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Welcome to the Arctoire Region!

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After playing many Pokemon games, I had gotten an idea to make my very own Pokemon game I thought that this would be pretty cool to make and also fun at the same time. It might take a while to actually finish the game. I will especially need help to make the game.

Progress Bars





Basic Information:
-The biggest cave in the game is called Tokaw
-The starter town is Icelet Town
-Region name is Arctoire
-Icelet Town is most likely going to be one of the smallest towns in the game.
-There are mountains in the game called Iceroft Mountains.
-Serpentice is the main legendary.
-Team Terrafrost is the evil-organization roaming the region.
-The professor of the region is Professor Cypress.
-The professor has many assistants around the region collecting important information on Serpentice.

More screenshots will be added.


Pokemon Essentials
Pokemon Ice Team

Programming: Ice Arceus & Charizard88
Co-Leader: charidude, Garitter, & Dustin
Storyline Writer: charidude
Artist/Designer: Garitter, angelo1104, SmashUp, LostVoice, Confagrigus, Umbreon/Espeon, patrick329, silazu,  Zade, mpain0, & ramsey1993
Spriter: Shaymin6.6, Jayj4, Ice Arceus, Night Pokemon Master, Gr8Ampharos, noahflash14, Arceus507, patrick329, & silazu
Data Sheets Creator (Templates): Wobbuffet & patrick329
Coder: Charizard88 & Ice Arceus
Banner Creator: FatalAeroX & Gr8Ampharos
Avatar Creator: FatalAeroX
Name creator: Hooker, Dustin, & ramsey1993
Region Map Creator: Night Pokemon Master
Region Map Editor: Ice Arceus
Attack/Stat Creator: MotorRotom & IcyChezburger

If I have left you out let me know.

The game storyline is still being edited....

The storyline so far thanks to chairdude

Part 1
You wake up in your bed. It’s dark out.
(Player)- “What was that? Another nightmare?”

A light appears in the player’s window. Outside is a man with curly hair wearing a hat. He is holding up a flashlight into the air.

(Player)-“What’s he doing? I better investigate…”

You walk downstairs and out the door and walk over to talk to the man.
He turns around startled by you.

(Man)-“Eeek! What are you doing here?!”
(Player)-“I live here what are you doing here?”
(Man)-“Never mind that, I’ll teach you not to meddle.”

The man releases a Wartortle.
(Man)-“Wartortle! Attack!”
You step away in fear of being attacked by his wartortle.

A growlithe comes from the bottom of the screen and rams the wartortle and the man.
Officer Jenny comes running up towards the fallen man.
(Jenny)-“Stop right there you criminal!”

(Man)-“Uh-oh… This isn’t good….”
(Player)-“What’s going on?”
(Jenny)-“This man is suspected of being part of a group of troublemakers and we believe he was signaling for rescue. Don’t worry, we’ll take it from here.”
(Man)-“Don’t worry, they’ll get me! They’ll free me! I’m not done yet!”
Officer Jenny and growlithe escort the Man out of the screen.

Your Mom comes running out towards you.
(Mom)-“Are you okay?”
(Player)-“I’m fine.”
(Mom)-“Let’s get you back to bed…”
The screen fades out.

Part 2
The screen goes black, waits a couple seconds…. Then goes white again.

You have free mobility in your room.

You walk downstairs to find Prof. (We’ll just call him that.) talking with your Mom. They notice you and walk over to you.

(Prof.)-“Hi there (Player)!”
(Player)-“Hello there Prof.”
Your mom runs over to you.
(Mom)-“ (Player), Prof. has extended you a very special offer!”
(Prof.)-“Very special indeed! I would like you to investigate for me.”
(Prof.)-“Yes, you see, the incident that happened last night. It’s been happening quite a lot… Not always jail-breaks, but strange people, doing these crimes. I know they are linked because of how they do it. With Pokemon. They use their pokemon’s attacks to cause mischief. And recently, their acts of mischief are getting worse then mischief… That man was arrested for freezing a public beach while people were in it. They were almost killed from the freezing of their bodies. And I want you to find a connection or the source of it all. Can you do that for me (Player)?”
(Player)-“Umm…. Sure I guess I could… But how will I protect myself if I get in a bad situation?”
(Mom)-“That’s the best part!-“
Your mom is cut off by Prof.
(Prof.)-“You can use one of these… ASSISTANT!!!!”
(Assistant) comes running in.
(Assistant)-“Yes Professor?”
(Prof.)-“Put out the three pokeballs I gave you.”
(Assistant)-“Ah, right, the pokeballs.”
(Assistant) puts out the three pokeballs.
(Prof.)-“Choose one (Player).”

