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Rails. (raikou eels)


So, rotation is going to be bw on. Nats showed that only mono fighting poses a real threat to lighting or dark decks. Since surprise terrakion hurts consistency in every deck. Terrakion + terrakion ex has its place, maybe even quad terrakion ex, but that's for later, and rayquaza ex will suffice as a wall/counter.

Eels is a good deck, it loses strength with junk arm being rotated, but I think with raikou ex, (and ex's giving up 2 prizes anyways) it might be safe to drop down to 3 catchers.

Now onto the list.

4-3 eelectric (40 hp tynamos)
3 mewtwo ex
2 raikou ex
2 undecided starters

Pokémon : 14

3 level ball
3 ultra ball
2 bianca
3 N
4 juniper
3 pokémon catcher
2 super rod
2 max potion
3 eviolite
2 skyarrow bridge
3 random receiver
2 switch

T/s/s : 32

4 dce
10 lightning

Energy : 14

Post dragons will be more like :

4-3 eels
2 raikou ex
3 rayquaza ex
3 starters

And the energy would be :

10 lightning
5 fire.

Bianca works great with ultra ball. And random receiver is good for using before you drop bianca to make sure you have a Supporter in hand after you play one, and possibly forcing the opponent to N when they normally wouldn't.


for you post dragons..
one starter that is very good could be thundurus, also it's not good to have 5 pokemon Ex, Other wise your opponent can take easy prizes. so you should probably drop a rayquaza EX.
Next, Zekrom is a great attacker, espesially with eviolite,so you might want a couple of those, but it's your choice.


Try this:

+1 Level Ball
+1 N
+1 Juniper
+1 Pokémon Catcher
+1 Random receiver

-3 Bianca
-1 Lightning
-1 Prism

I would recommend running 3 Raikou if it's your main attacker, also add in Rayquaza if you possibly can.