Fun Pokémon Wilting Y, A Playthrough!

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    So I wasn't gonna make a thread about it originally, but I found myself enjoying the game a lot more than I thought I would and so here we are.

    Pokémon Wilting Y is a modified version of Pokémon Y, which itself has 2 different versions: Legal, Rebalanced, and an Insanity modifier for both of these.

    In the Legal version, the only changes are that you can catch every Pokémon in existence (at the time) within the game, and it has a much needed, but reasonable, bump in difficulty. TMs have also been made more accessible and some have been added. Rebalanced basically means weaker Pokémon have received various buffs in stats, moveset, type changing, etc. in addition to the Legal changes. Certain moves have also been altered, such as Cut always resulting in a crit.

    Insanity, as the name suggests, includes the changes in the base versions, but with a massively increased difficulty level that would send even Red himself running.

    So obviously, we'll be doing an Insanity run, and I figured Legal was the way to go for legal reasons so we can accurately gauge how hard the spike is. And let me tell you, it's much, MUCH harder than the base game, as you will see in the actual chapter.
    This is basically the teambuilding process, if you don't care about competitive stuff just skip to the next spoiler, you'll get to see the team anyways.

    Remember how in my Platinum Playthrough (shameless plug) I mentioned that I love to optimize the hell out of my teams, but it often results in massive overkill for Pokémon games? Not here it doesn't. So we get to teambuild, EV train, the whole thing!

    ...or rather, I got to. sorry. Like I said, I wasn't planning on making a thread for this game, so I went ahead and did it by myself. Not set in stone though! Keep in mind that this game has drastically different Pokémon, Ability and moves availability from the base game.

    I went with Froakie as my starter not because of competitive viability, but because honestly Greninja is the only starter final form I like in this gen. Nothing against Fennekin or Chespin, but Delphox and Chesnaught are a no from me. This guy is obviously getting max Sp.Atk/Spd EVs. Also as a bonus, Pokémon in this game often have rare moves/Abilities available, so this one has Protean.

    This birdy is my second team member because pre-nerf Gale Wings I have the Water starter so I need something vs Grass. Well, that and I love Talonflame and this is a great excuse to use it. Going bulky Swords Dance on this one, max HP and Atk.

    Our Kanto starter of choice. I would've preferred to grab Charmander for Mega Zard, but Talonflame has our Fire/Flying needs covered already, I already have a Water type, and Bulbasaur rounds out a nice Water-Fire-Grass core. Bulky attacker, Max Sp. Atk, 20 Speed EVs as per Smogon's recommendation to outspeed Adamant Azumarill in case that ever comes up, and the rest in HP.

    Ah, the spiritual successor to Scoop from Platinum. I actually drafted him last, but I'm listing these in order of acquisition so here we are. I was looking for an overall strong, reliable Pokémon to close out the team, and Garchomp fit the bill perfectly. It's also a Ground type, which is great even though I don't remember this game having an Electric gym. Straightforward SD, max Spd/Atk with Rough Skin.

    This one is actually Sylveon. I wanted a Fairy type, Sylveon is actually my favourite, and I had just used Gardy in Alpha Sapphire. Nothing complicated here, just a Specs set (minus the Specs), max Sp.Atk/Spd. Oh and this has Pixilate, so Hyper Voice is my default spam move.

    Mega Lucario is a monster, that is all. Just kidding, it's just very easy to obtain as a gift Pokémon and Fight/Steel fits very nicely in this team, and in this game. I don't actually have this one yet because I'm just not at that point in the game yet, but I haven't decided if I'll go physical, special, or mixed attacker anyways. It basically comes down to CC vs Aura Sphere for me: the former hits much harder but only has minimal PP, while the latter still does respectable damage and is very spammable.

    Not set in stone, and we might actually get to use the box art legendary when we get to that point without feeling too bad because honestly it wouldn't even be overpowered here.

    And that's it! For now, anyways. Gotta work on the actual chapter now.
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    Wilting Y (To the Tune of Tell Me Why by Backstreet Boys)

    Great Hair™ Guy: (handing me several papers) 'tis I, Professeur Sycamore! Bienvenue to the Kalos region. This here is a Pokémon! Now, for the age-old question: are you un garçon? Or une fille? And what might you look like? And whatever might your name be? Do you have a social security number?

