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Pokémon TCG Online Trade Thread


Aspiring Trainer
Hey guys.

So I'm starting to play PTCG Online and trying to replicate my real deck so I can tackle some Verses games and Events to start building my collection don't have a huge amount of stuff yet so will do what I can to make it fair.
If anyone can help me make a M Gardevoir Deck that'd be super appreciated.

Updated Have/Want list after some in game trading.

Add me in game friends Username: "Solvyx" reply here if you can help me out :)

1x Hoopa EX (Ancient Origins #36)
1x Gardevoir EX (Steam Siege)
2x Xerneas (Steam Siege)
2x Xerneas BREAK (Steam Siege)
2x VS Seeker (Phantom Forces)

1x Articuno (Generations Full Art)
1x Beedrill (Evolutions)
1x Clawitzer (Steam Siege #34)
1x Dodrio (Generations)
1x Dugtrio (Evolutions Reverse Holo)
1x Electrode (Evolutions)
1x Exeggutor (Evolutions)
1x M Latios (Roaring Skies #102 Full Art)
1x Seismitoad (Breakpoint)
1x Shiftry (Breakpoint)
3x Popplio (Sun and Moon)
2x Brionne (Sun and Moon)
2x Decidueye (sun and Moon)
2x Dartrix (Sun and Moon)
3x Rowlet (Sun and Moon)

A big thanks ahead for any help. Also can probably spare some of the Trainer cards from the SnM Starter Decks if it gets me over the line :)

Haven't had any previous trades with others from the Beach as I'm only getting into this now I'm afraid.
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Ty Comfy Hat

The Cosmic rage of Astral Dwarfs from Aberdeen.
Am I allowed to use this thread to give away codes I've got with booster packs and such, or is there another thread for that? Or is it simply not allowed at all?

I don't play online, and have a big stack of code cards filling up space, and it would seem wasteful to bin them without anyone redeeming them. I don't really want anything in return either.


Ready or Not!
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Am I allowed to use this thread to give away codes I've got with booster packs and such, or is there another thread for that? Or is it simply not allowed at all?

I don't play online, and have a big stack of code cards filling up space, and it would seem wasteful to bin them without anyone redeeming them. I don't really want anything in return either.

There's a few ways that you can give away codes. You could make random profile comments containing a code/some codes so that they are up-for-grabs, or you could ask anyone interested to message you via conversation. You can also just edit them in your post there above, or make a new thread for them, but just keep in mind that you don't get any reps for giving them away. :p


Aspiring Trainer
Am I allowed to use this thread to give away codes I've got with booster packs and such, or is there another thread for that? Or is it simply not allowed at all?

I don't play online, and have a big stack of code cards filling up space, and it would seem wasteful to bin them without anyone redeeming them. I don't really want anything in return either.

If you are looking to give them away you could do a raffle or a quiz. On another forum awhile ago, I participated in a game where the person would ask a question then every 10 minutes he would give a clue, and people could make new guesses after each clue until someone won. (The question was something personal but not identifiable to avoid google being the answer key, like what is favorite "Insert type of thing here") Beforehand he announced when it would start so people knew to be on.

Or like BB mentioned, pick random people online and send them the code. Lots of us would be interested in free codes. Some might even trade for them if you have enough.


A Cat

  • No crap offers please, I know the prices of things online.
  • Please either accept or Reject my offers, don't make counter-offers.


Wailord-EX RA x1
Gumshoos-GX HR x1
Gumshoos-GX RA x1
Mew EVO x1
Mew FAC x4
Yveltal Pokémon League Stamp x1
Xerneas Pokémon League Stamp x1
Garbodor Reverse Holo x1
Volcanion-EX Promo x4
Oranguru Promo x1
Sycamore FA x1
If there is a small card you want like a common or uncommon or some rares, just ask! :)

Gumshoos-GX HR
SM Packs
Roaring Skies Packs

PTCGO Trades:



Holy Jesus Christ on a Raptor
In-Game name: fexod

  • Don't make terrible offers, I know most card values and always check them to be sure. (If the card in question is not highly demanded, I may give small discounts however,)
  • Please send trade offers directly to me in-game! Everything else would slow down the process. Even if you wanna try to get a small discount, just offer it.
NOTE: I am also willing to trade Real-life cards for Code Cards, even though I don't own many exciting mints (My rarest card is SR Gyarados EX) If you are interested, just send me a pm.

