PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Congrats to the Winners!)

Reggie McGigas

RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

I would make a card but it would look very messy :p

Are we doing a February round?


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RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

I'm half-hoping I get through all the 'left-out' participant cards before the next CaC but I'm also eager to find out what the next one's theme is.
Anyway, participant cards!

For My Little Keldeo:

For the Skype socialite and a competitive TCG player! It's always cool seeing what crazy conversations happen on Skype, and MLK is usually involved in them. I thought about tying in some Meganium references too, but I'm happy with how it is at the moment anyway.

For Lugia123:

Lugia123 is common around Forum Games, so it was fun to put in references to what he does around there! I felt like I had to reference a non-forum-game thing too, so his scramble-playthrough thread came to mind.

5 more folks to go! ^_^


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RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

You should do this more often xD
And inb4 you decide to make a card for every participant xD

Reggie McGigas

RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

bbninjas said:
You should do this more often xD
And inb4 you decide to make a card for every participant xD

I'd like to see a Regigigas one ;)


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RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

bbninjas said:
And inb4 you decide to make a card for every participant xD
He already did. :p
ANYWAYS, I gotta apologize to all of you, my judging has taken way more time than I wanted. Life's been so busy this last week that is not normal, and I can't even reach a Computer for most of the day(posting from Phone). However, I hope I'll be done either by tonight or tomorrow, so you won't wait for much more. Again, I apologize. Dx

Reggie McGigas

RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

I have access to a computer so here's a card for BigfootAUS. I'll update the animation when I have access to my old computer with a red Rayquaza.

jedi201 said:
[Basic] Rayquaza HP 130 [N]
BigfootAUS' Pokemon

[Ability] World Moderation
Once during your turn (before your attack), you may flip a coin. If heads, discard an Energy attached to 1 of your opponent's Pokemon.

[R][L][C] Dragon Ascent 90+
You may do 60 more damage. If you do, during your next turn, all damage done to this Pokemon is increased by 50 (after applying weakness and resistance).

Weakness: [N] x2
Retreat: [C]


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RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

Here's the two cards I signed up to do, Auride and Lugia123...which means that, congratulations Lugia, you've got two cards instead of zero!

I'm still working on getting those half-arts right, I haven't been lucky enough to see one in person yet, and I'm probably not going to figure it out until that happens. But I'm going to keep trying anyway. As with Vom's, these feature the member's name in the art box, but not in the Pokémon's name.

When I think Auride, I think chemistry, and when I think chemistry, I think Duosion. Since Duosion's a high-flying airy Pokémon, it has a Δ trait. Plus, there's delta bonds, but not alpha bonds or omega bonds, so I needed it to get my chemistry puns in a row. This Pokémon really doesn't get a lot done on its own, but it can quickly set up energy for evolving into any Reuniclus desired.

EDIT: Changed wording of Δ Bond, original made no grammatical sense whatsoever.

The reigning half-art master, BigfootAUS, was willing to loan me an Ancient Trait for this one. This comes directly from a post that Lugia123 made that got me thinking, about a potential alternate game mechanic for how Sableye could work, using different gems to change types. Sableye's canon art is kind of inconsistent, so this one comes from the anime instead of using a Sugimori standard, sorry for the swap.

Reggie McGigas

RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

Boy do I love ancient traits...makes me want to image fake again.


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RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

Reggie McGigas said:
Boy do I love ancient traits...makes me want to image fake again.
Yeah, I'm having fun with them, I'm pretty sure they really are why I came back for a few more fakes, they're the first new format that's been introduced since I started collecting again.

I said it before in the Shuffle thread, and I still believe it now, you absolutely should get back into the image game, I'd be honoured to compete against you in future editions.


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RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

I really like the Ancient Trait cards, too. I should see if I can figure out a nice way to do them with CMP's Neo cards when I start my own faking. :p


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RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

For PMJ:

For the member that has been around since the dawn of time PokeBeach! PMJ's a veteran of this place, and writes in the Writing Cafe. Also, the Pokken Fighters promotional art is awesome and I had to use it somewhere!

For Auride:

So this is something both new and something I haven't done in a while. I haven't done secret-rares in aaaaaaaaaaages, and I haven't done secret-rare half-arts ever. But Auride is cool, and deserved a gold card.
Auride is usually giving comments on my work, is another image-based faker (hence the Legend) and made me a card for this CaC as well! I hope this is good enough for ya, Auride! And I hope the painting effects aren't too overpowering

Yeah, these Ancient Trait cards are real fun to do and it's been really enjoyable making them! 3 more members to go! =P

Ice Arceus

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RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

Image-Based Results

Placement seems to be largely correct, except for the Energy symbols of the attack being too far to the right.

