News 'Pokémon Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon' Coming in November for the 3DS!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Water Pokémon Master, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. Tri2attack "Guzma for game."-every close game


    I wounder how this work in the TCG for GX. Maybe they would have even more HP than the origninal

  2. I just watched the trailers and...

    Ultra Box Legends: Ultra Lunala is probably one of my favorite Pokémon. It looks kind of like it has shades!
    Ultra Solgaleo is nice I guess.

    I currently have a theory.
    It said "New Pokémon not seen in Alola"
    Could this mean there is an Ultra Space Dex, or new Ultra Beasts.

    Also there goes my Gen 4 hope. Sinn-oh no.
  3. AshCo Ouchies!


    No Pokemon Crystal on virtual console, Solgaleo is...alright... and Lunala looks like absolute garbage(seriously, they obviously know how to make a good fusion, just look At the Kyurems), no DP remake but a game that's probably going to be a rehash of one of the more "meh" Pokemon games in history? You disappoint me Game Freak.

    ...At least Empo is coming to Pokken. Empo is my favorite.

    EDIT-I now rescind my opinions on Solg and Lunala...They're actually kind of growing on me already? I don't know something about them actually strikes me. They could prove to be pretty cool honestly(and hey maybe Ultra Solg or whatever will finally put Xerneas completely at bay in Ubers. Or you know, I'll just not play gen 6/7 ubers since Xern and Primal Groudon kinda ruined all the fun), but anyways...I'm skeptical for this as I was for Sun and Moon. I have my hopes, such as giving the Ultra Beasts more story, and I'm glad they didn't pull a Zygarde on ol' Necrozma but these games better add something to Sun and Moon instead of rehash it. They better take a good note from BW2, which did the whole "same region" concept amazingly. I want new content, not just a dumb rehash of what we've already seen. How about making the game harder? How about fixing the UI(Please game freak ORAS's UI was so great)? How about just...Giving us something different and new? More Alola forms for Pokemon? Hell, I'd be happy with seeing more Mega Evolutions, why take a concept you hyped up so much and just ditch it? That's all I ask, because if I have to play Sun/Moon AGAIN just to get all the content from these new games I'll pass. I'm hopeful but I'm going to be just like I was about the original Sun and Moon. Very, very skeptical.
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  4. Lukata Aspiring Trainer


    I don't think we will get them for ages considering SM4 is going to be the first set with Ultra beasts in general. Also we didn't get SM tcg till 3 months after release
  5. Mitja veteran smartass


    I feel like the new forms are actually Necrozma integrating Solgaleos/Lunalas "light" into it would make more sense if these are Moon Necrozma and Sun Necrozma in that case.

    Also not sure why they would randomly get their types changed like that.
    1. Lunalas distinguishing type is Ghost, Solgaleos is Steel. Psychic si their shared main type.
    2. Necrozma also shares the main Psy type, but it lacks a distinguishing secondary type.
    3. The design leaning towards Necrozma now, and how the bodies look less "physical", I could see them lose the Steel and Ghost part at most.
    Adding Dark type feels way too random (why Dark? It's still about light and Necrozma isn't Dark either) and gets rid of the core type that represents their "cosmic" aspect (Psychic)

    Remember when everyone was expecting Kyurem forms would ditch Ice or Dragon (both 100% essential to Kyurem) for Electric and Fire? It stayed Dragon/Ice as expected.
  6. Mitja veteran smartass


    Just wanna chime in on the whole "is it like third versions or like sequels"-thing.

    BW2 were sequels, which was for example evident right off the bat simply by the protagonists being new.

    In this the protagonists look to either of you like they're actually meant to be different characters from the SM protagonists? Look like just different outfit to me s:

    I would also prefer this to be a BW2 case, but based on what we saw so far, I feel like it's either "third versions are back!" or at most something between that and proper that it really is an alternate story taking place instead of SM but with enough changes that it's almost a sequel.


    as for "new pokemon you havent seen in SM!".

    please be "2nd half of gen7 that we kept secret to make the follow-up games more interesting!" and not "it's actually the same pokemon from SM, but with some new forms"

    ...and for the love of arceus, PLEASE DON'T LIMIT ALOLA FORMS TO GEN 1 AGAIN.
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  7. Ramo0927 I am a


    Guys, in the trailer did you all see a Wingull follow the trainer? It can't be just swooping near the trainer for no reason.. Maybe Pokemon can follow you in this game? I think so, because of the leaks of the Pokemon walking/running animations.

