Contest PokéPoetry! #11: CYOP (You Choose!)


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PokéPoetry! #11: CYOP
You heard it here first, folks. The PokéPoetry! never stops, and neither should your excitement. This round, I’m not going to randomly generate some Kakuna or Watchog you’re stuck on. This special CYOP round is dedicated to you in all that’s going on around us. Veterans, skim through some of the details below because this is a round you don’t wanna miss.

I. Signups

In previous iterations, we had you declare a poetry style in your reservation post. This time, the only reservation you need to make is your favorite Pokemon or one you want to write about! Also, you may like reservation posts but do not like poems until the voting phase has begun!!

II. Style

This version of PokéPoetry! is similar to past rounds; you get to choose any style you like so long as it’s at least as long as a haiku. Other popular choices are free verse, limerick, sonnet, song (even a parody works here), etc. Have fun with it!

III. Content

Once signups have closed, you already know your Pokemon so it’s all about research! Check dex entries, spawn locations, lore, move sets, etc. to make your poem feel real and personal. Themes include nature, change of the season, Pokemon personality, stereotypes, misconceptions, and other abstract ideas that pop in your head.

IV. Plagiarism

Any instances of plagiarism will result in disqualification from the contest. Please use your own creativity, even if you aren’t a seasoned poet, personality often shines brightest!

V. Grammar

Poetry can cheat English conventions in some ways because language is malleable; misspelling, weird phrasing, and visual aesthetics mean that sometimes your English class notes are out the window. So long as there’s a rhetorical purpose and your poem has some thought, grammar shouldn’t be an issue. You can DM me for proofreading if needed!

VI. Submission (New)

In previous contests, we had you edit your poem in your reservation post. However, this time I’m asking you to submit your poem in a new comment after I post that the writing phase has begun. This change is an attempt to make finding these poems easier during the voting phase! I will also link poems back to the participant list in the OP.

VII. Voting

Voting is open to anyone, not just participants! You are allowed to vote for up to 3 entries that you think deserve the win. You can vote in a few ways: you can like the poem’s post, PM @Turtwig, or DM Turtwig#1542 on discord if you’d like to remain anonymous.

Please pay attention to when the voting phase begins! Even if the first poem posted becomes the winner, keep your three tallies until all submissions are available. Thank you!
Here’s a tentative schedule for this contest:

7/22 Signups begin!

7/26 Signups end and Pokemon are assigned. Entries may be posted any time before voting.

8/5 Entries are due and voting begins!

8/9 Voting ends and winners are announced!

If a poem here really catches your eye, let that author know in the thread! A few words can go a long way and feedback is always appreciated. And if you enjoyed writing your poem, consider starting a poetry thread here in Creative Works! Your work can be about anything, not just Pokemon!

List of Contestants.

1. Vom - Spiritomb
2. Blakers - Luxray
3. MegaMewthree... - Mewtwo
4. FourteenAlmonds - Suicune
5. Ephemera - Celebi
6. Nyan - Silvally
7. Jabberwock - Simisear
8. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK - Galarian Stunfisk​
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Ouuh, well, the best lore I can think of right now is probably Spiritomb's, so I'll sign up with that!


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I’m gonna sign up with Luxray!

No elemental monkeys or Jynx this time thank god


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Bumping for exposure! I can extend signups if there are more interested :)


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His movepool might seem kinda funky
A deck with him tends to be clunky
But though he's ranked worst,
To me, he's always first
He's the Fire-type Unovan monkey <3​


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Made of old souls condemned for their vice,
The Odd Keystone is to them as a lamp is to a genie,
Grandiose power but forever trapped as the price,
Until some fool finds them and turns into a meanie.

also are we really not gonna talk about how this looks it's jamming to a song

Nick Tornell

Haha, art go brrrr
Adaptive Land Fish

A fish out of water
Disguised as a bear trap
While becoming more ugly
Is a newfound favorite of mine

An ability so niche
It just might work
With stats that give it bulk
And a move pool to set up

Though some of its skills are...
Rather useless
It would be my favorite ground type
If Donphan didn't exist



I am the water

The wind of the auroras

Dancing through the sky

I dash across the world

These perfect twin tails twirled

Feeling myself fly

I tried to experiment a little here, since I barely ever write poetry. The first set fits the 5-7-5 haiku style, while the second set is 6-6-5 and does not. I did this because I wanted to try and fit in two stressed syllables per line for the first half, switching to three per line in the second. I had hoped that this would increase the musicality and cadence of the poem, but as I said, I don't actually write poetry so I've got no idea if a reader would notice that on a first viewing. Of course, there's some vague rhyming in here -- water = auroras (almost lol), world = twirled (getting closer), and sky = fly (yes!). I also dabbled in a tiny bit of alliteration in "twin tails twirled" but that was only an afterthought, really.

I am the water

The wind of the auroras

Dancing through the sky

I dash across the world

These perfect twin tails twirled

Feeling myself fly

Please let me know if that was actually even noticeable at all >.>

Also, I only realised now when I read through the whole thing, but there's quite a significant shift in tempo when you try to fit in the three syllables at the same speed per line. The latter half can be read with two stressed syllables per line (ignoring the middle one) so perhaps that's less jarring?

And it's totally possible that I have no idea how stressed syllables even work and I'm totally misremembering what I did in English last year, in which case pls don't laugh lmao


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Bumping in case anyone forgot I totally didn't, this is my contest what do you mean??, but we will be starting the voting process tomorrow to give a full period for everyone to read. Thanks for posting so far!


One Life. One Dream.
Destiny Deoxys

Catch me outside, how 'bout that?
Up in space, that's where I'm at
Over nine thousand feet in the air
Come battle me bro, if you dare

Easy cheesy, tentacle squeezy
You can't see me, my Agility's speedy
My arm's spaghetti, but you ain't ready
Crossing out names like you are Gary

D-N-A, I'm DyNAmite
Blow you up, explosive sight
Soft reset? What? Wait, hold up
You can't do that on mobile app

Catch me in a Poke Ball on your first try?
Only in your dreams kid, make you cry
Being legendary ain't easy
Being unique is my Destiny

Notes: I got permission from @Turtwig to enter late, sorry for my tardiness. About this poem, the first line refers to one of the guests on Dr. Phil’s show. In the second stanza, “You can’t see me” is a reference to WWE wrestler John Cena, and “tentacle” and “spaghetti” describe Deoxys’ arms, while Agility is an attack that Deoxys can learn. Also, Gary as in Gary Oak. The word “dynamite” has “DNA” in it, which is the species category of Deoxys, but the line itself is a parody of a popular rock song. The very last line refers to the movie in which Deoxys stars, but also saying that you can only catch one Deoxys in the game. There are other references too!


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oh uh

i was pretty excited to write mine
but i'm having difficulty writing plus i'm at a really busy time in... life, right now
so i'll have to back out of this

sorry for flaking, and i love everyone's poems so far!