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Alt. Format Rapid Sniper (Rapid Inteleon Vmax / Suicune V / Inteleon)

Dark Espeon

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This deck is intended to be used in a post-rotation SWSH1 to SWSH7 format.


Pokémon (20):
3 Inteleon Vmax SGI (beatdown)
3 Inteleon V SGI (beatdown)
3 Suicune V S7R (beatdown)
2 Inteleon S5a (beatdown)
1 Inteleon S1W (search)
4 Drizzile S1W (search)
4 Sobble S5a (evolve)

Trainer (30):
2 Boss’s Orders (control)
3 Prof. Research (draw)
3 Melony (draw)
3 Marnie (draw)
2 Energy Retrieval (retrieval)
2 Capacious Bucket (search)
3 Evolution Incense (search)
2 Escape Rope (control)
4 Quick Ball (search)
3 Level Ball (search)
3 Tower of Water (retreat)

Energy (10):
3 Capture Energy
7 Water Energy


Start with either Suicune V or Sobble. Make sure to have two Inteleon V and two Sobble on the battlefield at the end of the first turn. Next turn evolve Sobble into Drizzile and search for needed trainer cards to set up the board with Rapid Strike Inteleon Vmax and Double Shooter Inteleon. Use Double Shooter to hit the bench and recover discarded [W] energy with Energy Retrieval and Melony.


Inteleon Vmax
VMAX Water Pokémon - evolves from Inteleon V (Rapid Strike)
HP: 320
Ability: Double Shooter
Once during your turn, you may discard a [W] energy from your hand. If you do, put 2 damage counters on 2 of your opponent’s benched Pokémon.
[W][C] G-Max Whirlpool: 70+
You may return an energy card attached to this Pokémon to your hand. If you do, this attack does 70 more damage.
Retreat Cost: CC
Weakness: L

Inteleon V
Basic Water Pokémon
HP: 200
[W][C] Surf: 40
[W][W][C] Aqua Bullet: 120
This attack does 20 damage to 1 of your opponent’s benched Pokémon.
Retreat Cost: CC
Weakness: L

Basic Water Pokémon
HP: 210
Ability: Fleet Footed
Once during your turn, if this Pokémon is in the Active Spot, you may draw a card.
[W][C] Blizzard Rondo: 20+
This attack does 20 more damage for each benched Pokémon
Retreat Cost: CC
Weakness: L

Trainer - Supporter
Attach a Basic [W] energy card from your discard pile to 1 of your Pokémon V. If you do, draw 3 cards.


In this section I will outline the rational behind the card choices in the current list.

3 Suicune V: Suicune V is the ideal starter in this deck due to the extra draw and he also is the main attacker. Blizzard Rondo can hit for a solid 220 damage in case both sides fill their bench. Rapid Strike Inteleon Vmax and Rapid Strike Inteleon can be used to provide the opponent with an incentive to fill their bench since the snipe damage can be more easily focused with less bench Pokémon. With a total of four snipers on the bench this comes down to an additional 60 to 80 damage on one of two benched Pokémon.

3-3 Rapid Strike Inteleon Vmax: Rapid Strike Inteleon Vmax is the main sniper and initial attacker in this deck. The main selling point for this card is the ability Double Shooter which requires you to discard a basic [W] energy card from your hand to place two damage counters on two of the opponent's benched Pokémon. This is a nice supplement to Rapid Strike Inteleon with Quick Shooter since three Rapid Strike Inteleon Vmax enable the deck to place s6 damage counters per turn on two opposing benched Pokémon. This can set up ohkos with either Rapid Strike Inteleon or Basculin if your can have three Rapid Strike Inteleon Vmax on the battlefield for three turns.

4-3-2-1 Rapid Strike Sobble, Drizzile SW1, Rapid Strike Inteleon, and Inteleon SW1: The Inteleon line is the backbone of this deck. Sobble is great starting Pokémon on its own especially when going second. Keep Calling allows you to search for three Basic Rapid Strike Pokémon and put them on the bench for a single colorless attack. In a deck that wants to have two to three Sobble and two to three Rapid Strike Inteleon V on the battlefield on the first turn. Jeep Calling allows you to accomplish this aim and thins out your deck. Drizzle and Inteleon from the first Sword and Shield Expansion are great search engines that can be searched out with either Evolution Incense or Level Ball. The three Drizzle and the one Inteleon can search the deck for any card you may need at a certain time. These four cards combined with Sobble are the main search engine of this deck. Rapid Strike Inteleon, on the other hand, complements the snipe theme.

