PokeBeach’s March 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by TCGplayer.com!


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Table 39: @snoopy369 over @Kawari1 2-0 on a no show, sorry to win this way and hope you are able to play further, good luck! JGB added to the convo.
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Forgot to mention I cannot find either the pairings post or the q&a post.

From the section headed "Pairings Thread, Round Procedures, Contacting Opponent" in the news article I have been sending you to:
Pairings Thread, Round Procedures, Contacting Opponent
Pairings Thread
: All information, including pairings, the timetable for the tournament, and how to properly submit your deck list, will be posted in the pairings thread, which is located in PokeBeach’s PTCG Competitive Play forum. Remember to bookmark and subscribe to that thread (as seen on the right) so you receive e-mail notifications when a new post is made. Failure to receive an e-mail alert, however, will not be taken as an excuse for not checking the thread regularly. The timetable for the tournament is available to you, so please plan accordingly and make sure you check the thread.

I couldn't copy the image illustrating how to subscribe for notifications. You'll have to read that in the news story. The one that you've read thoroughly multiple times.
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