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Purple Trash // Darkrai-EX/Garbodor

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Blui, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Blui lv85 paladin


    • 3 Trubbish (DRX)
    • 2 Garbodor (DRX)
    • 3 Sableye (DEX)
    • 3 Darkrai-EX
    • 4 Professor Juniper
    • 4 N
    • 1 Bianca
    • 1 Colress
    • 3 Random Receiver

    • 4 Dark Patch
    • 3 Pokemon Catcher
    • 3 Hypnotoxic Laser
    • 3 Ultra Ball
    • 2 Enhanced Hammer
    • 1 Super Rod
    • 1 Energy Search
    • 1 Switch
    • 1 Computer Search

    • 4 Float Stone
    • 2 Silver Mirror

    • 2 Virbank City Gym
    • 9 Dark Energy

    Now the first thing you'll notice is no Skyla. In my testing I found Skyla to be rather useless, I always needed more, but I kept it in until I read a certain article on a certain site that said it wasn't actually that good and the problem I was having with it is actually rather common.

    3/2 Garbodor
    Originally this was a 2-2 line, but I found myself prizing the other one heaps and it wasn't good, especially in Blastoise matchups (which I lose unless a Garbodor lock gets up). 3/2 + Super Rod is really good, recovering the Trubbish over and over with the help of Sableye is huge and puts lots of pressure on my opponent (if they're using an ability orientated deck that is) and forces them to waste resources while I slowly set up.

    3 Sableye
    Sableye is one of the best cards ever made, Junk Hunt is phenomenal and just lets decks like this one set up consistently, which is great. Not really much else to say here, except I opted to not run 4 because I like to be a little more aggressive with my lists and I needed some space in here.

    3 Darkrai-EX
    Darkrai is an obvious choice for this deck, and it's not hard to see why. The attack is extremely good and when you lock abilities it becomes better, Keldeo-EX can't dodge it, Genesect can't stop it once it gets rolling and Plasma crumbles under the eventual pressure build up that's being placed on their board. And 90 to the active isn't it, the 30 to the bench is what makes this card so very good, it eventually adds up on an EX, putting them at 60, then you can Catcher it up, play a Laser (provided Virbank is in play) and then just take a KO. But Darkrai is same old, same old, but here it loses something very valuable, Dark Cloak, many players have ridden this deck off because of that and it really stops this deck being huge. And Darkrai doesn't even need Dark Cloak, not when Float Stone's around.

    Supporter Line
    Now as I mentioned before I don't run Skyla, I did, but I disliked it so it was cut and other things were added. 4 Juniper is standard, and so is 4 N. 1/1 Bianca/Colress works nicely together in this deck, but Colress is near useless before T3.


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