PokeBeach’s May 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by TCGplayer.com!


Aspiring Trainer
Table 93 :
@bidou wins 2-0 over @DorilMagefont

Thank you very much for these games, you really have a very well constructed deck :)
I wish you a better luck for the remaining rounds, mate !


Aspiring Trainer
Table 76:

@FollowDurden beats @Zehuun 2-0.

Sorry for all the trouble I put ya through. You're fantastic for a beginner and I hope the rest of your games go as well as these did!
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Holden Sheeks

a.k.a. WinterShorts
Round 4 Results, Table 100

@Holden Sheeks over @TJKamper 2-0

Had a little bit of slow setup game 1 but I managed to get through with a pretty broken comeback. He had to concede past that unfortunately but that's acceptable. Good luck in the rest of the tournament :)


Aspiring Trainer
Table 103

@Kalnhobbs wins over @typicalchan due to bad luck on my opponent's internet connection in G3.

G1 Kalnhobbs wins (opponent benched out T2)
G2 typicalchan bodies me
G3 Kalnhobbs wins as opponent disconnected mid game :(


Aspiring Trainer
Table 127 :
@bidou wins 2-1 over @JustOutsideOfTopCut

Well played mate, this third game was pretty intense, I was quite nervous :)
I am sorry for the hard draws on game 2.
I wish you better luck for the remaining rounds !