TCG Fakes Pokemon: Neo World (Custom Template Fakes)

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    (Pack Artwork TBD)
    Art & Design by MasterGallade / Avalon Designs

    I've been working on my own fake Pokemon card templates in Illustrator for awhile, and I already posted a few fake cards on my DeviantART account (MasterAvalon), but I finally decided to compile them here as well :D

    This fake card set is called Neo World, but in a way it is just a collection of Promos, since I make the cards as I complete the art (which is done how I feel like), and they are numbered how Promos are numbered in each era, so none of them are in type or Evolution order.

    In this Neo World set, several concepts from different eras of the TCG come together; there will be Shining Pokemon, Crystal Types, Delta Species, GXs, Tag Teams, VMAXs, and probably whatever mechanics that future card eras create. However, replacing regular Pokemon ex/LV. X/EX/V will be Pokemon-NEO; these cards keep the 2 prize rule from ex/EX/GX/V, but they can also use attacks from any of their previous stages. The majority of Pokemon-NEO will be Evolved Pokemon but there are some exceptions, like a Lugia-NEO that has an Ability that involves evolving from Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres.

    The biggest addition on my card templates is what I call Categories, which appear above the info box in the bottom right. Inspired by the Ultra Beast classification in the Sun & Moon era, these give additional information on what kind of Pokemon is on the card, for use with cards that target certain Pokemon. Starter, Fossil, Eeveelution, Pseudo-L (Pseudo-Legendary), Legendary, Mythical, Baby, and Ultra Beast are all examples of Categories that can appear on these cards. This is an idea that I think would be really cool to see on real cards in the future~

    There will be a wide variety of eras represented with my cards, but the wording for the Abilities/Attacks will always reflect the newest updates in the modern TCG, in order to keep the language unified and the cards as neat as possible. For example, even cards such as GXs will implement the "Rule Box" phrase that the SWSH Battle Styles set introduced. As for balancing the power of Abilities/Attacks, cards that are specific to certain eras, such as Crystal Types, Delta Species, and Dark/Light Pokemon, will try to conform to that era's power levels as best as possible. For example, a Light Umbreon I have planned will be similar in power to the existing Dark Espeon from Neo Destiny, while a Dark Gallade will be based off the Dark Pokemon from EX Team Rocket Returns.

    Anyway, enough explaining; enjoy the cards~

    (Note: I am not taking spoiler or art submissions. I may make the blanks available at some point once I have them done for every type, but for now I'm just making them as the artwork is done.)


    001 - Shining Mew
    *Reprint of Shining Mew from Corocoro Comics, which is my favorite card of all time. Art edited from my Mew piece for the 20th Anniversary in February 2016.
    002 - Mega Absol-GX
    *Art done for my friend Kaityn's birthday in July 2019.

    003 - Cinderace-NEO
    *Art done in January 2020. This design is a fusion of Cinderace and King Kazma from Summer Wars, with its Ability name referencing a location in the movie.
    004 - Froslass-GX
    *Art done for my friend Kaityn's birthday in July 2020.
    005 - Lugia-NEO
    [​IMG]*Art done for Gold & Silver's 20th Anniversary in December 2020.FULL ILLUSTRATION:


    000 Ho-Oh-NEO
    000 Dragapult-NEO
    000 MegaGallade&Sirfetch’d-GX
    000 Silvally-NEO
    000 Rotom&Zeraora-GX
    000 Ampharos (Crystal Type)
    000 Shining Hydreigon
    000 Shining Lunala
    000 Aegislash (Delta Species)
    000 Celesteela&Kartana-GX
    000 Alolan Dugtrio-GX
    000 Deoxys-GX (Normal)
    000 Deoxys-GX (Attack)
    000 Deoxys-GX (Defense)
    000 Deoxys-GX (Speed)
    000 Shining Silvally
    000 Mew-GX
    000 Typhlosion-NEO
    000 Cinderace-VMAX
    000 UltraNecrozma&Solgaelo&Lunala-GX
    000 Deoxys (Full Art)
    000 Light Umbreon
    000 Unown-GX
    000 Toxtricity-NEO
    000 Elesa’s Luxray
    000 Clair’s Kingdra
    000 Jasmine’s Steelix
    000 Alolan Raichu-GX
    000 Eternatus (Full Art)
    000 Victini&Incineroar-GX
    000 Shining Lucario
    000 Shining Aggron
    000 Shining Zeraora
    000 Dark Gallade
    000 Dark Togekiss
    000 Dark Magnezone


    Card Body Texture: [link]
    Ripple Holosheet by icycatelf: [link]
    Galaxy Holosheet by @aschefield101: [link]
    Neo 3 Shining Holosheet by icycatelf: [link]
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    This is a very neat collection @MasterGallade! I love the thought that you've put into designing this set and its mechanics, and how you've even go as far as making your own blanks. What was the inspiration behind the "neo" logo? I'm intrigued by the mechanic (it's so simple but opens up plenty of interesting design opportunities!), but logo design takes the cake for me.
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    Thanks so much :D so the Neo era of the TCG is my favorite (just as GSC are my favorite games in the series), and the Neo logo is directly from the logo used on Japanese pack and box arts, as well as some promo material <3 as seen here:

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