Pokemon TCG Product Lineup Through May -- Shifting Set Releases, New Products!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Water Pokémon Master, Oct 5, 2020.

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    Water Pokémon Master

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  2. Aces Aspiring Trainer


    Ooh toolkit 2.0!
  3. Autumnwolf324i Aspiring Trainer


    ooh this looks cool
  4. JustInBasil Aspiring Trainer

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    Ooh. I wonder if they'll include the Shiny Crobat V in the Trainer's Toolkit 2.0 or if there will be an alternate art for it in Shiny Star V they might use instead.
  5. Kumaquat Collecting Birbs


    I wonder what pokeball it's gonna be. It's about time they had the masterball.
  6. Dream Ball tin or bust

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  7. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    I'm confused, this is for Japan only right?
  8. Ilexon Aspiring Trainer


    Is the second trainers toolkit confirmed or speculation? If it’s confirmed that’s going to be awesome. Also Vmax battle box!? That sounds really cool
  9. AshCo Ouchies!


    Nope, this is the TPCI release schedule. Japan doesn’t have much of any of the products resembling what we get over here and the release schedule over there is more like a set a month.
  10. Snowy Lilacs Aspiring Trainer
    Snowy Lilacs


    Makes sense there will be a special set in February since that the birthday for Pokemon
  11. signofzeta Aspiring Trainer


    In a normal situation, SWSH5 would be released in February, SWSH6 in May, SWSH7 in August, and SWSH8 in November.

    If SWSH5 is released between March and May, shouldn't SWSH6 be released later in the Spring, into the Summer, and not earlier in the Summer? If a set was released earlier in the Summer than usual, shouldn't that be SWSH7?

    Are we still getting 4 main sets in 2021? Is SWSH4.5 replacing a main set, or is it in addition to a main set? If it is the former, then it would suck, unless SWSH4.5 is treated like a main set, with Prereleases, Theme Decks, and Booster Boxes.

    Could we see something like SWSH5 releasing in early March 2021, SWSH6 releasing in early June 2021, SWSH7 in mid August, and SWSH8 in early November?

    What happened to the Theme Decks? I don't see them listed in the product lineup.
  12. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    Ah, thanks. The "V Battle Deck" confused me because Japan already has those / products similar to that. Good to see they're coming to the rest of the world. About time Theme Decks got an overhaul...
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  13. AshCo Ouchies!


    I think with the right cards, they're a really good idea for making meta cards accessible to people who want to get into the game. It drives down prices of singles for the cards used in them, and gives you a cool product with a bunch of stuff if you're just getting into things. I remember Rayquaza/Keldeo's Battle Arena Deck was sort of the first kind of thing that was like that, it was super useful for both Standard and Expanded. Octillery and VS Seeker I remember being the big parts of it.

    I'd like if they did some products like this for Expanded though. Make a deck or a trainer's toolkit with Computer Search and other BW-era staples accessible, why not? They already put Prisms in some of those decks so it isn't like ACE SPECs would be any different.

    I will admit, half the reason I want this to be real is just so I can complete Boundaries Crossed. One of the last cards I need is Comp. Search, but I'm not paying that much for some Trainer card that has barely any value to me as a collector. It'd benefit me on top of all the people around wanting to get into that format.
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  14. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    Couldn't agree more. I wish the Battle Arena Decks or whatever we are calling them nowadays were the theme decks (imagine every set released with Battle Arena Decks featuring V cards from the previous set), or at the very least if we started to get V Battle Decks like Japan.
  15. Ilexon Aspiring Trainer


    The Vmax battle box could contain the new special vmaxes :eek:
  16. cardgjammer Aspiring Trainer


    I wonder if SWSH 4.5 in English/International will be "Legendary Treasures: Sword & Shield Edition" in the form of LTR's Concept Pack set classification, meaning prereleases can still go on, but no "theme decks" will be connected to the set...

    I wonder if we'll be getting "25th Anniversary Starter Sets" in the form of the Kanto starters in lieu of Theme Decks, ala "Kalos Starter Set" back in Legendary Treasures?

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