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Standard Post Rotation Mally (Box)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by AngryBokoblin, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Here is my decklist of mally post rotation.
    4 Inkay
    1 Ditto Prism Star
    4 Malamar
    2 Mewtwo & Mew GX
    1 Ultra Necrozma GX
    1 Latios GX
    1 Naganadel GX (the new one)
    1 Dawn Wings Necrozma GX
    1 Mew
    1 Giratina
    2 Dedenne GX
    4 Lillie
    4 Cynthia
    4 Mysterious Treasure
    4 Pokemon Communication
    3 Cherish Ball
    4 Acro Bike
    3 Viridian Forest
    3 Switch
    2 Escape Board
    7 Psychic Energy
    3 Metal Energy

    I'm constantly editing this as I make changes so the comments below might be talking about stuff that is cut from the list.
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  2. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    So, explanations:
    • 1 Ultra Necrozma because you can have 3 if you use the mew mews.
    • Latios is busted without guzma.
    • Nag is my replacement "guzma" and also has a nice ability to get the necrozma(s) in the discard. 3 cards can get you those final pieces you need. I don't do it every game, but when I need those extra 3 cards, it comes in clutch.
    • Dawn Wings for the GX attack and it hits 120 even through resistance. Also has a different weakness. Makes the blace matchup VERY favorable and adds consistency with the evolve-nag-from-ditto play.
    • You usually want to get ditto instead of inkay so you have the option to go into nag. Just be careful because weezing can KO a benched ditto in 1 turn. (Detonation gas going into their turn, splattering sludge, detonation gas). Also tinachomp snipes 40. Also, mew + tina ping takes KO. Also, espeon can KO a ditto and an inkay. Also ditto is blocked by wobb.
    • Mew is just good. Nag is GOOD now and everyone is playing it. Being able to protect the dedes is very helpful. And the attack is VERY useful.
    • Put that rat on a board and now you have a free retreater.
    • No U-turn board because it won't go to the discard unless they KO (Faba sends to lost zone, lysandre labs makes it have no effect) and being able to retreat out of paralysis seems better than getting it back after my dede gets KOed.
    • No beast energy because it's not searchable with forest and it doesn't work on mew mew.

    They are obviously not complete yet but just wanted to fill out the ones I have tested A LOT against in the last month(s).
    • Pikarom: use latios early to force them into a zeraora and then when the latios goes down, KO the zeraora with a mew mew and then latios after that. If they try to use pikarom to power up another zeraora, you have ultra necrozma, KO that thing. After that, if you go in with another mew mew, they usually can't break through. Be wary of paralysis. Your last prize is going to be your hardest prize to take (assuming they have mew on bench or else nag for game).

    • Blacephalon GX: This is where dawn wings shines. Get the mew down before you moon's eclipse or they'll snipe your dede. The dawn wings is good because it puts you ahead on the prize trade. After the GX, you just need to take a KO every turn with ultra/mew mew. Also, be wary of their turning point turn. A nag can KO your ultra on their turning point turn with the beast energy.

    • Tinatags Mally: This is surprisingly a good matchup. Mally box is more consistent than the jirachi builds because of the dede so you usually get 1st attack. Going second, you can even distortion door and then mew to KO a benched ditto prism star. Mew is a good turn 1 attacker in this matchup. The reason this is favorable is that they just can't KO the mew mew in 1 hit. Exceptions are a mimikyu after you used nag or ultra's photon geyser, a espeon with 5 benched psychics, and a ultra with 5 energy. Easy to play around. You can ko their finisher in 1 hit (ultra or espeon) but they can't KO your finisher in 1 hit. This means that they have to win the game with their GX attack while you can use yours whenever you choose. If you have a really damaged bench, you can even deny their GX attack with Miraculous Duo. Just make sure they have a non-psychic pokemon on their bench (jirachi) and that you are not GXing into a tagged tina. Overall, usually you run them out of options and, eventually, into a checkmate scenario.

