News 'Pokémon Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon' Coming in November for the 3DS!

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    The ability to merge I think means he is not an ultra beast as the zekrom/ reshiram merge with kyurem when they were all legendaries. The name ultra sun and ultra moon makes me think he is an ultra beast. Unless there is a different way of merging (legendary with ultra beast) than used in B&W2 (DNA Splicers) which is most likely

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    They're not upsetting me, I was just wondering why you thought they were mostly unchanged, but yes, I too will be very happy if these games are a la BW2 as that will be many times better than a sister game.
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    Just my two cents,
    But perhaps these new games happen after the events of S/M. And since then they have adopted the gym leader system and gotten rid of the island trials, now that they have an official Pokemon league.

    I know they said an alternate story, but you can't really take the Pokemon company for their exact words. Many times they have said something that didn't exactly happen that way.
    i.e. like when they said Kyogre and Groudon new forms were different from mega evolution, when really it was a glorified mega evolution.

    Just cause they said its an alternate telling of S/M, doesn't mean it will be exactly that. Like how they mentioned there would be new Pokemon, I feel they actually meant new forms.
    In my opinion, there will be the Lunala and Solgaleo new forms/Necrozma new form, perhaps Mimikyu will get one (one with the clothe the other without), Maybe some new alolan forms.
  4. GigaGarchomp Dragon Tamer


    R.I.P. Zygarde was one of my all-time favorite legendaries..
  5. Rcxd9999 Aspiring Trainer


    Exactly. It would be completely idiotic to make 2 games that just have an alternate version of the story from Sun and Moon. If that were the case, they would of been better off releasing just one sister game. But the fact that they seem to be following the B2W2 route screams sequel.

    Same goes for the "new" Pokemon. Because these games are the continuation of Gen 7, that means that the only "new" Pokemon can be Pokemon that didn't originally appear in the Alola region and new inter-changeable forms (there can't be new Alolan formes as they wouldn't be usable in battles between games in any capacity).
  6. fleshrum April in Kalos...


    Are there gyms now? ... Just wait the extra year and release the complete game next time. Unnecessary, whatever they contain, however you slice it.
  7. Hackzo23 Nerd? i prefer the term, intellectual badass


    There would be able to be new Alolan forms.
    Just look at ORAS, they introduced new megas despite XY not having any of the new ones. Plus, they can always put a patch for SM to include those new alolan forms.
  8. Starsoulklr 'Rolling around at the speed of sound'


    They made not only new forms for Pokemon for Omega and Alpha that can't be fought against in X and Y but they also made new moves can't be fought against the other versions. My big grip about it is that the previous versions should at least have a capability Patch/Upgrade so you can actually still play against the new toys they're adding in. Especially with there only being a year gap between releases.
  9. Rcxd9999 Aspiring Trainer


    Mega evolution is the result of a item but the base Pokemon itself can still be used. Alolan Pokemon on the other hand are completely different Pokemon and would be unable to be used between Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Unless they release a patch, but based on the fact they didn't do that for Pokemon X and Y after the release of Pokemon ORAS, it seems unlikely.

    The new formes for ORAS were all Mega evolutions and thus, were inter-changeable, meaning the base Pokemon could still be used. Alolan Pokemon on the other hand are completely different Pokemon and their formes are non inter-changeable. As for the new moves, there were only 4 new moves introduced, all of them on Uber Pokemon so their ban meant very little. We could possibly see new Pokemon, not just Alolan formes, if Nintendo releases a patch for Pokemon Sun and Moon but based on the fact that they didn't do that for X and Y when ORAS came out makes that seem unlikely.
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  10. Hackzo23 Nerd? i prefer the term, intellectual badass


    I realize that, but the point I was making is you were still able to battle in ORAS against and XY game using the new megas.

    And just cause they never used a patch in the past like this, doesn't mean they won't now.

    Plus they've done similar things in the past. Look at RBY and GSC. You could still trade between them the 1st gen games and the 2nd gen games. Only thing is you couldn't use any of the new pokemon or new moves. It could be a similar situation like that.
  11. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
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    Honestly, all of this. I just feel underwhelmed by this Direct.

    "Hey, so the Switch came out." Yeah, it did. "Maybe you have one already!" No, I don't. Thank you for reminding me. Go on. Whatever this is, it's something new. "We're proud to announce..... Pokken DX!" Oh... Is that what this was about? "Here's an unnecessarily long trailer. Oh. And here's a vague glimpse at the new main series games, which is what everyone was expecting." Hmm. Okay then.

    That focus on Pokken just sucked all of my interest out of USUM. Then when they were like, "But that's not all!" and showed Gold and Silver for the Virtual Console, something I wanted to see, that became all the enjoyment I took from this Direct.

    It really should've been the opposite. "We're proud to announce Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! Here's a trailer showing off a few new things to pique interest and speculation! Wasn't that neat? And there's also Pokken DX for the Switch! Let's show off the new features. Also, we're releasing Gold and Silver for the Virtual Console!"

    So... I guess the only hopes I have for USUM for the time being are new Alolan Forms OUTSIDE of Gen 1 (for the "new Pokemon that weren't in Sun and Moon") and new character customization. Which, I guess we did get to see new clothes on the male and female main characters, but still. X and Y wasn't too interesting to me with the clothes. Sun and Moon was definitely a step up from X and Y, but still didn't interest me a whole lot.

    I guess we'll just have to wait for some actual information in the future. For now, I can't wait until September 22nd.
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    Okay, for now you can color me interested, GF. I mean, I don't like particularly like Lunala (even if it's better than Solgaleo), but that Ultra Lunala looks very good.

    Give me alolan Ninetales and Pheromosa in Ultra Moon and I'm on board.
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    Just drop it. It looks rubbish.
  14. Pikaboy333 Aspiring Trainer



    Wait wha...
  15. Luigi08 player of pokemon


    Not possible, XY games could not battle against ORAS games that were using the new Megas/Forms/Attacks
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    Bad fan theory; Since Solgaleo and Lunaala get to armor digivolve with Necrozma's body parts, maybe the other ultra beasts will be revealed to have Necrozma-armored forms as well.

    Or maybe the starters get a nifty new form. Looks like we're getting at least one new crystal for the Z-ring, so it must tie in to our "new pokemon" somehow.
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    Most likely in SM4, considering estimated release is right next to U-Sun and U-Moon.
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    I wonder why we never really got the solgaleo and lunala gold and blue forms that they showed on website. If these are black/white kyruem there are going to be broken both in tcg and video game. Can't wait for the new game.
  19. Hackzo23 Nerd? i prefer the term, intellectual badass


    Did you read the rest of my comment?

    I mention how it could be like 1st gen and 2nd gen. where they could trade back and forth but 2nd gen could only use pokemon available in 1st gen.

    finish reading the post first before you comment.
  20. SkyeVictini Seriously, calm down.


    A lot of people in the comments: cynicism.


    These games look like B2/W2, which can only be a good thing as those are my favorite Pokemon games! Seriously STOKED!!! :D
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