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Expanded Raging Herd Deck


Aspiring Trainer
Hey Guys! I'm new to the forum here at PokeBeach. This is a deck I am currently using and feel really good about, but was wanting some criticism. What would be a serious threat to this deck?

Pokemon (17):
4 Tauros --- SM TU 129
4 Tauros GX --- SM BS 100
2 Shaymin EX --- XY RS 106
2 Oricorio --- SM GR 56
2 Porygon --- SM UB 155
1 Porygon2 --- SM UB 156
2 Porygon-Z --- SM UB 157

Items (17)
1 Energy Loto --- SM GR 122
1 Computer Search --- BC 137
3 Ultra Ball --- XY RS 93
2 Quick Ball --- SWSH 179
4 VS Seeker --- XY PF 109
1 Rescue Stretcher --- SM GR 130
2 Choice Band --- SM GR 121
3 Rare Candy --- SM CS 142

Supporters (12)
4 N (Supporter) --- XY FC 105
3 Professor Sycamore --- XY PF 101
3 Winona --- XY RS 96
1 Guzma --- SM BS 115
1 Lysandre --- XY FF 90

Stadiums (6)
3 Team Magma's Secret Base --- DC 32
3 Frozen City (Team Plasma) --- PF 100

Energy (8):
4 Recycle Energy --- SM UM 212
4 Double Colorless Energy --- XY BS 130

The deck is a pure exploit of the regular Tauros' raging herd by stacking damage on Tauros GX. This deck has succeeded to do 300 damage within 2-3 turns on multiple occasions.
Shaymin, Sycamore, N, and Winona are used to gather the essential players: Porygon-Z and Tauros. Ideally, you will end up with (1) normal Tauros as active, with (4) damaged Tauros GX on the bench as well as (1) Porygon-Z.

Recycle Energy, Porygon-Z, and Frozen City work together to stack damage on each Tauros GX as many times as you want before switching back to Tauros for an OHKO. Team Magma's Secret Base was added as a next best alternative, allowing Tauros to do some decent damage until Frozen City is played.

Oricorio is in the deck solely for decks like Night March, which discard multiple pokemon to gain attacking power.

And that's all there is to it! Critique away!
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