Collecting Rarity, Value, and Print Runs of 1st Edition Japanese Pokémon cards


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Hello Everyone.

Today I received some Japanese Pokémon cards I ordered in the mail. I got some First Edition cards, and some Unlimited cards (for example, from Miracle of the Desert, a Japanese set that would become part of EX Sandstorm internationally, I bought a 1st Edition Ludicolo and an Unlimited run Zangoose). Naturally I assumed that the 1st edition cards were just a bit rarer, but while I was trying to look up about what percentage of boxes from the set were First Edition, I read this... vague sentence on Bulbapedia's "1st Edition (TCG)" page.

Quite a lot of Japanese sets have smaller unlimited print runs than 1st edition print runs, making unlimited cards often harder to find.

I've tried to look into this more and I can't find much. So, assuming this is true, does anyone know where to find more information and specifics on how much certain Japanese sets were printed, or how much of a set is first edition?

Even if you only read this, thanks, have a good day.
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Hey there! E4 is a forum for PTCG collectors that have a wealth of knowledge that I'm sure would be able to help. I can't contribute much, but I've gone to E4 for most of my collecting-based questions and I've learned a lot. I don't think there is specific data out there that quantifies exactly how many print runs there are of each set, but I would believe enough Japanese collectors could give a ballpark figure on what you're looking for.

EDIT: It would be helpful to include the link to the forum lol