PokeBeach’s February 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by TCGplayer.com!


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Table 216 :
@bidou wins 2-0 over @PlasmaSim

What can I say ?
Sometimes the RNG decides that you won't win, whatever you can do, whatever your skills or the matchup are... it was the case for you today, sorry for that :(
Better luck for the last 2 rounds mate !


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table 193

@ICEdaddy daddy beats @Marshadow07, 2-1. Great games, well played on his end despite an unfavorable matchup and overall intense games and a very fun opponent. Good luck and have fun the rest of the tournament!


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Table 203, Round 5

@JumpluffTCG wins 2-1 vs @Audiofreak19

I think all three games were very close. I definitely got super lucky G1 though, always top-decking the perfect cards. Good luck with the rest of the tournament, as well as any future tournaments! I definitely want to play you again!

Robert Fuchs

PCTGO name: Ben358358, PST zone
@Robert Fuchs wins 2-1 vs @lukas2aces

Great games. Craziest games I have played in a while.

My first win, my opponent had 1 prize card left, and I needed to Jirachi draw a Guzma for the win.
My second win, my opponent was also down to 1 prize card left, and I needed to Jirachi draw a rescue stretcher, and then Cynthia draw a switch for the win.