You choose your starter pokemon.

(Prof.)-“Once again, thank you so much for helping me. But you won’t be doing it alone!”

Prof. hands you the PokeNav.

(Prof.)-“That’s the PokeNav version 3.2. It’s supposed to be a map and a small database, but I tinkered with it and can now act like a phone. And it has the database called the Pokedex. Which you can use to record pokemon data.”
(Assistant.)-“I have one too.”
(Prof.)-“Yes, and that way you can contact each other. (Assistant’s Name) will be here to help you on your way. If you ever need to ask a question just consult him.”
(Player)-“Thank you so much Prof.!”
(Prof.)-“No, thank you (Player.)”
(Prof.)-“Now I must be off to (8th town)… Come along (Assistant’s Name).
The Prof. leaves.
(Assistant)-“Bye (Player).”
Assistant leaves.

(Mom)-“Isn’t this wonderful? And, I have some things to help you!”
Your Mom gives you your backpack, the running shoes, and a note pad.
(Mom)-“Oh! And you also have your new database account. You can store items and any pokemon you catch along the way!”

Part 3
After your mom gives you the items you gain free mobility. You leave the house.
Facing you outside the house is your good friend (Rival).
(Rival) runs over to you.
(Rival)-“Hey there (Player)! You look shocked! Do you even remember my name?”
(Type their name)
Two large men come up to you.
(Man1)-“Hey you two get out of the way!”
(Man2)-“He look, he has one of those fancy maps!”
(Man1)-“Let’s get it!”
(A double battle occurs.)
(Man1)-“Eeek! My pokemon!”
(Man2)-“Come on, let’s get out of here!”
The two men run away.

(Rival)-“So you’re helping Prof?”
(Rival)-“That’s pretty cool but your (starter) is nothing compared to my (starter). And while you’re off investigating, I’ll be training to become the world’s best pokemon trainer! Maybe, you should become one too. You and you’re (starter) are pretty strong! Check out the gym in (next town). The gym leaders are crazy tough. Anyway, see ya (Player)!”
Rival starts to run away then comes running back.
(Rival)-“Oh, and here’s my PokeGear Number!”
Rival enters himself into your PokeNav then runs off.

You start to head out of town but are stopped when the Man from last night comes running from behind you with two police officers behind him. Beside him is the third starter.

(???)-“Out of my way!”
His (starter) rams into you knocking you to the side as he runs away. The two police officers come over to talk to you.
(Police1)-“Hey kid, are you okay?”
(Police2)-“Come on, we better hurry! It looks like he’s heading towards (next town).”
The two run off.

Part 4
After the men run off you go onto route 1.
There you find a person dressed up in camo.
He spots you and runs over to you.
(Army guy)-“What are you doing recruit? You know that there are wild pokemon out there right? They could be helping you on your travels!”
(Player)-“Huh? But I already have my (starter)?”
(Army guy)-“You don’t win wars with one soldier troop! You win with an army!”
(Player)-“But how am I supposed to get another pokemon?”
(Army guy)-“I’ll show you!”

You follow the army guy into the tall grass.
He is fighting a weak wigby.
He sends out (any pokemon).
(Army guy)-“Now first you need to use your battle tactics to weaken it!”
The pokemon attacks putting it into the orange.
(Army guy)-“There, now I can use my pokeball to capture it!”
He throws a pokeball and catches the wigby.

(Army guy)-“See? That’s how it’s done!”
(Army guy)-“Here, take these to start you off!”
He hands you 5 pokeballs.
(Army guy)-“And these will help you and your pokemon if they’re suffering from wounds.
He hands you 3 potions.
He then starts to walk around the tall grass.

You go throughout route 1 and reach (next city) where the entrance is blocked by two large guards.
If you try to get passed they will say.
(Tough Guy1)-“Hey. Only the tough trainers get into our city!”
(Tough Guy2)-“Yeah, come back when you got at least 3 pokemon wimp.”

