Contest PokéBeach Create-A-Card: June 2017 - Randommons - All Results Up!

Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by bbninjas, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Unfortunately text-based is full at the moment. Be sure to keep watching this thread in case someone drops out, however!
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  2. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    An entry not submitted on the day of the deadline. What a shocker!
    Stage 1~ Evolves from Espurr\Meowstic GX\HP 190\Psychic


    Ability: Eerie Eyes
    If this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon and your opponent Retreats his or her Active Pokémon, put 3 damage counters on the new Active Pokémon.

    [P][P] Telepathic Standstill 50
    During your opponent’s next turn, Pokémon with damage counters on them can't Retreat.

    [P][C] Cursed Discard GX
    Discard an Energy attached to each of your opponent's Pokémon with damage counters on them. (You can’t use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

    Weakness: [D] x2 Resistance:
    Retreat Cost: [C]
    When your Pokémon GX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
    Meowstic-Female was always of of my favorite Pokémon to play through X&Y with. With a fun and diverse set of attacks, it became the backbone of one of my all time favorite teams. Meowstic-Male, however, was always my choice for VGC, as it had a legitimate use as a support set. In this card, I tried to imitate the interesting support Meowstic gives in TCG form.
    Eerie Eyes is a play on words, as Meowstic has strange eyes on its ears (and ear sort of sounds like eerie). Besides that, however, it's the basis of this card, punishing an opponent for retreating. The punishment isn't huge, but it still matters.
    Once that damage has been applied, you have two options. If you use Telepathic Standstill, you can help lock the opponent into a standstill, as any Pokémon they have retreated into cannot retreat any more (as the Active Pokemon gets damaged by the attack anyway, which makes it somewhat redundant, but don't forget there are switching cards that exist in the format). You could also use Cursed Discard GX, getting rid of Energy on Pokémon you've either softened up or have been part of retreating. An opponent generally won't commit energy to more than 2 Pokémon at once, but if they do, you can punish them a lot.
    The wording isn't very strange, but it's interesting to learn that Retreat should always be capitalized and you should use "the new Active Pokémon".
    GX cards, Meowstic cards, Plasma Snorlax, Crushing Hammer, Gengar (BREAKthrough), Sharpedo EX
  3. Here is my entry for this month - Victreebel-GX!




    Artwork: Dominic Browne
    Background: Morpheus
    Blank: @aschefield101

    Development Notes

    • 11 Victreebel cards have been released - all of which are [G] type. What an opportunity to make the first [P] type Victreebel.
    • This card is inspired by Pokédex entries; e.g. "Once ingested into this Pokémon's body, even the hardest object will melt into nothing" and "When an unsuspecting prey draws near, this Pokémon swallows it whole".
    • Victreebel cards almost always inflict status conditions, do low damage, have a high retreat cost and average HP.
    • The HP here is 90 above the latest non-GX Victreebel (90 seems to be the typical jump for Stage 2 Pokémon).
    • I put a lot of thought into the attack costs, damage and effects to produce what I think is a balanced card. It went through several revisions to arrive at the final version. I've always liked cards with low damage but lots of words; they're worth picking up and reading.
    • Victreebel could be a real nuisance - wearing down the opponent's Active Pokémon with Gradual Digestion, Energy removal and status conditions. However it can be played around with sensible Energy attachments and/or building a big Pokémon on the Bench to come in and take the Knock Out.
    • The GX attack takes 3 Energy attachments but has a powerful effect; it essentially OHKO's swallows-whole a Pokémon with 180 HP. Stage 2 Pokémon deserve good GX attacks!

    1. Wobbuffet (PHF #56)
    2. Victreebel (RG #17)
    3. Lycanroc-GX (SM #14)
    4. Samurott (STS #32)
    5. Tapu Lele-GX (GR #60)

    As always, there are some amazing entries this month.

    Best of luck to everyone!
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  4. double o squirtle Sweet Summer Child
    double o squirtle


    I need to work on not procrastinating as much. :x

    Duskull Basic HP: 60 [P]
    No. 355 / Requiem Pokémon / HT: 2’7” / WT 33.1 lbs

    Ability: Indecisive Eye
    Once during your turn (before your attack), if this is your Active Pokémon you may flip a coin. If heads, your opponent reveals a card in his or her hand. If tails, reveal a card in your hand.

