each other)
    11 - Ready Aim Fire 11: Mario Kart by Celever > Carpey

    Hall Of Fame Season 2:
    1 - Ready, Aim, Fire! by Celever > GM DracLord
    2 - Ready, Aim, Fire! 2: Bullet of Bullets by GM DracLord > bbninjas
    3 - Ready, Aim, Fire! 3: On a Cruise by bbninjas > Yeowie
    4 - Ready, Aim, Fire! 4: Olympus Challenge by GM DracLord > Reinforce
    5 - Ready, Aim, Fire! 5: Delta Stream by GM DracLord > {YOUR NAME HERE}
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  2. simsands Half raccoon, half chipmunk


  3. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    EDIT: *Pouts* because got distracted and thus didnt get to sign up first D:
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  4. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Didn't expect the fast approval
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  5. Ice Espeon _____________________________________hi
    Ice Espeon


  6. thegrovylekid Makes fake cards


    A wild TGK appeared!
  7. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Game Host Drac Throws Bait.
    Wild TGK was lured.
    Game Host Drac snatch TGK and put him with the rest in the Pyramid Prison
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  8. double o squirtle Sweet Summer Child
    double o squirtle


  9. Vracken Just a Ghost of the Past


    I would like to join too please ^w^
  10. Celever Wheeeee~


    I'm really loving the flavour in all of these games, Drac! In <3
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  11. mordacazir Lord of Souls


  12. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Thank you.. Inspired by novels that i read
  13. Reinforce Light has come to save you at last...


    *zooms by real quick*

    Count me in.
  14. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Just wondering, any feedback about last game. To see where I can improve
  15. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Just general grammatical stuff, but I'm sure that'll improve over time. You're hosting great!
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  16. Drohn Wild War Dance


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  17. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Registration will close once the game starts in 48 hours.

    Upon receiving advice, I'm gonna start the round earlier then expected.
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  18. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Phase 0

    As the sun is setting, the wind breeze upon the sand but barely made any changes to the landscape. 10 brave souls approached the Pillar of Amun Ra hoping to initiate a long forgotten ritual. This ritual is to summon the ancient power of Osiris. Each of them brings various objects required for the ceremony each is very old and scarce.

    Upon setting up the ritual, they started to chant the mantra. At first nothing seems to happen but as the nearing the finish of the 5 page manuscript, the pillar start to rumble. Sand rises from the earth and surrounds them until no light from the atmosphere can reach into it.

    Then the pillar shines and each of them were rendered unconscious. A good time has passed before all of them woke up in unison. During what appear to be a slumber, there were all transported to a place when the scenery is in a royal chamber of the ancient times. During that time also, flashes of description appear in their head. It may looks a jumble at first but after sharing each pieces of information they obtain, they now knew only one of them will get out of here alive.

    You have 48 hours to submit your action.

    @simsands, @bbninjas, @Ice Espeon, @thegrovylekid, @double o squirtle, @Vracken, @Celever, @mordacazir, @Reinforce, @Drohn
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  19. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    PHASE 01

    Everyone started putting a fake smile while distaining themselves from each other. With this they all acknowledge the fact that the carnage will begin.

    @simsands hurried himself to get a good angle of his first target. He sneakily move from the crowd and got himself on top of a stone in a misty area. Originally he thought he should pick up a rock and throws it with his strength but after seeing there is no rock with the size that he could pick; he took off his Soles Shoes and throw it directly to his unknowing victim. Mere second pass before he felt a tight grip on his neck but he was too late to react as the grip had already blocked any oxygen flow. simsands body felt hard to the ground.

    Thinking nothing will go wrong since him though everyone would think thrice before killing him due to his kindness; @bbninjas didn’t search for any sort of weapon and stood still at his new position. He glanced over everyone and none of them looks like they are targeting him. Then out of nowhere a Pyramid-Shaped Brick hit his head and somehow a flying pair of Soles Shoes acted as a hammed to the brick which embedded itself in bbninjas’ skull killing him instantly.

