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Expanded Rayquaza EX / Eelektross / Tauros GX


Rayquaza / Eelektross Master
Figure since I keep referencing this in a lot of my posts, I might as well provide the deck list I use currently.

4 x Tynamo PRC-62
4 x Eelektrik NVI-40
3 x Rayquaza EX DRX-85
2 x Eelektross PRC-65
2 x Smeargle BKT-123
1 x Bronzor PHF-60
1 x Bronzong FCO-61
1 x Giratina PR-XY184
1 x Tauros GX SUM-100

4 x Professor Sycamore
1 x N
1 x Lysandre
1 x Hex Maniac
1 x Xerosic
1 x Karen
1 x AZ
4 x VS Seeker
3 x Ultra Ball
3 x Level Ball
4 x Trainers' Mail
3 x Battle Compressor
2 x Fighting Fury Belt
1 x Dowsing Machine - ACESPEC
2 x Skyarrow Bridge

6 x Lightning Energy - Basic
3 x Fire Energy - Basic

Card explanations.

Eelektross. You are NOT trying to rush to an Eelektross. This card fills a wide variety of roles mid to late game. 1st, you can see I am not running float stones or any switch cards meaning Ray will have a 1 retreat cost probably half the game. Eelektross removes the need to retreat Ray. Just pump out the lightning from your discard and use Energy Connect to put them onto your active Ray. This is a very different approach to Ray / Eels because it eliminates the need to switch in order to blast whatever your opponent has active. It also allows you to spread the energy around you bench so pesky pokemon like Yveltal EX can't lysandre up a fattened Ray and hit it while it has 3 / 4 energy attached. Speaking of Yveltal EX, Eelektross also lights it up. Hard. Eelektross also acts as a secondary attacker if (when) you run into a deck using some form of EX / Basic stopping ability / attack. Eelektross can and usually does hit for 130 while being able to replenish the discarded energy to attack the next turn. Finally, Eelektross counters everyone's favorite strategy of "get an Eel into the active position". That's fine and dandy. Evolve into Eelektross, light up the opposing active, and let them see how bad of an idea that was.

Giratina Promo + Bronzong FCL. These are here to stop Greninja / Trevenant. Plain and simple. They are discard fodder most games, but can come into play against fighting decks running Landorus and / or Carbink if they happen to break the Carbink. There are also times when you need Bronzong against random decks that hit your bench with attacks.

Smeargle. I choose to run a very low energy count and Smeargle is essential for making this work. Tons of decks out there (I am looking at you Sableye) run energy disruption and getting that fire energy off Ray is a viable strategy. Smeargle kills that strategy.

Tauros GX. Edit: Decided to add 2 Fighting Fury Belts + 1 Trainer's mail while removing the three Acro Bikes. This has worked very well. Provides an attacker that doesn't discard energy, but might be out of place.

3 Ultra / 3 Level balls. Most of this deck is searchable via level ball and there isn't much that requires an ultra ball. The level balls also provide a quick avenue for deck thinning.

1 Lysandre / 1 N. I have toyed with going 2 count on both of these, dropping the acro bikes down to 0 and adding a 4th Trainer's mail. I have found this tends to slow down the deck. In expanded, you can't afford to be slow because slow loses. While running the lower counts does make this deck more susceptible to them being prized along with being worse against the item lock decks, they also make the deck a lot faster against every other match up.

1 Dowsing Machine. If you prefer Computer Search, go for it :)

Anyway, I hope people find the deck list interesting. If not, well at least I have a post I can point people to when I talk about Rayquaza / Eelektross.
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