    • TinaChomp: Basically the same thing as tinatags, just usually don't play espeon deoxys or ultra.
    • Ultra Mally: Basically the same thing as tinatags, just they usually don't play the espeon.
    • Reshizard (GREEN'S): clear vision early and then they have no answers to latios. They have to chain 2 volcs which is very challenging for them. SAVE YOUR FORESTS. plant WILL ruin your day and you need to attack with mew mew turn 2-3. Beware of the catchers and be mindful that after a clear vision, they can't 1 hit KO your mew mew. Reset stamp is rough but usually you can get what you need. THIN WHILE YOU CAN. Remember ultra is an option on a mew mew. If you attacked with a mew mew using tag purge last turn, and they don't heal ALL the damage off, you have ultra KO next turn, just add a metal.

    • Reshizard (JIRACHI): This used to be 50/50 but now it's basically a non gx deck. I haven't played against the updated list much but I know that the latios lock is just not going to happen anymore so tina is the best option. The heatran is where you want to GX move with either dawn wings (after a tina ping) or mew mew.

    • Dark Box: They usually don't play scoop up. That means go in with tina and then ultra to take KOs.

    • Mew Box: If they don't bench the jirachi GX, you get an easy KO with dawn wings turn 2 (with the GX move) or ultra with mew mew (if they didn't KO anything). Outside of that, you can lock them out of the game after a clear vison with mew mew copying tag purge. They can't damage it without a GX attack outside of their own latios (and marshadow for 10). You play cynthia, they don't. They will deck before you. They can't guru, you kill it with purge. You just have to worry about custom catchers. If you can get the latios out and attack with it instead of mew mew, you just win. Period. They lose to a card in their own deck! It's so funny.

    • Pidgeotto Control: Haven't played against it. Can't you just attack 6 times?

    • Gardeon: DON'T fill your bench. They have charms and they're not afraid to use them. Use ultra to get through there ability/psychic charm and then mew mew tag purge. Hold on to your forest for the power plant(s) and remember, you can always use miraculous duo.

    • Breloom: Attack with tina and then ultra later to take prizes on the mareep and other stuff.

    • Chandelure: Tina and if you get behind, when they are at 1 prize, dawn wings to win.

    • Beheeyem: You don't need items when you do 130 a turn with tina. You kind of ruin their ninetales strat and after you get 3 mally out, goomy is irrelevant.

    • Keldeo GX: Attack with tina/latios (because free retreat)

    • Lost March: Ultra WILL win you that. Auto win.

    • Slowduck: Not enough testing, will update. Tina seems good as well as latios.

    (If you call Mew & Mewtwo GX by any other name than "mew mew," you have failed at life and deserve to brick every game you play.)
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  3. Missilistico Aspiring Trainer


    Hi squid master! I was waiting for a post rotation malamar list of yours!
    I'm not totally convinced by Salamence Gx and the Three Dedenne, since they'll occupy much Of. That bench space your Malamars crave for, and I think the two Salamence combo is not as smooth as it seems. Maybe, just a silly idea, you could try th. New Naganadel Gx, so that in one turn you could snipe Dedenne! Moreover, maybe you should find room for a Giovanni's Exile, so that you cand discard a couple of Dedenne if needed. Let me know what you think about these, and remember that I'm a noob in the soul! :D
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  4. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Nag IS going in.
    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I can cut the lance salamance combo for a nag, a ditto, and a persian GX.
    That was another gx that I was looking at.

    3 Dede is appropriate because you want lots of pokemon to p. comm.

    If you can have 1 dede, 3 mally, and 1 back up attacker on the bench, you're golden.
    2 dede, 2 mally, 1 attacker is fine, too.
    You don't really NEED to giovanni.

    I'm going to experiment with an elm/emolga engine today and also try with boards instead of switches.
    I'll update soon!

    That Nag is PERFECT in here. OMG
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  5. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Surprisingly, emolga synergizes really well with persian GX.
    If you want to make emolga mally, I would go the persian route with a 3-3 mally line, 4 Triple, and 3-3 persian.
    Or maybe 4-4.
    Then, use dede and emolga (and maybe giovanni) to get 9 pokemon in discard and then smash.
    I haven't actually built the deck but I will in the future.
    Sounds good on paper.
  6. Deathfinch The Great


    the last words of any deck builder before they go 0-12 online
  7. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Don't worry, I'll test it eventually:p!
  8. Skater_J Aspiring Trainer


    I've been testing this deck concept quite a bit lately and it's been seeing a ton of success! I do have some changes I've made, as people often do, but the core of the deck idea is very sound :) It actually feels like a smooth running meta deck. I hope this type of deck has a strong showing at worlds this year.

