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Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by bbninjas, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. Yog Rogue


    I'll have a go of image-based. Now which Pokémon is supposed to be the Irish one?

  2. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    I have decided to not do Pidgeot but will do something else that needs to be done.
  3. TheSceptileMaster Gastrodon ate my cake


    In for text based!
  4. Jadethepokemontrainer We're on the edge of greatness~

    Forum Mod Chat Room Staff Member

    Darn just looked at my calendar and realized I really don't have time for Image based this month. shoot. Well then. Can I switch to Text-based?
  5. In for text-based!

    Team Bidoof will represent Canada.
  6. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    In for text based.

    Now i just gotta think of german pokemon
  7. SneaselGenesis Aspiring Trainer


    Note: This card is designed to be used in the HGSS-era.


    I chose Bouffalant because of the buffalo being the national mammal of the United States. I specifically chose Cheren's Bouffalant from Black and White 2 due to the Unova region being based on New York, a state often associated with America.

    Territorial Bull is based off of Bouffalant's territorial nature with Bouffalant causing damage to any larger Pokémon that enters its territory. Just like with other Bovinae, male buffalo are called bulls.

    The attack, Fearless Charge, is based off Bouffalant's willingness to charge at anything it sees. Since this attack is meant to have synergy with Territorial Bull, Bouffalant gets a bonus for attacking a Pokémon that already has 2 damage counters on it. Due to this card being designed to work within HGSS-era, this will allow Bouffalant KO many of the Stage 1 Pokémon with a Territorial Bull trigger and Fearless Charge attack.
  8. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Fixed! The dropout deadline is the 23rd of March.

    February's just a weird month. :x

    No problemo!

    I just fixed up your entry so that the card itself shows, instead of the link to the card, just so you know. No edit penalty will occur, of course, since I made the edit. :p

    Wow, text-based has been filling up very quickly! Just a few more spots left. :O
  9. TylerRVG The Cosmic rage of Astral Dwarfs from Aberdeen.


    Progress on my entry is well under way! Have the perfect Poké to represent my nation! Just hoping no other Brit comes along and does it before me. Been busy working on it the past four hours or so. All that really needs to be done now is the Illustration.

    I'll probably wait until Feburary's results have come in before I post it. Just in case I made any major screw-ups that I need to ensure do not occur again.

    Swanna? Considering for Swans are sometimes linked with the Celts.

    Well, you could always choose an Eagle-based Pokemon, considering your national coat of arms. Just too bad that Eagles are more associated with America these days.
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  10. Apologies to my fellow Canadians who may feel like I've stereotyped them in this card.


    Bidoof - 70 HP - Colorless - Basic Pokémon

    Ability: Apologies
    Once during your turn, you may draw a card. Then, your opponent draws one card.

    [C][C] Hat Trick 10x
    Flip 3 coins. This attack does 10 damage to the Defending Pokémon for each heads.

    [C][C] Caffeine Rush, eh?
    Discard [C][C] attached to this Pokémon. At the end of your next turn, your Active Pokémon can attack twice.

    Weakness - F
    Resistance -
    RC - 2

    As any Canadian can testify, this card a walking stereotype. But I've also wanted to make sure it's not a joke card. What's more Canadian than a beaver? A beaver that apologies all the time, plays hockey and drinks coffee.

    Bidoof tried to cheat with its ability but, feeling bad, it offers its opponent a chance to catch up. This provides draw support. While it isn't as good as Slurpuff was, it's also a Basic Pokemon. You could also pull some opportunities for some disruption with cards like N or Delinquent. What I'm trying to demonstrate is that letting your opponent draw isn't that big of a downside with the other strategies it offers.

    Hat Trick is a hockey reference, Canada's would be national sport. It's a basic attack, reflecting that a hat trick is three goals. It's not flashy, but at least it's not [C] Tackle 10. Plus it fits with the theme!

    Caffeine Rush, eh? acknowledges two stereotypes: our live of Tim Hortons (by far the largest restaurant chain here, and they sell coffee) and the signature eh? that plagues our speech patterns (or so I've been told). This is a unique attack that basically sacrifices Bidoof (it'sa 70HP basic...) for the Omega Barrage ancient trait. I thought it was cool; it fits the theme and something unique to my card. Probably OP but I don't play TCG sooooooo...
  11. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Another interesting choice could be Celebi! It fits some of the Irish stereotypes that come to my mind - it's green and it's a fairy/pixie.
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  12. TylerRVG The Cosmic rage of Astral Dwarfs from Aberdeen.


    By the way @bbninjas, you bolded my name when you should've bolded SneaselGenesis. Oops!

    This caused me to chuckle, probably more audiably than I should've.
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  13. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    No, no; this is absolutely amazing. This is the best. XD

    On a more serious note, what would you guys think of something like Pikachu for this competition? I'm considering using it because of the promo set it had in 2010 or so, when nine of the same Pikachu cards were printed in different languages and distributed around the world, though I guess it kinda defeats the purpose of representing your country...
  14. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Yeah, unless Pikachu as a Pokemon has some more specifici relation to your nation, then you probably should choose something else.
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  15. Nyan Staring into space again...

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    In for image! So hyped! I live in the US, they're so many options...
  16. Athena The Cooler Danchou

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    In for image-based! I've got some nice options for Dutch Pokémon, so I'll have to give it some thought.
  17. Huderon of Canossa Deranged Tinkerer
    Huderon of Canossa


    Count me in for image. Hmm, guess I'll have to think of a British Pokémon... actually got one in mind already Dx
  18. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    I believe there are spots still open, but in for text! :D Time to think of something besides Braviary...
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  19. Yog Rogue


    Heh, I was asking as hypothetical more than anything, but cheers all the same, I hadn't considered either of these two. I do have two other ideas in mind though.
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  20. aschefield101 is behind you !


    Aschetron is in this month for image, cause well... I actually have some time! Scaryness! So let the shiny commence! :p

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