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Standard Post Rotation Turbo Buzzmosa

moving pictures

Aspiring Trainer
An idea for a viable post rotation Turbo Buzzmosa deck

Pokemon – 10
4 TT Buzzwole/Phermosa UNB
3 Mismagius UNB
3 Misdreavus UNB

Trainers – 36
4 Greens Exploration
2 Cynthia
4 Beast Rings
4 Dusk Stones
4 Custom Catchers
4 Mysterious Treasure
4 Pokegear 3.0
2 Net Ball
2 Tag Switches
3 Switches
2 Ultra Space
1 Life Forest

Energy – 14
9 Grass
4 Weakness Guard
1 Beast

Obviously fire is very strong these days, which is why buzzmosa is unpopular. I actually believe that some of the new unified minds trainers could make buzzmosa more viable. The deck will play just like pre-rotation Turbo Buzzmosa....pop the two Mismagius and start attaching beast rings. I think going 2nd is might actually be preferable

Here are a few of the key differences and adjustments
- 4 Buzzmosa instead of the traditional 3....I think having 3 out there is the goal - switching between 3 can help absorb more damage, which is helped by....
- 2 tag switches - they allow the transfer of 2 energy....not just basic, but weakness guard (crucial against reshizard) and beast energy. A greens played that pulls a switch and a tag switch could bring in a fresh buzzmosa with no energy and pop elegant soul for 190
- 4 weakness guard energy - I am under no dilusions that I will be able to get these attached to all of the buzzmosas, but if I was able to attach, it would at least give this deck a fighting chance against fire...by no means 50-50, but I dont want to bother with this deck is I might as well forfeit against fire.

I only went with 2 nest balls....hoping with the two ultra space and an extra buzzmosa I shouldnt have trouble getting a buzzmosa out on turn 1.

Let me know what you think!