    Changes I've made:

    1. Remove Ultra Necrozma and metal energy, malamar decks are difficult to setup up as it is, adding a second type of energy adds a extra challenge. You don't need Ultra Necrozma as there are plenty of other decent attacks available
    2. Double up on Latios-GX it's not only has the most important attack for this deck but it's also a free retreater which is key in malamar decks
    3. More Hapu and Acro Bike! As a pokemon veteran once told me, "deck thinning is deck winning"! ...and we need rapid discard options in this deck
    4. You only need 2 malamar on the bench, so 3 malamar in the list is fine
    5. Reset stamp is a game changer - this card will win you matches in the late game
    6. Max count of Cherish Ball - getting that Dedenne-GX or needed tech is key
    7. Tech: Dragonite-GX UNM - this card will close out games for you, 270 takes down every Tag Team I can think of
    8. Tech: Espurr UNB - this card can finish off a damaged Tag Team on the bench, it's insane, it replaces Mimikyu as a surprise tech
    9. Tech: Muk & Alolan Muk-GX - The poison and healing attacks are very strong and can also get around the Latios-GX blocking attack
    10. Supporter count 9 or 10. This deck can run dry if supporters can't be chained back to back, a higher count is better
    11. Everyone is now running Custom Catchers, they are not a must since you have snipe attacks but they can take surprise knocks outs
    12. Add in Jirachi-GX for it's ability, it will help you in the mirror match or against Reshizard with Mew and Mewtwo-GX teched in. It's GX attack is sweet too

    Here's the modified list:

    ##Pokémon - 20

    * 1 Naganadel-GX UNM 230
    * 1 Dragonite-GX UNM 229
    * 1 Dedenne-GX UNB 57
    * 1 Espeon & Deoxys-GX UNM 72
    * 1 Espurr UNB 79
    * 1 Gengar & Mimikyu-GX TEU 164
    * 1 Giratina LOT 97
    * 4 Inkay FLI 50
    * 1 Jirachi-GX UNM 79
    * 2 Latios-GX UNM 223
    * 2 Mewtwo & Mew-GX UNM 222
    * 1 Muk & Alolan Muk-GX UNB 196
    * 3 Malamar FLI 51

    ##Trainer Cards - 31

    * 4 Cherish Ball UNM 191
    * 4 Mysterious Treasure FLI 113
    * 3 Viridian Forest TEU 156
    * 3 Hapu UNM 200
    * 2 Lillie SUM 147
    * 4 Custom Catcher LOT 171
    * 4 Acro Bike PRC 122
    * 1 Reset Stamp UNM 206
    * 4 Cynthia UPR 119
    * 2 Switch BCR 135

    ##Energy - 9

    * 9 Psychic Energy XYEnergy 8

    Oh and if it's not obvious, Mewtwo & Mew-GX are the main attackers ;) Unless you are ability locked, then bring in Giratina.

    I wanted to mention that I underestimated Espeon & Deoxys-GX. Using it's GX attack with 6 energy has closed out games for me. 200 snipe damage against non-gx decks, like the new Sleep Lock Breloom deck, has come in so handy. Since damage counters are placed it gets around Mew's bench protection ability as well.

    As a last note, I just wanted to reiterate the importance of Latios-GX, it's attack paired with Mewtwo & Mew-GX will win you most Tag team deck match-ups.
  9. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Well, this definitely is a lot to digest at once.

    I think that cutting p. comms for acro bikes is kind of crazy. You need your inkays out turn 1.
    Also, 2 dede is a must as well as 4 lillie.
    It's almost like you cut the consistency cards.

    I think that the catchers are not needed/take up to much space because you have nag, deoxys, and espurr to snipe bench.

    I like how you made it into a true mew mew deck with the dragonite and jirachi. The ultra is not bad, though. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. The metal energies are fine. The only time they are annoying is if I want to use dawn wings, gengar, or have to discard them off dede.

    I like the 2nd latios.

    4 mally is a must, got to be consistent. Are you trying to make the deck inconsistent? So many cuts...

