Collecting PSA Graded Card Mislabeled


Aspiring Trainer
Hey everyone!

So I recently purchased a PSA 10 Japanese Neo Pichu on eBay. In my own shortsightedness in making sure it was a PSA 10, I completely missed that the card information label is *completely* wrong. I believe the card is legitimate, but the PSA card information is way off in multiple ways:


And here is a PSA 10 Japanese Neo Pichu with the *correct* label:


Now with me not being the person who originally submitted the card to PSA, will I have any problems in having the label corrected? Will it have to be regraded? I’m fairly new to the PSA world of card collecting, so I’m curious as to how they handle a mislabeled card bought on eBay.

Thanks in advance for any insight and comments!