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    I'd like to join the image-based one
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    That should be fine!

    Political humour is fine as long as it's tasteful. If it becomes derogotory or otherwise disrespectful, particularly towards the supporters of political parties, then it will be a problem.
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    Note: This card is meant to be used in the Classic Era

    Vileplume card 3.png

    I am from Singapore! With this card, I wanted to deliver a slice of Singapore's history that you all probably don't know.

    Singapore was founded by Sir Stamford Raffles from the British East India Company in the 1800s. Raffles was also a botanist and zoologist. Much like a real-life Pokemon researcher, he collected and studied various wildlife species. Most notably, he discovered the Rafflesia, a genus of parasitic flowering plants, known for having the largest flowers in the world. And these are the flowers that inspired the creation of Vileplume, probably the most annoying but also the most fantastic archetype in Pokemon TCG.

    Singapore is also known as the Garden City. This is because of all the greenery that you can find in the urban landscape. Trees and bushes are planted along roadsides. Residential areas are interspaced with nature reserves. Many of our tourist attractions, such as the Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Botanical Gardens involve gardens too. Vileplume is thus the perfect choice for Singapore.

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    Oh no! I'll edit it later. That's two points gone haha. Thanks!
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    If you're editing anyway, I think it would be super worthwhile to fix the text alignment issue in the Pokémon Power, if it's possible. :)
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    Okay. Will do. Thanks for all these suggestions! It's the first time that I've done something like this so its great to have all this advice.
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    @bbninjas just in case I forget to sign up for text-based for April's CAC, sign me up.
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    That's not how this works...
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    I have made the necessary changes already. Thanks guys!
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    I can't sign you up for a competition that hasn't been launched yet. :p
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    Only 24 hours left. Those who haven't finished their submission yet; tick tock!
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    Little Cherrim


    Sawsbuck – [G] – HP 120
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Deerling


    [Ability: Quarter Down]

    When this Pokemon is damaged by an opponent’s attack, flip two coins. If both of them are heads, prevent that attack’s damage an attach a [G] energy card from your hand to one of your Pokemon.

    [G][G] Call of the Wild
    Search your deck for a Stadium card with the word “Forest” in it’s name and put it into play. (Discard any existing stadium card in play) If you played a stadium card in this way, you may search your deck for up to 3 basic [G] Pokemon and put them on your bench. (Shuffle your deck afterwards.

    Weakness: Fire (x2)
    Resistance: Water (-30)
    Retreat: [C]
    For my entry, chose the deer Pokemon, Sawsbuck. It can be found in Canada’s vast forests, coast to coast. I chose it's winter form, because... Snow, and Canada is... Snow.

    Quarter Down: Its kind of a triple pun: The deer (okay, a caribou) can be found on Canada’s 25 cent coin. Also, the Canadian dollar, at the moment, is exactly one quarter down in value from the American dollar. Also, the chances of successfully triggering the ability is 25%.

    Call of the wild: a) Canada is 49% forest, and that forest contains lots of animals.
    b)In Native tribes, the deer is considered to be a messenger, that's why its, well, bringing others into battle, and not actually fighting.

    I was going to add a second attack, but I didn't think I had enough space left to fit it a card. Also, Canada's offensive firepower is puny.
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    Staraptor GX – Normal – KP 230
    Phase 2– Entsteht aus Staravia
    Während deines nächsten Zuges macht dieses Pokèmon doppelt so viel Schaden. Wenn an dieses Pokèmon [M] Energie angelegt ist mache stattdessen 2,5 fachen Schaden. (nachdem Schwäche und Resistenz verrechnet wurden) (Wenn das Ergebnis nicht auf einer 0 endet. Runde ab)

    [C][C]Einigkeit 10+
    Die Attacke macht 10 Schaden plus 10 für jedes Staralili, 20 für jedes Staravia und 50 für jedes Staraptor oder Staraptor GX auf deiner Bank

    [C][C] Recht und Freiheit GX 180
    Nimm dieses Pokemon und alle an es angelegte Karten auf deine Hand.

    Schwäche: Elektro (x2)
    Resistenz: Kampf (-20)
    Rückzug: [C] [C] [C]
    Die Muskeln in seinen Flügeln und Beinen sind stark. Es kann im Flug sogar ein anderes Pokémon tragen.

    Staraptor GX – Normal – HP 230
    Stage 2– Evolves from Staravia
    [C] Percise Engineering
    Staraptor GX attacks do twice as much damage during your next turn. If you have an [M] Energy attached to this Pokèmon they do 2.5 times as much damage instead. (after applying Weakness and Resistance) (If the damage does not end on a 0, Round it off)

    [C][C]Unity 10+
    This damage does 10 Damage plus 10 for each of your benched Starly, 20 for each of your benched Staravia and 50 for each of your benched Staraptor or Staraptor GX.