Wording of the Ability feels pretty messy. I’d drop the “drawn”, although I guess this is novel wording, so I can’t really deduce points for it. What is a mistake, though, is not putting the “in any combination” after the “up to 3”. Another mistake is using “{Ghost} Energy” instead of Energy cards. Energy cards are only “Energy” when attached to a Pokémon, in any other situation they’re simply Energy cards. Also, “put” is used when putting something on top of your deck, not “place”. And lastly, you’re allowed to just shuffle things into your deck nowadays without putting it on top first, though I guess your wording is still acceptable.

As for the attack, I’m personally a fan of using the singular “their”, but sadly the TCG isn’t, so that’s also a mistake.

I like the ancient trait, though perhaps it might’ve been best specify that only the damage dealt to itself by confusion is reflected. It probably won’t matter much, but it feels a bit odd in terms of flavour otherwise.

The Ability seems fun as a concept, but perhaps a bit too powerful. Normally, searching for multiple cards requires either an attack or a Supporter, which inherently limits them. This, however, doesn’t take up an attack or Supporter use, and on your opening turn no less. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a lot of decks running Gengar without even using its previous stages if this card were real.

The attack is pretty fun. The synergy with the Ancient Trait is nice if a bit obvious, but caring about the size of an opponent’s discard pile is definitely a fun gimmick. It would be fun to combine with hypothetical cards which feel your opponent’s discard pile.

Creativity/Originality: 17/20
(Creative concepts.)
Wording: 11/15
(A few errors.)
Fonts and Placement: 9/10
(Energy symbols too far to the right.)
Believability/Playability: 3.5/5
(Weird trait, very powerful Ability.)
Total: 40.5/50


You've misplaced “and” in the Ancient Trait, there, and the verb for “Knocked Out” is “to be” and not “to get" in anything but the oldest of sets. It also fails to mention what happens when Umbreon gets put into your hand, though I guess that might be a bit too specific to mention. There might be some other rules complications as well, for example when discarding your own Energy to pay for an attack, but I guess that wouldn’t be too big of a problem.

Placements seems to be largely correct. The retreat cost is a bit too far to the right and the resistance is roughly a pixel too far to the right as well. Your font for the HP seems to be a bit too bold. It’s the right height, but starts a bit too early.

α Keep seems like a fun ancient trait, reminiscent of good old Energy Burn, and I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar shows up as an actual ancient trait. Though I guess it doesn’t work with the old Charizard’s Fire Spin, since it prevents discarding. I’m a bit sad that it doesn’t sync up well with any of Umbreon’s abilities. There’s some synergy with the attack, in that you wouldn’t want your energies to be removed, but that’s about it.

The Ability seems awfully similar to Ninetales PCL’s (or I guess Golduck HP), not terribly creative I have to say.

Moonlight Pulse also feels a bit bland, and not terribly flavourful.

Creativity/Originality: 14/20
(Fun Ancient Trait, bland everything else.)
Wording: 14/15
(Misplaced an “and”)
Fonts and Placement: 9/10
(Minor placement errors.)
Believability/Playability: 5/5
(Very realistic.)
Total: 42/50


Placement seems as good as it gets. A very nice blending of the HS blanks and the Pt owner’s Pokémon stuff.

Gardevoir isn’t a stranger to Markers, and the Psi markers definitely feel like a fun mechanic. I love mechanics which at face value seem pretty evident and simplistic, but have quite a bit of strategic dept to them. I must say the implementation is very good, and everything about it feels like simple, elegant, and very creative. You don’t need big effects for a high creativity score, simple, elegant and clever will do the trick. Great job!

You seem to be using BW-on wording, which I would’ve let slide if you either mentioned you were doing so, or if you weren’t using powers and bodies. I’m going to deduce a point for this, shouldn’t matter much since for BW-on wording everything else seems fine.

Creativity/Originality: 18.5/20
(Simple, elegant, and very clever.)
Wording: 14/15
(Mis-match between wording and era.)
Fonts and Placement: 10/10
(All seems well.)
Believability/Playability: 5/5
(No problems here.)
Total: 47.5/50

Huderon of Canossa:

Not a fan of these kinds of fakemon, but whatever, I won't deduce points for that.

Custom blank = free placement points. I see no glaring flaws, so I guess you’re getting the full 10.

Right off the bat, I notice you didn’t italicise “(Before your attack)”. There’s also a comma in the final line of the Ability which I’m pretty sure shouldn’t be there. I also don’t think you should be referring to a “new” Active Pokémon, since it didn’t really change (any effects remain on it).

