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what do you do when you find somebody who exploits the game? aka, single discard off junkarm, eviolite on donphan, etc...

usually I don't give them the satisfaction of a win (if it's causing them to win, especially donphan eviolite) by just keeping the tab open and doing other things. that way they disconnect. often I immediately do so when they attach eviolite on donphan and I mention it in the chat window. so they know why they will be slow played or abandoned.

it's especially efficient when you can do it mid turn, like, they pokegear or communications. and then you just don't click ok.

I also report people for exploits. they probably report me for abandoning the game in a way

there should be a way to end a match due to an exploit. with neither player getting a win for their record.

granted, there are some exploits that just happen ( multiple eviolites in play stacking, multiple exp shares bringing back multiple energy) for those, I just play.


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Have you noticed how also, Gardevoir's ability also works on non-psychic types.

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I just report them and play out the game the best I can, I don't like coneding unless I have to. Plus, it makes it all the more fun to win.


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i just report exploiters. sadly there's a bunch of them in PTGCO and after having chats with them some of them enjoy exploiting and do it without any remorse.