B&W Legendary Treasures

1x Meloetta EX RA
2x Mew EX FA
2x Meloetta EX FA

XY Flashfire

1x Toxicroak EX RA

XY Furious Fists

1x Heracross EX RA

XY Primal Clash

1x Trevenant EX RA
1x Aggron EX RA
1x M Aggron EX RA

XY Roaring Skies

1x Gallade EX RA
1x M Gallade EX RA
1x M Rayquaza EX RA (Colorless)
1x M Gallade EX FA

XY Ancient Origins

1x Kyurem EX RA
1x Ampharos EX RA
3x M Ampharos EX RA
1x Machamp EX RA
1x Sceptile EX FA
1x M Ampharos EX FA
1x Machamp EX FA
1x Tyranitar EX FA
2x Giratina EX FA


1x Mewtwo EX RA (Scatter Shot)
1x Mewtwo EX FA (Scatter Shot)
1x M Mewtwo EX FA (Psychic Infinity)


M Gyarados EX FA

XY Fates Collide

2x M Audino EX RA
1x M Altaria EX FA

Black Star Promos

1x Blaziken EX (xy54)
1x Tyrantrum EX (xy70)
1x Hoopa EX (xy71)
1x Mew (xy110)
1x Keldeo (xy118)
1x Meloetta (xy120)
1x Pikachu EX (xy124)

1x Rowlet (sm01)
1x Popplio (sm03)

Sun & Moon

1x Lapras GX RA
1x Solgaleo GX RA


Shaymin EX RA (Roaring Skies)
Sun & Moon Packs (1 Ratio)
Roaring Skies Packs (1 Ratio)
Evolutions Packs (0.5 Ratio)
Ancient Origins (0.5 Ratio)

PTCGO Trades:

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Aspiring Trainer
ptcgo name: patrickcbrady12


fair trades
no scams

i have:
dragonite ex FA
mega charizard ex FA (evolutions)
lapras gx
articuno FA (generations)

decidueye gx (really want)
gumshoos gx
solgaleo gx

ptcgo trades

none as of yet

PM if interested


Aspiring Trainer
PTCGO Username: Kamkraft

I'm new to game and really REALLY don't know the value of cards so go easy on me.


Blastoise EX - xy evo
Ampharos EX - xy ao
M Ampharos EX - xy ao
Mewtwo EX - xy evo
Steelix EX - xy steam

Gyarados (Shiny) - xy evo
Volcanion (Shiny) - xy steam
Kakuna (Shiny) - xy evo
Machop (Shiny) - xy evo

**Note, I may have some of the expansions wrong I'm still learning.


to complete my first deck I need:

x2 - Mew (Fates Collide)
x1 - VS Seeker
x4 - Puzzles of Time
x3 - Bursting Balloon

PTCGO Trades:

No one yet.


Aspiring Trainer
PTCGO Username: Omarphylax

I can consider any offer but I preffer Packs (Guardian Rising)

Double Colorless Energy SuperRare (Golden one from Guardian Rising)


Around 50 GR packs
1 Shaymin EX RS (FA or Regular) and Guardian Rising Packs (24 if shaymin is FA and 28 if Regular)
or 2 FA RS Shaymins

PTCGO Trades:

No one yet in here.


Blast From The Past
PTCGO Trades:


Revitalizer GEN (1x)
Vespiquen AOR (4x)
Combee AOR (4x)


Garbodor GRI (1x)

Friend me ingame, IGN: GekkisaiDaiNi. Let me know on here first though so I know who it is.

EDIT: Got the Garbodors, all good.
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I find the fact that I am the first person to reply here since May extremely sad and depressing...

PTCGO Username: AlphaVoxel (The one and only! ^.^)

What's up PokeBeach!? I have kind of hit the point in PTCGO where I am going up against harder and harder players, but my decks are still very lackluster at best. I can barely get one decent battle anymore, and I have decided to change that. I am hoping to build a deck that resembles the deck I play at a few leagues in real life, which is Solgaleo/Genesect/Bronzong. I have most of what I need, but there are a few missing pieces I still need.

-I would prefer to trade for things all at once, just so I don't have to worry about several different trades. I am fine with splitting things up if I have to.
-Please, DO NOT offer me Packs! I do not want packs!
-Please don't try to scam me. I know what the cards are worth.
-Serious inquiries only! I don't want you to get my hopes up, only to say you aren't interested.

That should do it for rules, I suppose...