The text for the attack seems far too convoluted. Retreating automatically ends an effect, reminder text for this hasn’t been used since the Best-Series, and considering you’re using an Ability and not a Pokémon Power, that’s not the wording convention you should be following. It in general feels like it could do pretty much the same thing while being only half as long. Also, using “their” is wrong, though I’m not sure it should be replaced with “its” or “that attack’s”.

The Amperglyph rule seems like it should be worded differently. First of all, it should be “when” and not “if”, and perhaps more importantly, it should mention that you have to reveal the card.

Temperament Shift seems pretty standard, we’ve seen quite a few Pokémon, from Ditto to Unown, do this. Reducing retreat cost seems like it would be a nice twist, but since you didn’t add that you can only use one Temperament shift per turn, you can just keep searching your deck for a Camoullon until you have free retreat. I don’t think this was what you intended.

Dawn-Star Parade is a nice twist on the switch-or-else mechanic which usually just damages at the end of your opponent’s next turn. I like it. It also doesn’t seem as powerful to me in the current format as you seem to think. 50 for 2 on a stage 2 seems okay, a potential 80 for 2 is acceptable (Rampardos did 80 for 1 back in the day, and that was before the BW power creep).

The Amperglyph rule is problematic, I think. What it essentially does is reduce your deck by a card for each Amperglyph’s Pokémon you have in your deck (although perhaps not in your opening hand, depending on the rules). Effects like this are almost always restricted, like Aipom UF, though I guess a few cards like Poké Drawer, new Pokédex Handy910is and Unown R have slipped through the cracks. Even so, assuming there’s more than 3 Amperglyph Pokémon, there would be more deck-thinning in this hypothetical format than has ever been in the history of the TCG. It’s always problematic when your Pokémon’s gimmick means it will be played more as a Trainer-substitute than as an actual Pokémon. See (somewhat ironically) the Gengar by Amperglyph which I scored above.

Creativity/Originality: 15/20
(Fun attack, nice owner-based mechanic.)
Wording: 8/15
(Quite a few errors.)
Fonts and Placement: 10/10
(Seems okay.)
Believability/Playability: 2.5/5
(Both Ability and owner mechanic seem abusable.)
Total: 35.5/50

PMJ & Athena:

You could’ve at least changed the text below the image to “owner’s Pokémon” if you didn’t want to include the owner’s icon. That hardly sounds like something to deduce points for, though. Plus, the art right above is pretty cute, so I’ll let it slide.

Wording seems fine, placement seems to be largely correct. The text the attack and Ability is a pixel or 2 too far to the right, I think that might be it. the x2 in the weakness looks a bit off, but not off enough to deduce points.

If I understand the flavour of Ninja Sight correctly, it’s like Future Sight, except you get to ninja away the future because you’re a ninja. Sounds believable enough. Eye laser is pretty brilliant, and I don’t think we’ve had strict number-of-Pokémon restrictions like that before. Very clever.

Free retreat? I guess you’re going with the whole Ninja thing, but this still strikes me as odd. If these were a Ninja thing, it would switch through some weird mechanic, not retreat for free, I feel.

Creativity/Originality: 17/20
(Very flavourful, Eye Laser is a pretty clever mechanic)
Wording: 15/15
(Seems good.)
Fonts and Placement: 9/10
(Text is a bit too far to the right.)
Believability/Playability: 4.5/5
(Free retreat?)
Total: 45.5/50

3rd Place: BigfootAUS’ KoN’s Umbreon (this round is confusing), with 42/50 points.
2nd Place: The Dynamic Duo’s DNA’s Claydol, with 45.5/50 points.
1st Place: Blui’s Delta Nite’s Gardevoir, with 47.5/50 points.

Congragulations to the winners! I really like what I’ve been presented with in terms of creativity. All of you were willing to think outside of the box, some more than others, and it really shows. Despite the small size, I feel this might be the best month I’ve had the pleasure of judging in terms of creativity. Keep up the good work!

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RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

Text-Based Results:

The guy with the funny Goomy said:
[Basic] Turtwig's Turtwig HP60 [G]

NO.387 Tiny Leaf Pokémon HT:1'04'' WT:22.5 lbs

Jovimohnaeliackvid's Favorite
If you played a Supporter named Jovimohnaeliackvid this turn, this Pokémon can use the attacks of all of your Turtwig's Pokémon in play. (You still need the necessary Energy to use them.)
[G][C] Story Up 20
Flip a coin. If heads, search your deck for a card with "Jovimohnaeliackvid" or "Turtwig's" in its name, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards.