    [P][C] Kidnap
    If your opponent has more than 1 Pokémon in play, you may choose 1 of your opponents Pokémon. Your opponent shuffles that Pokémon and all cards attached to it into his or her deck. Shuffle this Pokémon and all cards attached to it into your deck afterwards.

    If it finds bad children who won’t listen to their parents, it will spirit them away--or so it’s said.
    Weakness: [D] x2 / Resistance: [C] -20 / Retreat: [C]

    My entry!

    EDIT: Aaaaand right after I notice something wrong. ;-; I'll take that 2 point penalty.
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  5. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    Oh my god, I forgot about this.

    I'm alright with taking a penalty for dropping; I can't stay dedicated enough to faking at the moment. Maybe in August or something I'll rejoin. Really sorry about this. :/
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  6. MarshalBry Shaym' on you


    Really didn't have the time to put proper effort into making something I can be happy with (I was very happy with what I made last month) due to class and other things taking up my time and energy. I had another shot at a rainbow GX (after badly attempting a BW EX card..) to see if I could improve more at getting it looking better.
  7. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Just a reminder that as of this post, there is just over 13 hours remaining to submit your entry! Don't miss the deadline! If you've already submitted an entry, please make sure that your name is bolded in the OP. ^.^
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  8. Edwin Santander Aspiring Trainer
    Edwin Santander


    My name is not bolded :'v
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  9. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    Dewott – Water – HP90
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Oshawott

    Ability: Only Rich and important people can hire samurai
    Your opponent's Active Pokémon Retreat Cost is [C] more.

    [W][C][C] Hire a samurai
    Search your deck for up to 2 cards your benched Dewott's can evolve into and put it onto that Pokémon (This counts as evolving that Pokémon) Shuffle your deck afterwards. You can use this attack on a turn the Dewott you want to evolve in this way came into play.

    Weakness: Grass (x2)
    Resistance: None
    Retreat: [C] [C]
    Strict training is how it learns its flowing double-scalchop technique. It's very diffrent to Prinplup we swear.

    Alright. I had an amazing idea. I researched the history of Napoleon. Researched how he came to power back then and then i noticed that im not doing Prinplup but Dewott. Urgh. So yeah. This is the very exciting Dewott. I made it themed around the video "History of Japan" by Bill Wurtz. I still think it turned out intresting. Is used Alolan Dugtrio from SM1 and Wally (ROS) as refrences. Sadly my Randomons all weren't that exciting but i think i made this Stage 1 as interesting as i could.
    I mean the Attack might be quite strong. But considering Frogadier from BKT is a thing i think i can get away with it (especially with that attack cost)
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  10. Blui lv85 paladin



    Much like the last time we did random Pokemon for a CaC I received something I wasn't entirely happy with, but there's nothing that can be done about it except your best. Of the three Golduck was the only Pokemon I was remotely interested in developing a card for. So I went away with doing something and hey look where we are now. The first thing you'll notice is the blank with its additional sparkles (non-holo) as a visual reminder that it's a Shining Pokemon. For those with memories that go back two months, the design of the blank is basically unchanged from Delta Latios, just with sparkles instead of gold this time. After that you'll ask yourself what's going on with that Power. Chance Encounter was a pain to word because there is nothing remotely like it in Pokemon. The "you're" and "continue" particularly bothered me because those are words never seen on a Pokemon card before so having to break into those was a little unsettling. Despite that I feel that this is how it would be worded if it were real. Contracting "you are" to "you're" was based off of Junk Arm's "can't" and the clarification of Golduck having to come from the deck was important too just so it isn't ambiguous as to if it's coming from the discard pile, hand, Lost Zone or any other zone. Thankfully wording Skulking Strike was far more straightforward as I could reference real cards. I wanted to tie it to Chance Encounter so the card felt cohesive and not a hodgepodge of disconnected effects. Surprisingly Golduck does have a history of discarding Energy and having mixed Energy requirements for its attacks so there's that.

    Junk Arm
    Misty's Golduck, Dark Golduck, Golduck (Triumphant, Secret Wonders, Sandstorm)
    Drifblim (Undaunted)
    Typhlosion Prime
  11. I think you did a great job wording an original idea, really great work @Blui!
  12. Adam Ryder Aspiring Trainer
    Adam Ryder


    Sharpedo - Water - HP100
    Stage 1 Pokémon - Evolves from Carvanha

    [W][C] Iron Fang 40

    [W][C][C] Pound And Take 70+
    This damage does 20 more damage for each damage counter on your Benched Pokémon

    Weakness: [L] x2 Resistance: None Retreat Cost: None

    Its fangs rip through sheet iron. It swims at 75 mph and is known as "The Bully of the Sea."
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  13. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    I'm the last one in again, aren't I? Oh well, for getting this done in 20 minutes I think it's ok.