    Even in this kind of situation @Ice Espeon manage to disrespect the dead, he rummage in an half open sarcophagus and unravel part of the mummy inside to obtain a certain length of Linen Bandages. Ice Espeon move towards his victim and quickly uses the bandage as a rope and strangled the target. The bandage is strength is questionable as how can pieces of cloth so strong that the target was strangled to death.

    Thinking if the other person can find something useless with the sarcophagus so cans him. @thegrovylekid also decided to rummage in the same place but luck was totally out of his reach. He pushed the lit further and released a trap mechanism. Smoke of gas got released directly to thegrovylekid’s face. Upon inhalation, the gas particle poisons his heart and thegrovylekid immediately fall right by the mummy’s side lying dead.

    @double o squirtle believe that he can command something to protect him by using the amulet in his hand. He sliced his hand a bit to let blood drips on the amulet while invoking an ancient spell, being a bad student at reading a text, he messed up the last part. At first he was satisfy seeing that the statue in front of him started to move. double o squirtle smile slowly turn to pain as the Anubis’ Statue impaled a rod right through the invoker’s body. Small needles were releases as the rod pass by spiking every internal organ reachable.

    Preparing for a whipping, @Vracken took the Cat-o’-Nine Tails and start lashing out. His face filled with joy as he saw his target started to have fear in his dace. Vracken continue his stunt with proud as his walk close and closer to the unwilling victim. He becomes overjoyed after seeing the target trembling in terror while searching for something to defend with. Vracken then made his final whip.

    @Celever can’t stop the feeling when he saw the face of his predator. He was stunned earlier so he didn’t have a proper thinking of what he going to do next. While shaking with fear, Celever rummage through his sling bag hoping to find anything useful. As his finger shivers, the first few items that he took out felt to the ground. Finally he was able to grab Osiris’ Crook from the bag. He used it as his final defense as the whip gets closer.

    The whip hit the crook and pulls it away from Cleaver’s grasp. While Celever face let out a fearful expression, Vracken started to let out a creepy laughter. The force used was so strong that the crook was attached to the whip as Vracken pulls the whips over trying to use a bigger force for the next hit. As the whip is pulled back, the crook fling itself and jammed itself in Vracken’s heart. Vracken body felt with face full of shock.

    @mordacazir didn’t plan to die. He eludes the others and heads toward a treasure chest. With his lock picking skill he easily opens the locked chest. He carefully and slowly opens it to prevent any trap from triggering. Lucky for him, no such misfortune happens. The chest was filled with sands instead of the middle spot which shows a slight shine. Mordacazir brushes of the sand revealing an artifact worth dying for. He picks it up and moved on.

    @Reinforce always had s light edge over everyone else especially when throwing stuff. He has excellent trajectory calculation. As such, he quickly testing all sort of object laying on the ground and calculating in his mind which of the item will easily be thrown and have highest accuracy rate. Then he saw a Pyramid-Shaped Brick. After picking the bricking he was certain it has the right shape and right weight to achieve his goal. Adjusting the right angle, Reinforce throws the brick to the friend he secretly hated the most.

    Not wanting to be near anyone else as he doesn’t have the heart to see his colleague die, @Drohn wanders into a door which was narrow enough that only he could fit in. Surprising enough, the passageway located inside was big enough to fit a train. Drohn took a few steps forward as he was amazed with the Writing’s on the Wall. He pokes around testing if there is any hidden switch. He was right, but this switch is for those nosy thieve. The floor open and Drohn felled to the hole. As the trap door closes, the hole is filled with water. Drohn tried to hold his breath as long as he could looking for away but he was too late as electric eels who came out of nowhere shocked him to death.

    1. simsands and bbninjas was KILLED

    2. thegrovylekid, double o squirtle and Drohn committed SUICIDE

    3. Vracken was COUNTER-KILLED

    4. Celever has a successful DEFEND

    5. Ice Espeon and Reinforce SURVIVED

    6. mordacazir SURVIVED and gains a PIERCING BULLET

    You have 48 hours to send your Phase 02 Action.

    I’m guessing the next phase will be the last one.
  20. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Ooooookay who killed me :U
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