After you have 3 pokemon…

(Tough Guy1)-“He’s got 3 pokemon now…”
(Tough Guy2)-“Doesn’t mean he’s strong enough though. Let’s see if he can beat you in a battle…”

Tough Guy1
1 pokemon lv 6
1 pokemon lv 8

When you lose:
(Tough Guy1)-“Maybe he ain’t so tough after all…”
(Tough Guy2)-“Yeah go back and train wimp…”

When you win:
(Tough Guy1)-“He’s pretty good…”
(Tough Guy2)-“Not good enough! Let’s see if he can beat me!”

Tough Guy2
1 pokemon lv 7
1 pokemon lv 9

When you lose:
(Tough Guy2)-“See? Still a wimp…”

(You then have to verse them both the next time you try again. Like the elite four.)

When you win:
(Tough Guy1)-“Told ya he’s good.”
(Tough Guy2)-“Fine, Welcome to (city).”
The two will step out of your way.

Part 5
When you walk into the city the tiles slowly change to snow. The trees are covered in snow and the lamp posts have icicles hanging from them. A light flurry of snow turns into a raging blizzard as you get farther into the city. If you try to progress too far it will say:
(Player)-“It’s too cold. Perhaps I should seek shelter at the pokemon center.”
You run back to the pokemon center to find it crowded beyond belief. There is a fire burning and chansey running around. Nurse Joy spots you amongst the crowd and runs over to you with Officer Jenny.

(Officer Jenny)-“ (Player)! You’re here! Do you remember me from Tinytree? I was the one who captured the criminal and his wartortle. Now he has a (third starter.) and he’s using them both to reek havoc amongst the city!”

(Nurse Joy)-“He’s on top of the TV tower in the center of town. He created a blizzard and the whole town is being frozen stiff. Another boy went ahead to try and stop him, but he hasn’t come back yet… Could you go and look for him (Player)?”

(Officer Jenny)-“Here, take these clothes, they’ll help you withstand the cold.”
Officer Jenny gives you Winter Clothes!

You then leave with your new clothes on. You trudge through the snow to find Team TerraFrost Grunts in your way.

(???)-“Hey you kid! Stop right there! We don’t want anyone Meddling around!”

??? has:
1 pokemon lv 6
1 pokemon lv 10

When you win.
(???)-“Jeez, you’re good! I’ve gotta go warn the boss!”
??? runs off towards the blizzard.
You give chase and come to a large building. Its door are frozen over.
Then your rival comes running up behind you and you get out of the way as he leaps at the door and they swing lose. You follow your rival into the building.

(Rival)-“ (Player)! You’re here too? I’m here investigating what’s causing this blizzard. Come on, we need to get to the top of the building.”
Your rival runs to the stairs but can’t open the doors.
(Rival)-“Rats. We can’t use the stairs the doors are frozen stiff. Let’s try the elevator.”
You get on the elevator and start to go up when you suddenly stop.
(Rival)-“The cable’s most be frozen!”
Just then the doors open and two goons come into the elevator with you.

(Goon1)-“You should’ve stayed at ground floor….”

A double battle then commences.
Rival has:
His starter lv 10
Another weak pokemon lv 8

Goon1 has:
A pokemon lv 11

Goon2 has:
A pokemon lv 9
A pokemon lv 8

After you beat the two they will run away.
(Rival)-“Good Work (Player)! Now we should follow them!”
You two go down the hallway and reach the door to the roof. When you try to go in a Goon behind you stops you.

(Goon3)-“Hey! You two can’t go in there!”
(Rival)-“Hey, its frozen shut! (Player), ou fight him while I open the door!”

Goon3 has:
A pokemon lv 9
A pokemon lv 12

After the battle you and your partner reach the top floor. There, is the person that was at your town. His wartortle his causing the blizzard and him and he’s watching.
(Rival)-“Stop right there!”
(???)-“Eeek! Who are you two and how’d you get up here!”
(Rival)-“Doesn’t matter! Now I’m going to stop you!”
Then voices are heard from below.
(Goon1)-“My pokemon is healed and ready to fight!”
(Goon2)-“Same here!”
(Goon3)-“Now let’s go get those two kids!”
(Rival)-“Uh-oh! (Player), I’ll block the door, and you go fight him. You have to stop him!”

