PokeBeach’s December 2018 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by TCGplayer.com!

Brian Kent

Aspiring Trainer
Round 1 (12/2/2018)
Brian Kent Vs. CraYon

Game 1 Brian Kent Won
Game 2 CraYon Won
Game 3 Brian Kent Won

Brian Kent Won 2-1


Round 1 Results
@FralPal over @Holden Sheeks 2-0

Game 1 I felt was a bunch of screw ups from both of us and game 2 was just painful for me. GGs though and I wish him good luck going forward!
Thanks for reporting for me! you're sooo nice! oh yeah, I misplayed like crazy the first game, thank god for RNG lol!!! good luck to you too sir!


Aspiring Trainer
Advanced Member
@Kalnhobbs loses 1-2 to @lukas2aces

G3 was close - opponent took advantage of my mistake early to gain advantage and I couldn't catch back up. Well played, and good luck the rest of the tournament.

Good games, and yes, I was lucky game 3 that I barely survived, that definitely could have changed the outcome.

Good luck in your next rounds!


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What is your PTCGO screen name (the name you battle with, not the name you log in with)?Landargo
What time zone do you live in? (If you don’t know what time zone you live in, use a World Clock to find out.) Saskatchewan Time = GMT-6
Did you play in last month’s tournament? no
If allowed to play, do you promise to make at least three non-tournament forum posts before 12 AM PDT 12/27/18? yes