    Me: *aggressively fills forms*

    Jokes aside, you gotta remember this was the first generation of games where you could customize your character, something that has become pretty much a mainstay (with a few exceptions, looking at you ORAS) but at the time that was definitely one of the big selling points. So you know, props to XY.

    After all these intrusive questions - and in what I think is probably my favourite intro in any main series game -he proceeded to show me a beautiful painting full of Pokémon that was like, 2 screens long, and promptly welcomed me into the world of Pokémon through a portal of light, which took me to my room.

    Me: (giggling) No, babe, stoooop that tickles!

    Fletchling: *suddenly stops pecking at me*

    Me: ...please don't tell my mom.

    After being rudely pulled from my dream back into the reality of singlehood, I ditched my PJs for some proper gear and went downstairs to meet my mom, who as it turns out is this famous Rhyhorn rider which is pretty neat. I don't think we've had mom backstory beyond being Norman's wife in the Hoenn games, and that barely counts because it's just an extension of her husband's lore and doesn't even really come into play.

    Personally I think there could've been a way more interesting dynamic by making one of the parents our step-parent, or really just by actually using that relationship since apparently that was our mom's only trait, but I digress. These are also the first games where your character has a whole model, something else we ought to praise them for.

    Huh. Looking back, gen 6 was pretty neat, but totally hindered by how easy the games were, and the small number of Pokémon introduced. Anyways.

    When I step outside however, there are 4-5 individuals I have never seen in my life who insist they are my "friends", and that trying to get my mother's Rhyhorn to chase them out is "a felony" but they seem to get over the whole thing pretty quickly and we go out to take up a whole table at a restaurant without getting anything. At least the place was empty...on second thought, maybe not getting anything was the right call.

    All of them: (in unison) We must give you a nickname!

    Me: Reeeeally not necessary y'all. Vom is pretty short alread-

    All of them: (in unison) n̶̨̼̥͚͍̰̝͎̯̙̾̽i̴͇̳͇͐̊̈́͒ç̷̨̘̮̤̗̦̈͂͒̈́̀̈́͘ͅķ̶̢̧̧̘̦̪̹̦̝͖̗̝̜̃͊̽͛̈́̏̆͊̾͗͑͘̕͠ň̶̛͓̺̖̰͎̯̗̩͌̿͑̓̆̅͂̐͑͘̚ă̶̤̦̭̥͍͛̏̌̓̐͐͗̃̀̌͌m̸̢̧͚̲̻̫͉͙̳̯̝̗͖̰̀̾̉̍͑͂͝e̶̡̲͔̖͈̲̜̳̞̔͗̃͘

    Me: ...

    Friendos: Here, have a Pokémon. That'll cheer you right up!

    Alright, the elephant in the room: the friends. Normally I would try and make them work, but the fact that there are 5 of them, and they are all pretty much unredeemable without an absurd amount of work, means I will be making fun of them or avoiding them instead. I will admit this makes me feel a little bad, but come on. They tried and gave them each their little niche, but - spoiler alert - they end up ditching them for no apparent reason.

    Oh well, moving on. Froakie has joined the team! Named her Kunoichi because that's what female ninja are called.

    After showing my mom the Professor's Letter and getting 2 basic Energy from my deck, I went out for true adventure! Or, I tried, at least.

    Random Hiker: Ho, traveler! Beware of the tall grass, the uncharted lands where Pokémon jump at ye! But not to worry, thy Pokémon partners will fight for thy sake!

    Me: Thanks...I guess?

    Some hiker, in full hiking gear with no apparent reason to be in this town, stops me to tell me it's dangerous to go in the bushes, whilst immediately telling me I'll be fine because I have Pokémon. Why??

    My very first encounter is a Torchic with Speed Boost. Fun fact, the developers added this in to simulate the event Torchic that was given out at the original XY's launch. Not so fun fact, this was before I had a single PokéBall, so I had to KO it. Feelsbad. Not that I was going to use it, but still.

    This is where the challenge really starts, Santalune Forest. The Trainer's Pokémon were around Lv 5-7, and they had 3 Pokémon each. For reference, my team at this point is a lone Lv. 7 Froakie whose strongest move is Bubble. Yeah, I almost died on multiple occasions - I'm already in love with this game. If the first area of the game is like this, I can only wonder what the future holds.

