Writing PokéPoetry! VII (Hoenn Confirmed! Ice Arceus's Victory Confirmed!)

Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by Turtwig, May 12, 2014.

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    PokéPoetry! #7


    Once again, PB writers, we’re implementing an exhilarating contest! However, this isn’t like any of the other PokéPoetry contests. How? To go along with the Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire Hoenn remakes announced last week, we’re having a Hoenn-themed PokéPoetry round! This means that not only will the Pokémon originate from Hoenn, but the poem has to relate some particular aspect of the region as well!

    I. You must reserve a post in this thread, detailing your chosen style of poetry. Example:

    Username: May
    Chosen style: Sonnet (Iambic Pentameter)

    II. Once we acquire the list of names from your reserved posts, we will RANDOMLY assign a Hoenn Pokémon with which you will create your freestyle poem.
    • Your poem must at least contain five lines to be accepted, with the sole exception being a haiku.
    • You must write your poem about that assigned Pokemon (you may not request for a change). Failure to do so will result in a disqualification.
    • As an added rule to this round, you must also incorporate some Hoenn-specific reference within the poem itself, whether it be mentioning the scenery or some other aspect.
    • Be descriptive!
    • Be creative! This is a round dedicated to the remakes over our beloved 3rd Generation. Feel free to reference relevant aspects of the Hoenn region, population, or story! Just make sure it makes sense.

    III. Don't plagiarize; any instances of plagiarism will result in a disqualification from the contest and a ban.

    IV. You will be able to choose up to three of your favorite Hoenn-themed poems during the judging phase. You will be able to either "like" the contestant's post or send a PM to [mod]Turtwig[/mod] with the name(s) of the contestant('s)/poem's title. Anyone can vote, not just contestants! All members are encouraged to take part in the voting process.

    V. You may edit your poem until the voting phase begins.

    VI. Please make sure you use proper spelling and grammar! Poems that fail to reflect this will be disqualified.

    This contest will be very relaxed, and you will be given the opportunity to write your poem in any way you desire. For example, if you are assigned a dark, gloomy Pokemon like Shuppet, you are free to make your poem reflect upon that Pokemon's nature and type, or you may completely surprise us and write the complete opposite and incorporate the positives and playfulness of Shuppet (which isn’t hard). It's all up to you! A few examples of the types of poetry are as follows:
    • Free Verse
    • Blank Verse
    • Haiku
    • Sonnet
    • Epic
    • Limerick
    • Song (duh!)
    • And many, many more... (Google's your friend)

    5/12 - Sign Ups begin.

    5/17 - Sign Ups end and Pokémon are assigned.

    5/26 - Entries for Round Two are due and voting begins.

    5/29 - Voting ends and winners are announced!


    List of Hoenn Fanboys Contestants

    1. Celever - Free Verse - Sharpedo
    2. Turtwig - Sonnet - Shedinja
    3. Ice Arceus - Free Verse - Shroomish
    4. SylveonsAndEspurrs - Free Verse - Numel
    5. Scorched Feathers - Haiku - Illumise
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    RE: PokéPoetry! VII (Hoenn Confirmed!)

    Username: Turtwig
    Chosen Style: Sonnet


    I loved my Nincada with all my heart
    But I couldn't look at it again.
    Before, we played and battled so true and smart,
    And then Ninjask came from within.

    I later checked my bag and found a ball,
    though inside was the devil, Satan, a demon.
    The corpse of some creature--not alive at all;
    I could hear the souls inside it--they were screamin'.

    The brown and faded wings were torn apart,
    And it had but slits for its eyes.
    Though I did pity it for lacking a heart.
    The abyss in its back caught me in surprise.

    For once my eyes peeked into the darkness of the shell,
    Shedinja had taken my life as well.​
  3. Ice Arceus #Jovimohnaeliackvid
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    RE: PokéPoetry! VII (Hoenn Confirmed!)

    Username: Ice Arceus
    Chosen Style: Free Verse

    Dangers From Within
    As the shade consumes the mysteries of Petalburg Woods,
    the body slowly rises as the leaves wither.
    The spores release as the leaves fall.
    The damp coolness slowly overtakes the passionate secrets.
    No longer scared, the Shroomish appear.​
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    RE: PokéPoetry! VII (Hoenn Confirmed!)

    Tomorrow is the last day to sign up! If you would like to join our poem contest, be sure to sign up soon! Those who have already signed up, be alert because I will be posting your Hoenn Pokemon soon! :D
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    RE: PokéPoetry! VII (Hoenn Confirmed!)

    Username: Scorched Feathers
    Chosen Style: Haiku
    in it to win by default again


    The bright glowing tail
    Dancing in the moonlight with
    Its only true love
  6. Turtwig Retired retired Mod. Jovimohnaeliackvid.

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    RE: PokéPoetry! VII (Hoenn Confirmed!)

    Well, since only one "like" was cast towards another contestant, [smod]Ice Arceus[/smod] has won this round of PokePoetry!

    1st Place: Ice Arceus

    2nd Place (Tie): Scorched Feathers and Turtwig!


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