Pokémon Presents Announced for Friday!


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What potential announcement are you most excited for? I think Diamond and Pearl remakes are pretty high up on everyone's radar, but I hope we get a 25th TCG Anniversary announcement, too (even if we're a bit early for that).


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Only 20 mins, that seems a tad short IMO. I'm sure they will announce a new mainline game, most likely Diamond and Pearl remakes. I'm really hoping for a Pokken Tournament 2 personally but we will see. Would also love a release date for Pokemon Unite


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Oh no...

I don’t think I have much of anything else to say about it. Anything mainline is going to be a disappointment if Sword and Shield is to judge. So I’m dreading the prospect of a new mainline game, especially if it’s DP remakes.

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Personally all I want is a Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky remake in the same art style as PMD DX and I'll be happy

Also something about Pokemon Sleep. I feel like it's been so long since they've actually even talked about it that I don't know if it actually exists anymore I guess one could say they're.... sleeping on it


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I think we’ll just get D&P remakes/Lets Go Sinnoh, but I really want a 3-in-1 collection of HD Johto, Sinnoh and Unova games (Sword and Shield art style)


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I want to hear that they are going to reprint cards back to Darkness Ablaze until the cards back up to the printer's shipping dock.

Oh, and to hear the lamentation of the scalpers!


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My wishes:
Conquest 2 that looks like Fire Emblem
-Collesseum 2 Remaster
-Official Reveal for the english Eevee Heroes set as the 25th anniversary celebration set
-Merchandise for generations BEYOND gen 1
-Either Let's Go Togepi or Let's go Celebi
-Platinum Remake. I hate sinnoh but platinum is at least bearable.


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My predictions, hopefully I get some right:

Minute 1-5: Showcase of Pokemon Day Concert

Minute 5-7: New jumbo plush that everyone will want but too bad because the Pokemon Center site will crash 0.5 seconds before release. Don't worry though, because in that time scalpers will have bought everything anyway!

Minute 7-10: Pokemon Go expansion teaser, very vague

Minute 10-15: Teaser of latest new Pokemon TCG archetype: Pokemon EGXVMAX-AF, which have between 500-690 Hp as a basic but do very little damage, in response to player demand for longer, more meaningful games. To balance this, all cards enabling alternate win conditions (Mill, also Mill) will be banned to ensure players enjoy a tense game, and skillful new Hammer cards with no drawbacks will be released to ensure fun. As such, players can now enjoy games which are guaranteed to go into time with no prizes taken so that games are more likely to end in draws so no one loses, ensuring all decks will be competitively viable, which will increase player engagement rates.

Also ADP is being reprinted as a non-A card, ensuring players access to the most fun card ever created. Thank you.

Minute 15-20: Very important presentation by TPC, possibly goes a bit like this...

"Here at TPC we have listened extensively to player feedback. We have listened intently to requests to improve graphics, restore the National Pokedex as well as lengthen our games with meaningful, enriching content. We are happy to announce that we have prepared something to satisfy past and present fans alike while creating an experience to surpass any other that you may have seen in a video game. Here are examples of what we have for you."

Insert 1-2 minutes of screenshots of barely legible quality with painfully loud music in the background

"Thank you. Now, we have heard the popular response for remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. I'm sure you saw this presentation and expected new information."

"Unfortunately, we don't have anything to share right now. We apologize."