'Pokemon UNITE,' Strategic Team-Battle Game, Announced


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People: we want Crown Tundra info and Gen 4 remakes!
Nintendo: no, but here’s tooth brushing, Cooking Craze and LOL!
Although the game looks alright.


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Love how they stacked literally everything against this game, and that's not even counting the timing of the announcement.
  • Literal copy of a mode deleted from LoL almost 5 years ago.
  • Switch+Mobile instead of Switch+PC.
  • Collaboration with Tencent
  • Pretty mediocre artstyle
  • Showing it as "e-sport" before anyone got a chance to play it
It's like they want this game to fail.


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At this point TPC has to start asking themselves: “Why do our announcements get the feedbacks that they get?” Why was this or Sword and Shield so heavily criticized while a sequel to something beloved (Snap) that has better visuals than our main game and is only in mid-development so heavily applauded? Hmm, it’s almost as if the fans want something that doesn’t a appear to be a half-baked product right from its inception. Maybe, just MAYBE, this company should stop making things that nobody wants, and instead focusing their effort on an actual product with love and polish like they used to do? Hint, they won’t anytime soon, but..,Just a thought.

I mean seriously, the goofy little toothbrush game looks like it has more love put in it than this or Gen 8

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People had expectations of Gen 4 remakes, "Let's Go Johto," or more SwSh DLC. I knew it wouldn't be any of that. I mean, really, why would it be any of those? I had no expectations, yet my disappointment was so immense as soon as they mentioned Tencent. They've finally sunk their fangs into Pokemon... On top of that, I just don't find these MOBA games appealing.

Pokemon: Expect less

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Realistically, no new games were going to be announced before Crown Tundra 'finished'. I don't know why people even got their hopes up. Still, the game looks fun, I like how they're branching out into mobile games. Let's hope this one doesn't end up like Pokemon Duel, where the lag made the game unplayable.


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Looks like a nice game.
I hope you can play without the online or irl players.


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from the trailer tencent showed limited efforts, most moves set are a copy of a old warcraft 3 rpg map, the graphics are much worse than even gods' arena from the same studio with literally the same game strategy. there's even no pokemon plush on the ceo's table when he claimed himself as a pokemon fan, come on, everyone knows what tencent games are working on, they works aiming your wallet instead of game quality.
i m tired about this.


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Yeah, there was no way it was going to be a Let’s Go Johto or DPPt remakes. Isle of Armor just launched last week and GameFreak is already spread thin with the combination of backlash from fans over SWSH and everything in between.

I think people would have flipped out even more *if* GameFreak had an expansion for SWSH barely a week old and another upcoming while also cutting corners on a remake. Pokémon could really benefit from a year long break in major annual releases. There could be a lot of regrouping and stronger focus with just a year break.

2021: No new major Pokémon title. A spinoff or two to keep the franchise relevant and then wow the world with an announcement late 2021 for a 2022 release.


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The game looks fine... but... Tencent...

It's absolutely meant to get Chinese gamers interested in the world of Pokemon, and that's pretty obvious from the lackluster graphics, re-used movesets, and the fact that it's pretty much a re-skin of an existing game. I would probably play it for a few games, then drop it.

Total cash-grab.


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All but 2 of the revealed characters are from Gen 1. At least Talonflame got some love. I hope it’s not the full roster.