Help Rare cards are there reverse and holo for all?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Nigel Smith, May 5, 2020.

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    Nigel Smith


    Hi all, I am fairly new to collecting and I was led to believe that rare cards had reverse holo and holo versions. I was wondering if this was true? I am currently collecting Crimson Invasion and I am struggling to find rare holo of a few cards, one example being Beedrill. There are plenty of reverse out there but no holo. I am having the same issue with some of the other rare cards too. Am I chasing cards that don't exist or are they just not for sale? Any help and advice would be great. Thanks.

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    rares are either holo or non-holo standard not both. then regardless every card has a reverse holo version
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  3. Nigel Smith Aspiring Trainer
    Nigel Smith


    Hey thanks for the reply. So to clarify if a rare card has a normal it won't have a holo it'll only have a reverse, and if it has a holo it won't have a normal?

    The reason I ask as in my evolutions set I have a rare Mewtwo normal, reverse and holo so it's confused me a little.
  4. Otaku The wise fool?


    My understanding is that in sets from the last - 10 years? - there are Reverse Holos for the Commons, the Uncommons, the Rares, and the Holographic Rares. Holographic Rares are the "Super Rare" of the Pokémon TCG. There are times when a particular card is available as both a normal Rare and a Holo Rare (or all three), but those are special circumstances (namely, padding out a small set XP). I think the ID number is different between the Rare and Holo Rare versions in those cases.

    Another one of those circumstances is what happened with Mewtwo (XY - Evolutions 51/108). The normal Rare and the Reverse Holo are from the actual set. If you have a holographic rare of it, it is probably the "Cracked Ice Holofoil" version from the Theme Deck (Mewtwo Mayhem). If there is a big "XY EVOLUTIONS" stamp on it, then it would be the Pre-Release promo; back then, Pre-Release Promos kept the normal set numbering. If you really like collecting that card, there's also the staff version; like the one I just described but with a gold "Staff" foil stamp on it, in addition to the set one.
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  5. Nigel Smith Aspiring Trainer
    Nigel Smith


    Thanks very much, that helps so much. I guess my collection is closer to being complete than I thought

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