Team TerraFrost Head Silver has:
(third starter) lv 14
A pokemon lv 10

When you win:
(Silver)-“My pokemon!”
(Rival)-“Give It up! Your blizzard is history!”
(Silver)-“But I’m not done yet! Wartortle Tackle!”
The wartortle stops shooting ice and rams you.
The screen goes black then comes back.
Silver is gone.
(Rival)-“Owww….. that hurt… Oh no! He got away (Player)!”
Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy come into the screen.
(Officer Jenny)-“Where’d that guy go?”
(Rival)-“He got away…”
(Nurse Joy)-“Don’t worry, at least the blizzard is finished… Now everything can go back into service again.”
(Rival)-“You mean like the gym?”
(Officer Jenny)-“Yes, the gym should be back and running again. You should go to the gym too (Player).”

Part 6
After Officer Jenny says that she leaves she turns around remembering you two are sill up here.
Officer Jenny-“Oh right, we’re stuck up here, the ice froze the elevator and the stairs are too slippery for anyone to use.”
Just then a (strong psychic pokemon that can teleport) and Endora appear on the rooftop.
Endora-“You’re lucky I happened to be here when this snowstorm hit Officer Jenny, or you’d be stuck up here.”
Rival-“But that’s just it, it wasn’t a snowstorm.”
Endora-“What? Didn’t you see the blizzard all around us?”
Rival-“We can talk more on the ground.”
Endora-“(psychic pokemon’s name.), Teleport!”
They all get teleported down to the base level.

Endora-“Ah, so a man named Silver was behind it. I’m glad (Player) stopped him. Maybe I’ll see you if you ever get to (4th town).”
Endora leaves.
Rival-“I’m off to go challenge Brad the gym leader. You should go too (Player)!”

Normal type Gym:
1st trainer:
1 pokemon lv 11

2nd trainer
2 pokemon lv 10

Gym Leader Brad:
Brad- “Ah, so you’re the one who stopped the blizzard. Let me see how strong you are!”

1 pokemon lv 10
1 pokemon lv 12
1 pokemon lv 16

When you win:
Brad- “You truly are strong. I can see why you stopped that blizzard. Here, take the (normal badge), it’s proof of your strength and victory in the (normal gym). Also it allows pokemon under (level) to obey you, even if it’s from a trade.
You hear a phone ringing.
Brad- “My phone!”
Brad- “Hello? Oh hi there!... WHHHHAAAAATTT!!!! Really? Something similar happened here. I’ll send someone right over!”
Brad hangs up.
Brad- “This is bad… A sinister snowstorm has started to envelop (3rd town). Fronz, the gym leader there told me that they have no idea what is causing this. I was thinking maybe you could go and help out over there. But first you’ll need to go through (2nd town.) I’m pretty sure that’s where Tide is… perhaps (he/she) can help you as well. Anyway, go investigate, and hurry too!”

After that you leave the gym. You turn and start to head toward (second town).
Before you can leave you’re stopped by the assistant.
Assistant- “(Player)! I’m glad I caught up to you. In all this snow it took forever to get here. Prof. (blank) wanted to know if you’ve found anything.
You tell him what happened.
Assistant- “So they made this blizzard?”
The assistant turns around.
Assistant – <murmurs> “This takes things to a whole new level…”
Assistant-“Oh what (Player)! No it’s nothing, just me and my creative imagination… Anyway, I’ll be going!”
Assistant turns and leaves.

(Rival) comes into screen.
Rival- “Hey (Player)! What was that about?”
Rival- “Oh just checking up on you, okay. So I heard you beat Brad, that’s awesome! According to my handbook the next gym leader should be…. Tide. She specializes in water type! I’m going to get a grass pokemon! That should work!”
Rival runs off.

