Discussion Pokemon In the Future


So, let's say someone from the year 2050 traveled back in time to today, and spoiled the state of the Pokemon TCG for the next 31 years - what would they say?

"So yeah - cards with 4 variants? Diminutive compared to MY sets - We have Half-art, Full-Art, Alternate-Art, Hyper Rare, Golden Rare, SEcReT hyPEr Rare, SuPEr UlTra sEcREt Rare, Hand Painted Masterpiece Rare, Textured Solid Gold Jewelry Grade Rare, Aircraft Grade Material Rare, Computerized Animated Platinum Rare, AAAAANNDDDD Shiny Disco Ball Shatter-foil Unbreakable Inflatable Biohazard Rare!"

Any other ideas?


Aspiring Trainer
Well, first you'd have to ask - is it dead? That's more time than TCGs existed as a whole. I do not believe TCGs are driven by a sustainable model, that's why the only ones that didn't die in the sand are carried by big brands. Will that be enough to take on the online CCGs? Well, none of them have proven themselves to be sustainable as well. It's an open question.

I think Pokemon is at a crossroads when it comes to power creep. They have a choice of finally dialing it down and pulling back, or driving the game into a ditch (aka, pushing any way further than Tag Teams). They've got a really big year with Detective Pikachu, Sword & Shield (no matter how much bad blood there is), Wizards are also giving their players tons of reasons to switch to PTCG. They've got a big spike in new players, so it's really "now or never".