1x RA Altaria EX
1x FA Charizard EX (Generations Promo)
1x RA Emboar EX
1x RA Flareon EX
1x RA Gardevoir EX (Steam Siege)
1x RA Gyarados EX
1x RA Hoopa EX
1x RA Incineroar GX
2x RA Keldeo EX
1x RA Kingdra EX
1x RA Lunala GX
1x RA Lycanroc GX (Guardians Rising)
1x RA M Altaria EX
1x FA M Altaria EX
1x FA M Ampharos EX
1x RA M Charizard EX (Generations, Fire type)
1x RA M Mewtwo EX (M Mewtwo X)
1x Rainbow Rare Metagross GX
1x RA Primarina GX
2x RA Rayquaza EX (Black and White Era)
1x RA Sceptile EX
1x FA M Steelix EX
1x FA Sylveon GX
3x RA Umbreon EX
1x RA Venusaur EX
1x RA Volcanion EX

3x Bronzong - Phantom Forces, "Metal Links" ability
1x Solgaleo GX - Regular art only, the Tin Promo will work just fine
2x Jirachi EX - Plasma Blast? I really need these to help boost my consistency, as I refuse to play Shaymin EX in anything (Too expensive, and I have found other methods of draw support).

PTCGO Trades:
I have made no trades in the past, unfortunately.

That should do it for now. I don't have a whole lot to offer, but here is what I have that I am willing to trade:

This is honestly all I have to work with at the moment, but It'll have to do. I would prefer to trade for things all at once if possible, but I am willing to split things up if I have to. I really hope something can be worked out. As I said, I am trying to make something a bit more playable than I have right now. That's all for now.



Don't Panic
IGN: UserName
Want: Tapu Lele GX
Have: A ton of packs, not the most recent, but plenty of PRC - BKT


Aspiring Trainer

Anything goes

x4 Raticate BREAK

x3 Alolan Ninetales
x2 Octillery



Aspiring Trainer
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PTCGO Username: DariooJay

SR = Secret Rare
RR = Rainbow Rare
RA = Regular Art


Burning Shadows
(1) RR Necrozma GX 153/147

Guardians Rising
(1) RA Turtinator GX 18/145
(1) FA Turtinator GX 131/145
(2) FA Wishiwashi GX 133/145
(1) RR Primarina 149/145
(1) Tapu Koko GX PR 33

Sun and Moon Base
(1) RA Lurantis GX 15/149
(2) RA Umbreon GX 80/149

Steam Siege
(1) RA Magearna Ex 74/114
(1) Xerneas Break 82/114

Fates Collide
(3) RA Kingdra Ex 73/124
(1) FA Kingdra EX 122/124
(1) Audino EX 84/124
(1) M Audino EX 85/125

Roaring Skies
(1) Hydreigon EX 103/108

Phantom Forces
(3) M Manectric EX 24/119

FA Hau 144/145
FA Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick 158/160


SR Choice Band
SR Double Colorless Engergy
SR Ultra Ball
SR Rare Candy
SR Field Blower
FA Professor Juniper

PTCGO Trades:

None yet

Hi everyone, first time posting a trades/ wants list for PTCGO. Looking for Secret rares or packs. I have lots of trainers and support pokemon to help build into GX and such, just didn't want to list everything. Thank you for looking and let me know if theres a trade you want to try and work out. :D


Aspiring Trainer
Rules: Only Want Waillord
PTCGO Username:NTeNse

Altaria EX Full Art



It's always darkest before the dawn...
[Help Needed]: Hey there! Since these are the most rare items in the game I would like to know their price for trade in packs.

1) Tropical Beach 2011

2) Tropical Beach 2012

3) SR Ultra Ball (PLB)

4) Computer Search

5 -extra) Gardevoir GX (regular and FA)

6-extra) Tapu Lele GX (regular and FA)

7) Tapu Koko Promo (the one that spreads damage)

8) Shaymin EX (regular and FA)

Thanks for the help in advance!

Ryan Miles

Aspiring Trainer
PTCGO Username: Charizard6297

Looking for a few cards to do a deck test before purchasing in real life.


Lots, can discuss

Tapu Lele-GX (2)
Rare Candy (2)
Float Stone
Guzma (4)
Acerola (2)
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Aspiring Trainer
PTCGO Username: Loof6

  • I think, i dont have any rule. I only would like to get the cards I`m looking for


Burning Shadows and Guardian Rising Packs
I will try to get what you want to get for my wants


- Gem Fossil Set (Amaura, Aurorus, Tyrunt, Tyrantrum and Fossil Researcher)

- Pikachu (bw54)

- Virizion (bw70)

- Terrakion (bw71)

- Raichu NEX 40/99

PTCGO Trades:

I`m new here. So far I didn`t trade with any member here.