Egyptian Fakemon
BugDragon Fakemon
Fire Starter
Ice Legendary
No Name ~Made by angelo1104
No Name ~Made by angelo1104
Griffinch & Griffavia
Guppini, Visquerade, & Majesteen
Frilliten ~Made by Kr-Oh
No Name ~Made by Jayj4
Kuroko & Kurogami
Mushizu & Kawayoroi
No Name ~Made by Shaymin6.6
http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f162/articwolf101010/Waterstarterredux.png]Water Starter
Guppy Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2ys7uz
Ice Dragon Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2x3o17
Porcupine Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2utazm
Water Dog Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2uvui9
Dolphin Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2r6ewy
Outer Space Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2ywire
Egypt Cat Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2tb18o
Egypt Cat Pokemon Evo.2: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2tdgy2
Ghost Dog Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2zup47
Ninja kangaroo Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d378b0r
Rodent Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2r6f7p
Rodent Pokemon Evo.2: http://garitter.deviantart.com/art/Ying-...-166582413
Fire Rabbit Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/art/Fire-...-205016899
Blue Jay Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2teszz
Blue Jay Pokemon Evo.2: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2tet8e
Angel Dragon Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...n#/d2tcdyf
Yak Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d2t664s
Yak Pokemon Evo2: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d2tb5z5
Donkey Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d2jcexf
Tropical Bird Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d2ukupu
Fire Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d2ts71p
Snow Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d2trnvk
Fossil Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d2udccs
Fossil Pokemon Evo.2: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...0#/d2ufev2
Fire Horse Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d2y2mrp
Pegasus Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d2y2pk0
Fire Bear Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d3dw82l
Paper Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d3e297m
Chameleon Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d3e26pi
Ghost Cat Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d3dtydl
Voltage Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...0#/d2tef2a
Voltage Pokemon Evo.2: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d2uw53u
Toad Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d3e28oj
Sky Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d2yweki
Light Bulb Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...8#/d3e29ow
Rhino Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...8#/d3e2a89
Surf Board Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...8#/d3d1jqs
Shell Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...8#/d2zuy1x
Fire Dragon Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...8#/d2x2wk4
Butler Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...0#/d37mg56
Koala Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d3e25xl
Flame Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d3e27in
Peacock Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d3dwfgv
Eeveelutions: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...4#/d2sk4ys
Hat Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...8#/d2oa5wt
Quetzalcoatl Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...2#/d2eh4o0
Alpha Eeveelution: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...2#/d2i7gpo
Owl Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...6#/d3dtt6h
Sky Eeveelution: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...6#/d27hr3y
Griffin Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...2#/d1qejpd
Fire Stater Pokemon: http://garitter.deviantart.com/gallery/?...r#/d2o86e2
Unnamed Evolves Into Agrill
Unnamed Evolves Into Next
Unnamed Evolves Into Komoson
Unnamed Evolves Into Next
Unnamed Evolves Into Extafear
http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/5878793842/
http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/5894248164/
http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/5878794436/
http://m.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5894248024/
http://m.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5893681179/
http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/5878795190/
http://m.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5878794688/
http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/5880788059/
http://m.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5878796836/
http://m.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5878799216/
http://m.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5878238715/
http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/5878799490/
http://m.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5878238269/
http://m.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5878239301/
http://i780.photobucket.com/albums/yy89/garitter/shiny.png [Shiny]

Fakemon Sprites:

Pokeball Sprites:
These Pokeball sprites may/may not make an appearance in this game.

Ice Pokeball
Electric Pokeball
Shadow PokeballNot sure if this should be in game.
Shiny Pokeball
Grass Pokeball
Grass Pokeball Version 2
Tribal Pokeball

Gym Badges:

Gym Leader Sprites:

Box Art:









Avatars for Ice Version:
http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/1883/pokemoniceverstaffav1.gif (Thanks goes to FatalAeroX)

Banners for Ice Version:
http://i51.tinypic.com/1zz71h0.png (Thanks goes to Electric Pokemon Master)
http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/1830/bannerhu.png (Thanks goes to Night Pokemon Master)
http://i864.photobucket.com/albums/ab210/pimpboo/pyrosus.png?t=1289269199 (Thanks goes to Gr8Ampharos)
http://i864.photobucket.com/albums/ab210/pimpboo/Kurogami.png?t=1289267024 (Thanks goes to Gr8Ampharos)
http://i864.photobucket.com/albums/ab210/pimpboo/IceStaff.png?t=1289256454 (Thanks goes to Gr8Ampharos)
http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/374/pokemonicesig1.png (Thanks goes to FatalAeroX)
http://i46.tinypic.com/241oub9.png (Thanks goes to SuperSleuth for the banner)
http://i37.tinypic.com/2rpybep.png (Thanks goes to Electric Pokemon Master for the banner)
http://i38.tinypic.com/mcgetx.png (Thanks goes to Electric Pokemon Master for the banner)

If I have missed your art then please PM me, and I shall add it to the list.