    We make it to Santalune City without wiping (yay!), and also catch ourselves a Gale Wings Fletchling along the way. Hercules the Fletchling has joined the team! Named after a Staraptor from one of my many Platinum playthroughs years ago. Welcome back, friend.

    Before anything else though, I have to use my favourite feature in any Pokémon game ever.

    Me: Get in loser, we're going shopping!

    And shop we did. After getting a decent outfit (though in fairness, the beginning one is kinda cute) we were ready to tackle the world. And oh boy we did. It was time to face Viola, the Bug leader!

    The Gym itself was...uninspired, just a web that you have to find your way through. At least it fits thematically. The Gym trainers were pretty ok, definitely not pushovers, but you can only do so much when your team is 2 Bug Pokémon vs Fletchling. The real treat was the final fight.

    Viola: Challenger! Yes, you seem up to the challenge. This will be perfect for my camera shot. Fantastic! Let me capture your emotions, be it victory or defeat! This will be truly fantastic!

    And she leads with...Surskit!? ...wait. I look at her PokéBalls, and she has...6. A full team. Even the 1st Gym has a full team! Oh yeah, this is gonna be a great game. I think it's an easy OHKO, but it turns out Surskit has a Focus Sash. What. In. The. World. This thing has a competitive Item! And it doesn't end there. You know what move it goes for? Sticky Web. Sticky friggin' Web!

    Not that it matters, as it is promptly KOd and Fletchling ignores Speed thanks to Gale Wings anyways. Next up, Dwebble. Uses the turn it survives to set up Stealth Rock - I might need a Spinner if this trend continues - but goes down. The rest of the team was not as memorable, except for a Joltik that I was deathly afraid of because my whole team is weak to it, but RNGesus was watching over me because I crit it and it goes down in one hit.

    And that's it! As you can see, my expectations were blown out of the water. Not only did Viola have a full competitive team, but she had ways to cover her Weaknesses, entry hazards, and Items. This was my best first Gym experience by far. Hats off to the developers.

    I actually got to the point where I got the second badge, but that is too much to squeeze in only one chapter and this is a pretty natural stopping point anyways. Expect the next entry soon!

    *more details to come in future installments. this chapter was 100% my recollection of events, and so cannot provide accurate team info*
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  3. Charmaster:) The Cube Master, Charmander fan, & Lapras rider.


    Wow! That sounds like some game! I also found the Professor’s Letter reference funny.
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    Characters, Characters Everywhere
    And so, badge in hand, we set out for our next destination. However, right before leaving, there was a certain someone who stopped me.

    Random Girl: Hiya! My name is Alexa, I'm Viola's older sister and a journalist. You look like my next scoop! It was amazing how you beat Viola, especially since you're just starting out!

    Me: Praise will get you nowhere, you know. Alexa, give EXP to all of my Pokémon.

    Alexa: *immediately turns into an EXP Share*

    Me: Well, guess now I can turn you on.

    I realize the EXP Share is something of a controversial topic, especially in these games where it's a lot less 'balanced' than in recent installments, but courtesy of the devs, it is very viable here. Now wait a moment, HOLD YOUR PITCHFORKS, hear me out.

    It may sound like heresy, but the devs explicitly mention these games were made with the EXP Share on in mind, and that you will end up extremely underleveled extremely quickly if you have it off. Now, I like myself a challenge, but I'm not a madwoman and don't have hours upon hours to grind. Actually, I was still underleveled for Gym 2 even with the thing on, but it's not time for that yet.

    After passing through a decently sized garden, the only thing between us and Lumiose City were two mysterious figures, who were decimating Fairy Pokémon left and right.

    Grunt #1: Prepare for trouble!

    Grunt #2: And make it double!

    Grunt #1: Dexio!

    Grunt #2: Sina!

    Grunts: (together) Controlling the Fairy population for science! Professor Sycamore would be proud.

    Me: ???

    Dexio: You didn't know? We're researching this new type recently discovered.

    Sina: By battling as many as possible! For science, duh. Anyways, we'll take you to the lab.