    Yeah besides that, I actually think we needed a sequel for this game because we don't know anything about Necrozma right now. I like the fusions, although Lunala's is a bit messy(I'm still going with Ultra Moon though)(EDIT: I saw the other pic of Lunala and it looks way better than the one I judged. Kinda actually like Lunozma, while on the other hand Solgozma looks bland imo). This was pretty poorly advertised if you ask me. If TPCI don't have a lot done with US/UM to make a decent Teaser Trailer, then they should actually just make the Direct when they are ready.
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  8. CF1994 Aspiring Trainer


    I'm rather mixed on this one, although I am definitely fond of Necrozma becoming one with Nebby.

    Maybe Nebby might stay in that bag, for once if the AU theory is correct.

    Regardless, I will keep an eye out for any new features that peak my interests.
  9. Kangaflora Aspiring Trainer


    As the Pokémon League was created in Sun and Moon (with Sun (or Moon) being the Champion), could it be possible that UltraSun and UltraMoon could introduce Gym Leaders?
  10. Mitja veteran smartass


    If it was sequels like BW2, then the answer is a very obvious yes... but right now I'm far from convinced that it is actually taking place "after" sun and moon. The footage and comment makes it seem like Ultra SM takes place INSTEAD of SM.
  11. Gruffling Aspiring Trainer


    Not necessarily. HGSS came out after Platinum after all.

    Besides DP completed its worldwide release in 2008 so there's sort of a 10th anniversary there.
  12. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    The things this game needs to have in order for me to buy it for sure:

    - Greater selection of Pokemon. A better distribution of Pokemon and ways to evolve them. (e.g - make it possible to get Vikavolt in mid game instead of near the end).
    - Get back the gym leaders. The trials are a big fail. Battling a team of Pokemon is much more exciting/interesting than fighting one big version of one Pokemon. Make something better, and if you can't, get the gyms back.
    - New moves. This is more important for me than new Pokemon. The battle experience feels the same after a while, and I believe making more moves should fix it.
    - Fix or cancel the festival Plaza feature. Better just replace it with super training or something. The thing is a total mess.
    - Make it enjoyable to replay. (save us from those long cut scenes that last forever in the beginning).

    New Pokemon , new Alolan forms and new Z moves are just pretty things that are nice for playing, but they don't fix the core issue I have with SM, which is the impression I get that main Pokemon games are very repetitive and start to get old.
  13. NinJamezor More Huntail Please!


    Is it just me or does Solgaleo and Lunala look like they're wearing Bakugan Battle Gear?
  14. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    Glad to see I'm not alone in being totally unexcited for this game. Just based on pure concept, I'm not sure what they can do with ANY update to SM to make it exciting let alone this game which we're not even sure whether it's a sequel or a rehash. Part of what made BW2 exciting was that BW had a lot to build on with various aspects of the game. In addition to the usual extra storyline and features, the region was small and not very fleshed out so they had plenty of room for new areas and the regional dex only had new Pokemon so the addition of new Pokemon to the Unova Dex was refreshing. But with Alola? The region is already pretty full and doesn't have much room for expansion (I'd expect nothing more than an Emerald-esque expansion), and the Alola Dex is already fairly diverse and adding more Pokemon wouldn't really make much difference unless they're entirely new (which I doubt they'd go for). So what are they going to do to make this game more interesting than the usual third version. I mean, it's too early to make judgments when we know pretty much nothing but I just don't see the potential in this game.

    Also, Game Freak owes us an explanation for why XY got nothing and SM got an update announced seven months after the original. What the hell?
  15. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    And that game was great. B2W2 are some of the greatest games from the series in my opinion, and having more games like that would not disappoint me at all.

    Well I was expected another 2 year drought but hey, I'll take it. The whole alternate universe thing allows the creators to do a lot with this they didn't do before. I'm excited to see what comes of it! :D

    Regardless of what's revealed I will buy this game, but what I'm concerned about is how the story will compare and contrast to the original Gen VII games. I'd love to see it differ a lot, and I'd love to see it compare a lot.
    I know right? Why is everyone so critical, there's been like nothing revealed about it!
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  16. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    That's pretty much my only issue right now. I have no doubt that I'll buy one of the games when they come out, but since they used the majority of the Direct to focus on Pokken Tournament DX, and only as a side note mentioned Ultra Sun and Moon, right now, it just feels like...
    I'll wait until there's actual news about them.
    Gold and Silver was fun news, though.
  17. kuronix Aspiring Trainer


    I think Ultra Sun will be the alt. version of Moon and Ultra Moon will be the alt. version of Sun. Since we could jump between different time of the day and obtain another Cosmog from an alt. universe.
  18. Vexen_IV The Paul Heyman to Giratina-EX's Brock Lesnar.


