Pokemon Pokémon Associated with Royalty?

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  1. JoeRow Aspiring Trainer


    I'm looking to build a team on Omega Ruby of "Royal" Pokémon.

    Can anyone think of any Pokémon that could be associated with royalty? Or a Pokémon that would work closely with royalty?

    The Pokes I have so far:

    Pyroar - Based on a lion, lions are king of the jungle.
    Empoleon - Based on an emperor penguin and literally has a crown on its head.
    Serperior - Ken Sugimori has said that the Serperior line is based on French royalty.
    Gallade - Based on a knight. Knights protect the king!
    Politoed - King of the frogs! Its Pokédex entry says it acts like a leader (king) of Poliwags and Poliwhirls. Also, it evolves with the item 'Kings Rock'.

    Any other ideas would be appreciated!

    I am aware of Pokémon with the word 'King' or 'Queen' in their name (like Seaking) which I'm not really interested in :p

  2. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    I ended up scouring through all the Pokemon up to the sixth generation for those associated with royalty for my custom card set, so here's the few most relevant that I found:

    Masquerian - Royalty often have masquerade balls.
    Vespiquen - The queen of the Combee.
    Delphox - Based on a witch, which was prominent in medieval times.
    Uxie - I think of Uxie a bit like a sage.
    Sigilyph - In the first BW movie, Sigilyph was used to power the castle; and Victini was the king's Pokemon.
    Golurk - Golurk was/is the guardian of ancient royal ruins.
    Escavalier - Jousting was a popular royals/knights sport.
    Bisharp - I'd always seen Bisharp as a more knightly Pokemon, so I'm putting this guy here too.
    Aegislash - It's a literal sword. :p
    Mr. Mime - A jester.
    Gardevoir - I like to consider her the queen, and Gallade the king (especially with his mega).
    Braviary - A brave Pokemon like this I could easily see associated with royalty.
  3. JoeRow Aspiring Trainer


    Yes! You knew exactly what I meant! :D These are some great ideas, thank you!
    Escavalier, Mr.Mime, Masquerian and Vespiquen are among my favourites you have suggested here!
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  4. Termigatr Aspiring Trainer


    I think Aeigislash's Pokedex entry mentions it being associated with Kalos Kings.
  5. McKendra9123 Trio Master: Dark, Poison & Fire Trainer


    Your all forgetting a few others.
    1 & 2: Nidoking & Nidoqueen, the Royals of Kanto
    3: Seaking, the king of Kanto's waters
    4: Slowking, king of Johto's waters
    5: Lapras, I've always consider her the Queen of the Seas
    6: Dragonite, dragons often being a symbol of royalty and it has "knight" in its name
    7: Lucario, seen as a knight in that one movie during Gen 3
  6. His Goominess Galvantula stan
    His Goominess


    Tyrunt is classified as the Royal Heir Pokemon, with its evolution Tyrantrum having a couple of Pokedex entries saying that it acted like a king (one of them straight up calling it 'The king of the ancient world').

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