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Interesting interview. Too bad not all of it could be revealed, I want to know what the public eyes cant see, lol. I do find it really interesting where USA is getting the Special before Japan and with something as big as pokemon in Japan, that just really surprises me.

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I can't believe no one has noticed that before. Hasn't anything aired here first?

See, that's why I signed up for this site -- neat stuff happens here. :p


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So secretive... lol I assume this is not tha one person I know as well...

ha I am gonna accutaly get off my as<EDIT> and wacth this episode lol... I just wacthed the 3 movie wile babsitting ya payed to wacth pokemon... so I am on a up mood about it rather than I hate ash phase... and I miss the hearing the team rocket theme every day.... lol... back when I woke up at 6:00 to wacth...

I was thinking what if cartoon network did the pokemon thing again and then I relised there like the same company as WB oh well... maby they could do it anway... its not like cartoon netwoork plays only it is own cartoons...

Gosh I cant wait I want to see the clone of a clone... I shall call it mewthree even though it looks like mewtwo...

ok one more thing what about other contries? I hear pokemon is more popular in germany and some others than it is here what do they get? I guess no one cares about them... no JAA or speacal for them... and no celbie or jirachi in there game...

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Interesting. Man it always bugs me to death when you can't reveal stuff WPM, and it also just makes me even more excited... Anyway I think the special will be good. And ya anime coming here before Japan is a very rare sight. The only other anime I've EVER known to do that was Yu-Gi-Oh with Yu-Gi-Oh the Movie and Capsule Monsters (in May).