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"Wait, he's not dead?"
Table 171: @AcePlayz won 2-1 over me in one of the strangest sets I've played.

Game 1 took literally hour to play out because of the client, and my client crashed Game 3. Otherwise, we had a really good set of matches.

GGs man, good luck next round!


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Yes he is a really good opponent, with a nasty deck!!! Good Luck in Round 5


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Scores have been updated. Results are still pending for the follow games and today is the final day of Round 4.

150 @Gyarados11 vs. @thegeneral69
153 @Holden Sheeks vs. @dicemaze
155 @twied158 vs. @matthewbny
157 @brightlook vs. @TheCraftyScot
159 @JumpluffTCG vs. @Braiden1235
160 @KentGardner vs. @PlasmaSim
162 @du_megaman vs. @sw_bionic
166 @MapleCarnage vs. @TorchHG
167 @Madifz vs. @duckCfish
169 @Kawari1 vs. @mordacazir
173 @Destinyninja vs. @DorilMagefont
174 @wolfkingponyboy vs. @Azlum
175 @Raul Calderon vs. @Andeh
184 @Kalnhobbs vs. @uncleyuri