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We’ve learned a premium “Eevee V Collection” will be coming exclusively to GameStop stores! It’ll cost $69.99 and release on November 11th.
While we don’t have any product details yet, we’ve been told the collection will feature Eevee V “plus the Eeveelutions.” However, this information is preliminary and subject to change.


The collection may feature reprints of existing cards. However, it could also feature alternate art reprints from Japan’s VSTAR Universe, which releases in December. We already know that set will feature an alternate art Leafeon VSTAR and Glaceon VSTAR. We also know TPCi has already offloaded some cards from that set into upcoming promo boxes, such as the Hisuian...

[url="https://www.pokebeach.com/2022/09/premium-eevee-v-collection-coming-to-gamestop"]Continue reading...
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My guess is the Coro Coro Eevee V stays in swsh 12.5 as we know some kind of Eevee V will be in the set. I'll speculate and say this Eevee V is probably an alt that will be in VSTAR universe. Maybe we'll even see the return of the floofy Eevee VMAX as an alt!


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Since I am close to three different Gamestop it won't be a problem to me AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Poll time: What is your favorite eeveelution? Mine has been and still is, Vaporeon.
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Could be nice, I really love alt arts, they are usually beautifully designed. I like Espeon the most so hopefully they cover that again, but would be totally expecting and happy with alt art eevee/leafeon/glaceon as well (knowing the latter is definitely a possible).


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Man, gotta love all these Gamestop promotions I have to import (+tax +import +shipping) because Gamestop went bankrupt in my country.