Pokémon Generations - New Animated Series of Shorts!

Mr. Rhyperior

The Drill Pokemon. An evolve form of Rhydon.
  • Episode 17
  1. I love the episode because my Baby Espurr was there.
  2. Hurting my Baby Espurr by Essentia, a test subject of Xerosic whose he tries it to Emma, wasn't agree of.
  3. I know the reason why Looker doesn't have a Croagunk anymore.
  • Episode 18
  1. I didn't know why you'll get 2 starters in XY, and I realized that Gen I starters have Mega Evos, so that's why.
  2. Second reason why I love the episode is because Rhyperior, my fave Pokemon had an exposure.
  3. I know AZ and Eternal Floette's background story.
  4. Is that Light of Ruin that AZ uses to?
  5. Do we have to fight him at the end of the story?
  • In overall, I love this series! X464