    Like the reset stamp.

    I have no trouble with thining, I almost deck in most occasions. Usually go down to a 10-15 card deck.

    3 cherish is fine. It's funny how you cut consistency and then add a 4th cherish ball for consistency.

    Like the espurr, not sold on the muk. I guess it's your "out" in the gardeon matchup although not a very good one (if they are playing mixed herbs).

    Again, you can't cut like all the consistency cards and then say to me that I should add more supporters to make it more consistent.

    The problem is that Mew box and dark box have reliable outs to latios. I can see how the jirachi makes nag in dark box not 2hko you, but then you don't 1hko them.

    Overall, I like the ideas you presented just didn't like the cuts in the final list.
    Have you tested your matchups?
    How do you do against blace with no dawn wings?
    How do you do against gardeon without ultra to get around charms?
    How often do you get the turn 2 attack?
  10. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    I definitely need to make some changes to my list.
    Want to add an espurr, a mr. mime, reset stamp, and maybe another latios.
    Need to sit down and really think about what I want to cut.
  11. Skater_J Aspiring Trainer


    @AngryBokoblin Definitely some fair points made! Thanks for your input! Just to note: I apologize if any of my changes felt like a slight against you personally, that's not my intention. I just want to push the deck concept forward. I definitely want to give you credit. I started from your list.

    It's interesting to me how different players view consistency, :) in my opinion Lillie and Poke comm. are terrible cards to have stuck in your hand mid/late game. Don't get me wrong, in the early game they are amazing but as the match progresses they are far less helpful. I believe Hapu is much more helpful to the deck than Lillie, Hapu also allows me to also find inkays.

    From your advice, I think I may switch out the custom catchers for Poke comms. for a test and see how it goes.

    Truth be told, in the past I doubted the power of Acro Bike, but so many good players (especially with malamar) have used it time and again. I'm now a believer that it improves consistency.

    As for Ultra Necrozma, I think it affects the smoothness of the deck having to worry about metal energies and switching Mewtwo & Mew-GX back to the bench. It just makes it a bit clunkier IMHO. The only reason I cut Dawn Wings-GX is because I was using Jirachi-GX and they have similar GX attacks and I didn't need the switching once Mewtwo & Mew-GX was in the active.

    With malamar & naganadel decks I've always used 3 malamars/nagas, it hasn't really been a big deal, you should give it a shot. It opens an extra slot for other cards. Although, without rescue stretcher I am a bit more scared of having to toss a malamar away.

    With Dedenne-GX it's not imperative to have 2 as you only have room for 1 on your bench anyway. Yes it improves consistency to have 2 but if you have a larger supporter count and Acro Bikes, you'll be fine if it's prized.

    Match-ups I've tested and am confident against are: Blacephelon, Reshizard, Mirror, Grass team-up decks, Slowduck, Weezing, Breloom

    Match-ups I've tested and am non-confident against: Dark box (with naga or sharpedo), Malamar/Giratina (GX and non-GX), Malamar/Necrozma (non-GX)

    Match-ups I haven't tested against (haven't appeared on the Ptcgo ladder for me): Pikarom, Gardeon/Charms

    I'd say I get a turn 2 attack 50 percent of the time. Gengar & Mimikyu-GX definitely helps. I may be able to improve this percentage with supporter/item card changes.

    My ideal setup is:

    Active: Mewtwo & Mew-GX (with lots of energy)
    Bench: 2 Malamar, 1 Dedenne-GX, 1 Latios-GX (Jirachi-GX when against psychic), empty slot for back up attacker: Giratina, Espurr or second Mewtwo & Mew-GX
    Discard: Dragonite-GX, Naganadel-GX, Gengar & Mimikyu-GX, Muk & Alolan Muk-GX, Espeon & Deoxys-GX, Giratina
  12. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    With mally, the main goal is to get set up.
    After you get set up, you're fine.
    That's why I have cards that are better in the early game like p. comm and lillie.
    For the 1st 2 turns, you need to get dig HARD and get set up but after that, you can just cruise to the end.
  13. Skater_J Aspiring Trainer