Shiny Shinx

RE: ~Pokemon Ice Version~

I make names. Give me a list, I will help, even though I am making my own, Obsidian, and helping Aquamarine.


Ice Arceus

Forum Mod
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RE: ~Pokemon Ice Version~

Names for which one? Towns or Gym Leaders? You can make up the names.... I will take them into consideration and will add them to the game.

Ice Arceus

Forum Mod
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RE: ~Pokemon Ice Version~

Oops sorry I forgot you were known as SS.
You guys can start on anything you want right now.

Ice Arceus

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RE: ~Pokemon Ice Version~

Ok thanks. That will be very helpful. I am planning to edit some of the maps soon.

Shiny Shinx

RE: ~Pokemon Ice Version~

Isn't Sinnoh called Shinto in Japanese? I have a spare name lying around somewhere... Kamak.


Ice Arceus

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RE: ~Pokemon Ice Version~

Any name would be fine to use. I will take all names into consideration and will make the final decision later on. I just don't want to copy the ones that are already in use.

Ice Arceus

Forum Mod
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monpyro97 said:
How about the grass gym leader name Bloss and the region name Noun region(in Japanesse Ice)
I like the gym leader name. I will add that to the list in my first post. ;)
I will take the region name into consideration. I want to know what other people will think of the region name other people have come up with.
Thanks again for the names.

Update: Added a Userbar for the Pokemon Ice Version Staff if anyone wants to use it. Thanks goes to ArceusTrainer for creating the Userbar for the game.

Ice Arceus

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ArceusTrainer said:

Fakemon art for Starter pokemon (Top) A random fish, Pre evo Lapras and Evo of Delibird! ;)
Wow great job on them. Thanks a lot. :)
The top one can be a water starter Pokemon.


rouge rules
I sugest the storyline be something like this:

Player Name just became aware of Pokemon and sets out to become the best trainer. Player leaves for the blank region. Player meets Prof. Plam who gives him one of the starters. Player then heads to nearest gym. Along the way Player hears rumors of a evil force Team Nature who want all technology and building destroyed so there is just the land, humans, and Pokemon. Player comes to the city with the normal type gym. When Player wins and leaves to the next gym Player then sees a Team Nature Grunt who Player swiftly defeats.

How does the begining sound.
[/img] here is a possible Team Nature graphic.

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Computerhero said:
I sugest the storyline be something like this:

Player Name just became aware of Pokemon and sets out to become the best trainer. Player leaves for the blank region. Player meets Prof. Plam who gives him one of the starters. Player then heads to nearest gym. Along the way Player hears rumors of a evil force Team Nature who want all technology and building destroyed so there is just the land, humans, and Pokemon. Player comes to the city with the normal type gym. When Player wins and leaves to the next gym Player then sees a Team Nature Grunt who Player swiftly defeats.

How does the begining sound. I will try to make a Team Nature Graphic
I really like your idea. Good job on it. This idea sounds really good and a nice start off of the storyline.


rouge rules
After Player faced the grunt Player went to the city that contained the Grass Gym Player beats the leader with ease. Player then heads towards the next town in Player's route to sucess. Player sees a giant forest called Sarmt Forest. After walking a while Player comes into a large clearing filled with tents with green N's on them. Player walks into a tent and faces Nature Leader TREE. Player learns of Nature's plans. To use the legendaries of blank region to destroy all technology and buildings. Player makes it through the forest and makes it to the third city which contains the fire gym. The leader gets defeated. Player continues through his journey ubtil he makes it to Arsain Mountain legened to contain Breaked Nest which is the aleged resting place of the powerful legendaries Wintor controler of wings, Finson controller of Fins, and Pawsra controller of Feet who the Team Nature Leader TREE said will destroy everything except what they control.

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Great storyline again. Though the names of the mountains and forests are unknown. I will take the names that you have picked out into consideration and see which one will suit the best in the game. I will still wait if more people have ideas for names or other things for the game.