    It probably is. Its what happened with B2W2. "All new pokemon to the region" were just from other regions, which ruined what made BW great.
  19. Graven Eminem TTGX


    Is no one going to talk about the fact that these Ultra forms look less like the Pokemon and look more like transformations that seem to activate via Z-Crystal from what looks to be from part of Necrozma itself? This raises big concerns for me-less about how Lunala and Solgaleo have newer, better, and honestly cooler looking forms that look like they're about to take the battlefield by storm, and more about how they will transform. Z-Crystals are used for moves and not transformations, so to see a Z-Crystal possibly being used for a transformation is not only a nice callback to mega-evolution, but could raise questions to whether there would be Z-Moves that can still be used post-transformation. I am especially worried if this transformation will have the Mega Rayquaza complex of transformation without an item and only a move, as the Z-Rings usually do. If so, then Ultra Lunala and Ultra Solgaleo could have the possibility of joining the Anything Goes tier (not likely, as a Z-Crystal will still need to be used for transformation).

    Or I could be spouting absolute bull, and Ultra Solgaleo/Ultra Lunala could be considered an already complete transformation that merges an Ultra Beast with a Legendary Pokemon (which is also still really freakin' cool). Though I prefer the first theory, either way the new transformations will definitely make Lunala and Solgaleo even bigger threats in the Uber tier, and maybe provide competition for Primal Groupon and/or Xerneas. But hey, a Latias can dream. :3

    Addendum: I know that Necrozma is classified as a Legendary Pokemon, but I believe it was to not confuse the game when it came to the coding for the transformation, and it really is an Ultra Beast. It could also be that way to put limitations on what magical creatures could be considered for a merged transformation, but I'll wait for more info to come out before I go on about that.
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  20. superdan51 Make Metagross-GX Great!


    Given that a lot of people especially me were hoping for DP remakes, this is a huge kick to the shins. SM was the worst main series game we've had in a long time. I seriously cant imagine playing through it again. The story was short, Z moves were a bust, almost no post game, and the handholding made me want to break my DS. I didnt think XY could have gotten moved from the bottom spot of my list of games, but somehow they did it. Atleast XY had the trainers resort or whatever it was called. The region was also super pretty, and the story wasnt awful. I felt like XY mashed in a bunch of things from previous generations and it worked. I honestly wish we had gotten a sequel to XY to go further in the region, as well as learn more about Mega Evolution and what the Anistar city Crystal had to do with it. They could have included some subtle hints to a gen 3 remake by adding a moon mission where you fight mega rayquaza or something idk. SM was the last game that needed a sequel or alternate story or whatever. Some people argue that Necrozemas story didnt go anywhere, well Zygardes didnt either, and for that same reason XY should have gotten a sequel too. The only reason id buy one of these games is if the story was a sequel, but if its just slightly different I may have to skip buying a main series game for the first time in 13 years. I didnt like BW, but BW2 made the difference and gave me a fun story. ORAS was remake of my favourite gen tied with gen 4. XY was a new game and it seemed pretty interesting. SM followed the same the only difference to me is that XY gets slack cut because it was the first game on the 3DS, and they probably didnt want to push the limits on the 3DS. I even look at ORAS as the better game, even though it was missing a lot of key RSE features (battle frontier), it tested the graphics to the max with Latias/Latios soaring. I cant believe thats something we didnt get in SM. SM changed too much of the pokemon formula and that worked for sales as it built hype, but it just did not deliver in gameplay. I just cant see why they would focus on another game of the already worst selling (not by a lot though) game in the series (not including third versions). The numbers show (even BW2) that the follow up games always do about 50% worse sales wise. If this was a money making idea, it sure wont workout. DP was already the third best selling game in the franchise, huge missed opportunity to make some big sales.

    Overall, apart from Pokken DX which im very excited for as I havent played the original, this years main series pokemon game will more than likely be a bust, and will almost surely not get a sale from me.
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