3-3-3 Prof. Research, Marnie, and Melony: Like all decks you want a stable draw supporter count to ensure a quick and reliable offense. Prof. Research and Marnie are the two best supporters in the game. Prof. Researchs provides the best draw support and Marnie provides hand disruption in addition to draw. Melony, on the other hand provides direct draw and energy acceleration. With Rapid Strike Inteleon Vmax to pre-condition to have [W] in the discard is not hard to achieve and since both attackers can be used for two energies Melony turns them into one-attachment attackers that can be easily streamed.

2 Boss's Orders: Instant unconditional Gust effects are great in any deck. I decided to run two copies of Boss's Orders instead of the standard three copies since the deck can reach out to the bench and you can get instant access to Boss's Orders with the 3-1 Drizzle and Inteleon search engine whenever you need it. In most matches you hardly ever need more than two instant Gust effects.

4-3-3 Quick Ball, Level Ball, and Evolution Incense: Pokémon search items have been a stable in decks for quite some time. Quick Ball can search out all Basic Pokémon in this deck while Level Ball can be used to search for Sobble, Drizzile, and Basculin. Evolution Incense, on the other hand, searches out both non-V Inteleon and Rapid Strike Urshifu Vmax. As mentioned above these search items can be turned into more general search cards due to the use of the Inteleon engine in this deck. Thus these three cards essentially provide the deck with access to all cards in this deck thanks to the Inteleon line. The deck runs a slightly lower ball search count because it has access to Adventuer's Discovery to search out the Inteleon V cards and Medicham V.

2-2 Capacious Bucket and Energy Retrieval: This item card can be accessed with the Inteleon line to search out two basic [W] energy cards from the deck to fuel Double Shooter. Combined with Quick Shooter Double Shooter can be used to either set up subsequent knock outs on benched opposing pokémon, or get them in range for a subsequent Yoga Loop to get in some addition Quick Shooter and Double Shooter prior to attacking. Given the focus on ability based damage spread in this deck the two Energy Retrieval come at no surprise. In order to use Double Shooter it is important to have access to basic [W] energy cards. Energy Retrieval allows you to retrieve dicarded basic [W] energy from the discard pile to enable Rapid Strike Inteleon Vmax to use Double Shooter. The two Energy Retrieval are superior to actual physical [W] energy cards in this deck since they essentially double up the [W] energy that could have been used instead of Energy Retrieval.

2-3 Escape Rope, Tower of Water: In general I like to have a total of five to six cards that allow me to navigate Pokémon from the battlefield to the bench and vice versa. In this deck I decided to use Tower of Water to provide all Rapid Strike Pokémon with free retreat and Escape Rope since you often also want to switch the opponent's defending Pokémon to the bench to be accessible to Double Shooter. Tower of Water also acts as a counter stadium to get rid of Path to the Peak which shuts down Double Shooter.

3-7 Capture Energy, and Basic Fighting Energy: Both Inteleon Vmax and Suicune V attack for [W][C] which enables this deck to utilize Capture Energy as an additional means to set up the bench. In case of Inteleon Vmax the Capture Energies can be even recycled to have some additional Basic Pokémon search. The Basic Water Energy is used to fullfil the attack cost of both attackers and to enable Rapid Strike Inteleon Vmax to use Double Shooter on two benched Pokémon each turn per Rapid Strike Inteleon Vmax on your bench.


There are some cards that I would have liked to include in the deck but did not do so thus far due to deck space limitations.

Fourth Quick Ball: I would have liked to have access to a fourth Quick Ball in case the deck went first to increae the likelihood to have two to three Sooble and two to three Inteleon V on the bench on the first turn without having to use Keep Calling on my second turn. However deck space limitations combined with a need to retain all the other cards at their chosen quantity prevented me from inclusing a fourth copy.

Third Energy Retrieval: I also would have appreciated a third copy of Energy Retieval in this deck to have an effective count of eveleven to twelve basic [W] energy available but deck space limitations prevented me from inluding a third copy.

One Scoop Up Net: Two copies of Scoop Up Net turned to work out real well with the Inteleon engine in Rapid Strike Urshifu Vmax since it allows the deck to recycle Inteleon S1W and Drizzile S1W. it can also be used to get two Quick Shooter out of a single Rapid Strike Inteleon if there is a benched Drizzile that can be evolved into Rapid Strike Inteleon. Again deck space limits paired with the need that all the other cards seemed to be needed prevented me from including two copies of this card thus far.


The visual decklist below shows the actual list i use at the moment.

Rapid Sniper.jpg
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