    [C][C] Justice and Freedom GX 180
    Take this card and everything attached to it back into your hand

    Weakness: Lightning (x2)
    Resistance:Fighting (-20)
    Retreat: [C] [C] [C]
    The muscles in its wings and legs are strong. It can easily fly while gripping a small Pokémon.

    So. I represent the mighty germans. And as such I chose Staraptor because of 1. a Starling is a really common bird over here. 2 Staraptor kinda looks like a eagle which is our code of arms. 3. Its pretty much a walking german flag becaue of its color sheme and 4. these "standard birds" of each generation usually don't get much love. And Staraptor is #HellaTight. It ain't no gull but still pretty close

    So the attack names are all germany centered. But not in the stereotypical way.
    Attack one is all about the stereotype that germans are engeeniers. And about german cars and pretty much everything technical having a great reputation. So it makes sense that it's one of these "you can do double damage next turn" but i allways thought these attacks are a bit nonesenseical. So i felt like there should be a way to make it more worth it. (but the Rounding Off part was kinda hard to Phrase. Because i don't think that was a thing ever in the TCG.)
    The second and third attack are about the german national anthem, which first words are "Unity and Justice and Freedom"
    So for "Unity" it made sense to me make it about "The power of the people" and the germans are known to rebuild their own country. (bvs we did that twice after the wars).
    Justice and Freedom GX is pretty straight forward. But i read it as "deal justice and then be free". Sooo do quite a lot of damage and then take it back into your hand which is handy because you can deny pricecards that way. So get "Percise Engineering" in -> take damage -> get a definite Knock out -> take it back into your hand
    So I like this card because it is risk and reward again. Even if it got quite a lot of HP. One Solgaleo GX and a few other Pokèmon can knock it out one or two hit. So doing the first attack is quite risky but if you get though with it you do massive damage.

    Also i wanted to do it in german aswell for obvious reasons :p. I didn't put thaat much afford into its wording but not that many people gonna understand it anyway. I focused on the english one to not have a debacle like last time ^^.
    Some cards i kinda used for refrence are Gyarados' Full Retaliation out of the AoR set and Pelipper's first attack from SM1
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  15. aschefield101 is behind you !


    Card Translations:

    • granbul (Granbull) HP 50 Fairy Type
    • notes: "granbul" transliterated to runes, Ancient Norse never used the same letter twice (aka bull is bul, happy is hapy etc) symbol for 20 added to ancient set to expand upon an otherwise basic 30 or 40 hp/damage, each subsequent card would get boring with only the 2.
    • x2 Fairy almatigr 40
    • notes: "almatigr" = almighty. A direct translation from English > Ancient Norse > Norse Runes.
    • Metal
    • Darkness
    Dex Entry:
    • Aslong as it's not angry, it won't bite
    • notes: transliteration due to immense difficulty in direct English > rune translations, as well as very little room for a full dex entry.
    Retreat Cost:
    • x2 Colorless
    Extra Details:
    • Ancient Mew style card, with all current 11 types added - in this case Fairy.
    • (Blank templates saved, need to do a symbolsheet and such)
    • Added in a Union Jack flag to the background as it seemed fitting with a Bulldog.
    • W/R typing from 20th is applied due to that era being remade for Classic, but with SM types (see Clefairy in XY Evolutions and Granbull in SM Base)
    • Also with Ancient Mew having less hp, doing less damage and having 2 Retreat, I kept 2 Retreat on Granbull as it seemed only fair - as he has more hp and does more damage. (2 I am using as an Ancient card cap, with Mew as the sole base card to use as a guide - and the fact there is only room for 2 lol).
  16. Corgimaster Card Faker, Image Maker, Competitive TCG player!


    I have finally finished my (Handdrawn) entry!

    Well, I was originally going to do a FA Gumshoos promo, but why be political when we can look at the star state, (and original capitol) of the US. Philadelphia. And, what's in Philadelphia? The Liberty bell, as Bronzong's ability says. Why I named it that? Because it gives freedom to your bench. Plus, it is better than "Let Freedom Ring". Now, onto the attack. When you ring a bell, it resonates. Right? There. Explained. Oh wait. Templates and icons are credit to aschefield101, paulsnoops, The Pokémon Company, and dbizal.
    See you in May!
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    Little Cherrim


  18. Corgimaster Card Faker, Image Maker, Competitive TCG player!


    I uploaded the image, but it is not showing up. It is a GIMP file. so, a .xcf, which cannot show up. I am not sure how to convert it
  19. TylerRVG The Cosmic rage of Astral Dwarfs from Aberdeen.


    Flatten the image, then save it as a .png or .jpg.
  20. Corgimaster Card Faker, Image Maker, Competitive TCG player!


    Thanks! Working on that now!:D

    EDIT: It is finally uploaded!

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