    The original appearance of this curious pair. It's kinda weird to me that their mission is to battle as many Fairy type Pokémon as they possibly can, rather than catching or at least temporarily taking them to the Lab given its proximity. I don't think we actually see them ever again (at least not in this game) but fun little addition. The only issue I have here is that this is like the third time the game stops me from advancing, not counting the mandatory 'how to catch' em all!' segment.

    Also I gotta say, I forgot how pretty Kalos was. The route notifications are top notch, there's lots of plants and flowers and scenery, and the music complements the whole beautifully.

    Professor Sycamore's Lab was a short walk away, and after taking a short elevator ride upstairs he challenges us to a battle because we have a certain "je ne sais quoi".

    Plot twist, it's a triple battle! He still uses all 3 Kanto starters, but they are Charmeleon, Ivysaur and Wartortle at Lv.16 instead of the base forms. Now, I know in the OP Bulbasaur is listed as being acquired before Sylveon, but I distinctly remember having Sylveon in this battle, so...Azalea the Sylveon has joined the team! (at some point prior to this an Eevee...oops). No, not Iggy Azalea. Azalea is actually a pink flower. Sylveon is pink. I like pink. I like flowers. This is really a no brainer.

    Luckily for me, Azalea happened to be second in my party, so she took the middle spot and was able to Hyper Voice all three Pokémon. It's true that 2 out of 3 resisted it, but it was still nice to have some damage on all of them. This battle was certainly improved over the base version, but compared to the Gym battle this was not as exciting. Regardless, we were given Bulbasaur after the battle! Caesar the Bulbasaur has joined the team! Caesar is a salad. Bulbasaur is a plant. It's perfect. Let's just hope he doesn't get stabbed.

    Professor Sycamore: Alrighty then, fantastique! Remember that the different people you meet in your voyage have all differents way of thinking, and you should accept that!

    Me: Wow, deep. where were you when literally any evil team ever showed up

    After getting off the elevator, we see the most anime protagonist dude ever: bright, spiky orange hair literally the size of his head, full beard, and the most important element: so edgy I almost got a cut from reading his dialogue.

    Edgelord: How soon shall I meet the chosen ones? I must see their potential!

    Sina: (completely ignoring my gestures to not do me like that) ohei! that's one of them now.

    Me: (instantly putting on a smile like this dude is my best friend) Why yes! It is moi, enchantée.

    Edgelord: So it is! You are one of the Chosen, handpicked by the Professor, and deemed worthy of the Pokédex! I have gone by many a name. You may call me Lysandre.

    Me: I think I'll stick to Edgelord for a little bit.

    Edgelord: This world must strive to become a better place. And strive it must, for it will not do so of its own accord. The people and Pokémon in this land must work tirelessly to achieve this. My is for a more beautiful world!

    Me: Okeydokey then...nice?

    Edgelord: I'll be off then.

    Me: Be careful to not scratch the glass doors with that edge on your way out!

    After meeting Calem at Café Soleil for what I can only assume is a black market deal, and this Lysandre fellow being creepy to this actress Diantha about being beautiful and it being her duty to stay beautiful forever, we can be on our merry way. I just want to skadoodle as far as possible from this dude. I mean, Cyrus had issues, but this guy? Big yikes.

    Most of Lumiose is blocked off by a blackout (convenient timing) but hear me out. How does a blackout even happen in the Pokémon world? There are literal creatures imbued with the power of electricity, and we saw in HGSS that Electrode were being used for power. What's the matter here? This ain't SWSH, Electrode is in the game. This only leaves one option: the way for the next town.

    In Camphrier Town, we helped two dudes get along and share a Pokéflute to wake up a Snorlax that was blocking the way (way to throw a bone for Gen 1, Nintendo) and really only two things of note happened. Kunoichi and Hercules have evolved! Hercules evolved after a battle against a Kirlia that Traced Protean, which was definitely scary, and Kunoichi evolved during the fireworks made by a vert grateful owner after cornering a Furfrou, which by the way was instrumental to getting the Pokéflute so go team.

    And that's it! Not very many events this time, but it's starting to get long, so you'll just have to wait!

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    Thank you, I too find myself funny.

    Lol but seriously, I love this game and I'm two badges in. I might sound like a broken record at this point, but oh well.

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