    Fair point, I'll try out more Lillies (less Hapus) and trade the custom catchers for poke comms and test that out tonight. Ideally it should improve the turn 2 attack percentage.
  14. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Also, yes acro bikes are good.
    But cherish balls are better.
    There are no acro bikes because I cut them for cherish balls.
  15. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    The deck thinning is done by dede.
    I know that acro is good and if I could play a 64 card deck I would play 4 acro but in this deck, cherish is better then acro.
    That's just the way it is.
  16. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    I cut the mimikyu and the dawn wings for an espurr and a mr. mime.
    Still testing if I like it and need to test the blace matchup without dawn wings but overall greatly improves dark box matchup (so far) so I like it.
  17. Skater_J Aspiring Trainer


    Well testing last night using Poke comm gave me the ideal setup I needed in the first match I used it :). I have to admit I did rely on it a few times to search out Malamars so it does definitely have a place in this deck. I did miss the custom catchers a bit.

    Here was last nights experience:

    Played against Pikarom last night. They over committed to Zeraora-GX with energy switches early on, to attack into Tag purge, and I used Mew mew's GX attack to knock it out and heal back up. They conceded the match after that as they knew I would just tag purge for the rest of the game and they didn't have many answers or energy left.

    Lost against Reshizard due to the GX attack getting around Tag Purge - should have taken @AngryBokoblin's advice and used Clear vision GX early.

    Lost against Dark box (with naga) due the GX attack from Darkrai & Umbreon-GX getting around Tag Purge attack - should have used Clear Vision GX.

    Played against Slowduck - they have no answer to tag purge, except for Lapras and it doesn't hit hard enough. Lapras also takes too long to power up - won.

    Played against Crabrawler - donked it

    Played Zygarde-GX - the opponent's deck bricked - they conceded

    Haven't had a chance to play Espurr yet but I'm looking forward to the day :)

    I think my setup is getting more consistent but I'm unsure about my attacking turn 2 percentage, gotta keep a closer eye on it and see if I seem to be missing anything. It's possible that I should up my count of Viridian Forest to 4, especially with Power plant getting more popular. I accidentally tried to use Dedenne-GX under power plant lock twice last night....whoops!
  18. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    The scary part is that channeler removes clear vision so if beheeyem gets good...
  19. Skater_J Aspiring Trainer


    Well I guess we were pretty close to an idea that won worlds this year :D

    Pretty similar deck, just a completely different energy acceleration engine. (i.e. Fire energy, Giant Hearth, Welder)

    Even though I believe the fire acceleration is faster, I still really like the Malamar engine and will continue to refine this deck idea.

    I think that, as we saw from worlds, custom catcher is going to play a huge role in the new format but it's going to be difficult to fit catchers back in. I like the Poke Comm. cards in the deck and would have a hard time removing them.

    As players start to tech against this kind of deck with things like Power Plant, lots of stadiums will be needed, as well as the "Resetting Hole" Marshadow ability.

    Due to words I also think Gardeon decks are going to get much more popular and they will use ability and psychic charms to counter this deck.

    Lysandre Labs and Faba could be very important to use in this deck in the future.

    Keldeo-GX is going to be an issue for this deck as well. We do have the grass pokemon Pinsir with the "Hammer In" attack that could do 140 damage to Keldeo but that's about it for basic grass techs, otherwise we'd need to use Ditto and use a Stage 1 like Yanmega or Tangrowth for OHKOs. Otherwise, we would have to rely on Giratini but it could only do 130 damage. I guess the GX attack from Espeon & Deoxys GX could clean up the support pokemon. I know it's counter-intuitive but there's always power plant as well.
  20. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    The thing is that the mew mew box is JUST mew mew. If people counter mew mew, you lose.
    Mally box HAS mew mew and USES mew mew to its fullest extent, BUT it has other ways to win BESIDES mew mew.
    Therefore, power plant is not as effective against mew mew with mally then mew mew with fire.
    Gardeon is a good example.
    With fire mew mew, you don't have an answer. (He didn't play greninja or any rainbow in general)
    BUT, with mally box, you have stuff like ultra necrozma and tina, so you have a way around.

    Custom Catchers still take up too much space, just not going to happen.

    Against Keldeo, I don't think they run a mew. If they do, you have espeon to get around it and then some nag snipes.
    Still waiting for lists.

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