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Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by PokeBoss123, May 10, 2015.

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    This is where I put my organized fakes! I try to make 2-3 fakes per week, but my wifi sucks so sometimes it ends up being only one (or zero). If you want a specific Pokémon to be made, suggest it! Note: If there is an error, I will only update the OP.
    Wording: XY
    Set 1: >Insert Title Here<

    Thank you:
    GadgetJax: Inspiration
    NameBlank: Shining Pokemon
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    A cool new Shining Pokémon!
  3. PokeBoss123 Aspiring Trainer


    Finished the Vespiquen line!
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    I really enjoy the Vespiquen. It's simplistic, but it would make for a fun deck if it was real, especially since it pairs really well with Virbank, Ninetales PRC/DRX, and Dragalge FLF. Maybe I should print out a proxy of this card for use in fun games...
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