    Haxorus – Dragon – HP160

    Stage 2 – Evolves from Fraxure

    NO. 612 Axe Jaw Pokémon HT: 5’11” WT: 232.6 lbs.

    Ability: Relentless Defender

    If this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon and is damaged by an attack, put 5 damage counters on your opponent’s Active Pokémon.

    [F][M][C] Terrifying Tusks: 70 damage. If the Defending Pokémon is a [M] type, this attack does 60 more damage.

    Weakness: Fairy (x2)

    Resistance: Metal (-20)

    Retreat: [C][C]

    They are kind but can be relentless when defending territory. They challenge foes with tusks that can cut steel.
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  14. Celever Wheeeee~


    Forretress HP90 Metal
    Stage 1
    Ability: Shell Repellent
    When you play this Pokémon from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokémon, prevent all damage done to Forretress by attacks during your opponent's next turn.

    [M][M] Magnetic Captivation 30+
    This attack does 20 more damage for each [C] Energy in Forretress' Retreat Cost but not the Defending Pokémon's. Put a damage counter on Forretress for each [C] Energy in the Defending Pokémon's Retreat Cost.

    [C][C][M][M] Belligerent Outburst
    Discard your opponent's Active Pokémon and all cards attached to it. Then, discard Forretress and all cards attached to it.

    Weakness: [R]x2
    Resistance: [G]-20
    Retreat: [C][C][C][C]

    It remains immovably rooted to its tree. It scatters pieces of its hard shell to drive its enemies away.
    NO.205 Bagworm Pokémon HT: 3'11" WT: 277.3 lbs
    The idea behind this card is to have a good answer both for the weaker Pokémon on your opponent's side of the field, and the stronger. Magnetic Captivation is geared towards taking out Pokémon with lower Retreat Costs, as they tend to be Basic Pokémon, or weaker in general, and when the Pokémon are higher stages than that, they usualyl have low HP and high damage output or other utility so using Belligerent Outburst on them would still be a bit much. On the other hand, Belligerent Outburst is the final gambit move -- somewhat easy to set up given the circumstances (stage 1, 4 energy cost) but it comes at the cost of Forretress dying as well. Shell Repellent is there for synergy with Belligerent Outburst; it means that Forretress can reset the opponent's Active Pokémon once it gets threatening in terms of Energy or Items equipped to it or whatever very handily, but as Forretress isn't too amazing utility-wise beyond Belligerent Outburst, it's not as major a concern, as it would require Pineco and Forretress to be run for a somewhat situational time, since Magnetic Captivation can end up being entirely useless in other situations. Powerful with the right setup and match-up, but not overpowered IMO.

    The above paragraph probably makes no sense. I made this card in about a 15 hour span, and slept for 10 hours of that. It's also 4 minutes before deadline while posting so RIP lmao. (I also need a break, so fan voting won't be up entirely punctually, but it should be today).

    As a side note, TPCi should start using semi-colons. I love those suckers, and it would make their cards so much more grammatically correct in general. :U
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  15. Celever Wheeeee~


    Hahahahahaha Blakers, I'm last this time! When I clicked post, I got the alert popup telling me you'd just posted! Ah well, and either way, procrastination squad unite! ^w^

    And that's deadline folks!
    Thanks for participating. :D I need to go for a walk because I've been working on my card for a few hours straight; expect fan voting in a few hours' time. If someone wants to card compendium I will love you forever.
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  16. TylerRVG The Cosmic rage of Astral Dwarfs from Aberdeen.


  17. TylerRVG The Cosmic rage of Astral Dwarfs from Aberdeen.


  18. professorlight Ice Queen


    Love the sparkles; did you do them yourself? if not, where could I get them?
  19. Tails19950 Aspiring Trainer


    I never saw this message!! Thank you so much!!!
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  20. Metoro Aspiring Trainer


    Arrgghhh. Noticed the contest closes at 12 - not at midnight :O Worked so long with this art- trying to get it right. Hope I am not too late. All these international time zones confuses me. Anyway here is my entry:
    . [​IMG]
    XY-Era blank is used.
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