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Recently an unstoppable force hit an immovable object. A friend played a Sabrina's Gengar against a fossil Haunter. Gengar's Dark Wave deals 20 dmg and stops pokemon powers from working until the end of his opponents next turn, but Haunter has a Pokemon Power that makes hitting him a coin flip, with a heads resulting in a complete negation of the damage and text effects. Does Gengar need to first land the hit, or do the attack effects supercede the Pokemon Power in this case? Thank you in advance. If this is in the wrong place please redirect me.


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Here's my take:
When Gengar tries to attack, Haunter's player would flip a coin. If heads, everything about the attack (damage and effects) is negated. And then it's the other player's turn and Haunter's Power remains "on".
If tails, Haunter takes damage and its Power is shut off for 1 turn during its player's turn. When the turn is over, the Power comes back "on".
So either way Gengar would have to get thru another coin flip to hit Haunter again.

Hope this makes sense. For reference I play the Game Boy TCG that includes Fossil Haunter.


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Agree that the Pokémon Power works to (attempt to) block the attack. You check for things that might cancel the attack well before you apply attack effects; the order is roughly (check for things that might block the attack), (calculate damage), (apply damage), (apply attack effects). So even something like (modern) Oricorio (Fusion Strike) would still reduce the attack damage by 20 and *then* be turned off (if faced with a similar ability-turning-off attack that affected it).