Weakness: [F]x2
Resistance: [W]-20
Retreat: [C][C]
It undertakes photosynthesis with its body, making oxygen. The leaf on its head wilts if it is thirsty.

So here's my first entry in a while... :p Let's see how I apply my new judging scheme:

Creativity/Originality: 17/20pts
I really, really like this card. The Ability's effect is incredible. I don't I've seen something like that , or at least not in the recent years. And the attack, while not groundbreaking, it's still nice. Great job!

Wording: 14/15pts
You made a little mistake at the end of the attack. It should read "Shuffle your deck afterward", not "afterwards". A little point there, make sure to write those down for next time.

Believability/Playability: 15/15pts
The card is actually very nice balanced. It can be played, but not abused to the point is stupidly good. I'd play it if I knew some of Turtwig's Pokémon are as good as this one.

Edit Penalty: -2pts

It was an amazing card overall, Vom, good job! Hope you do better next time!

Total Score: 44/50pts
Gigas McReggie said:

[Basic] Wobbuffet HP 100 [P]
NameBlank's Pokémon

[Ability] Polarizing Powers
As often as you like during your turn (before your attack), you may move 1 damage counter from 1 of your opponent's Pokémon to another of your opponent's Pokémon. If you do, your opponent's Active Pokemon now has this ability until the end of your opponent's next turn.

[P][C] Seven Strikes 40+
If you have exactly 7 cards in your hand, you may do 70 more damage. If you do, discard 2 cards from your hand.

Weakness: [P] x2
Retreat: [C][C]
Several hundred years ago one of the first Pokémon trainers in recorded history used a team of Feraligatr, Greninja, and Wobbuffet. The Wobbufet commanded by this trainer is said to be the ancestor of all Wynaut and Wobbuffet today.
2/20 XYP

A Wobbufett. I don't know why, but I tend to call this "Boba Fett". :v But on the real card...

Creativity/Originality: 14/20pts
Although the damage counter moving mechanic is not new, that secondary effect is very neat. However, the "X cards in hand" thing has been seen a lot lately, specially with Chansey PHF. I feel like it could have been a bit more to that 7, really. But still, a nice creativity. ;)

Wording: 13/15pts
Oh, darned Quote tags I'm so against... You forgot to put "(before your attack)" in italics, as it should be. Regardless of how the card is written after the tags, always include all the code. Dx And as another point, Abilities are always referred to Capitalized.

Believability/Playability: 12/15pts
Agh, I don't know. The attack is perfectly fine to me, actually, and it's balanced enough, but it's just something about the Ability that stings me... It's Dusknoir's Sinister Hand in a Basic, which is creepy. Yes, it has a drawback, but I don't think it's enough to keep you from using it, specially because you don't need to move damage every turn you play. You deal damage one, move it next turn, then the next one you do it, and so it goes. It's unbalanced to have something like that in a Basic, and almost no drawback can justify it. :/

Edit Penalty: -2pts

I actually liked the card a lot at first glance, Reggie, but that Ability is broken as hell. There's a reason why it's being kept on a Stage 2, and I wouldn't change that myself. Take all this into consideration and hopefully you'll do better next time! :D

Total Score: 39/50pts
_____ said:
[Basic] Reggie McGigas' Regigigas HP130 - Colorless

NO. 486, Colossal Pokemon, HT: 12'02", WT: 925.9 lbs.

[Ability] Mirage Protection
Once during your turn (before your attack), you may discard a Stadium card with Mirage in it's name from your hand. If you do any damage done to this Pokemon by attacks is reduced by 50 (after applying Weakness and Resistance) until the end of your opponent's next turn.

[C][C][C] Thump 40
Flip 3 coins. This attack does 40 damage to 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokemon for each heads.

Weakness: [T] x2
Retreat: [C][C][C][C]
It is said to have made Pokémon that look like itself from a special ice mountain, rocks, and magma.​

NameBlank, BlankName, no name in the quote...? Do you get it...? Ok, I need friends ASAP. Dx

Creativity/Originality: 13/20pts
Well, this card is nice. It introduces some nice attack mechanics and a neat Ability, but there's nothing mind-blowing from it.

Wording: 12/15pts
First of all, "(before your attack)" and "(after applying Weakness and Resistance)"should be in Italics in the code, so there's a point for each. Also, there's a missing comma after "If you do". And, I did my research and that kind of damage reduction has never been used before, and I honestly wouldn't word it otherwise; AND, the most recent reference for an attack like that would be Cloyster SW and my 50/50 Empoleon from a year ago, so you got away with that. ;o

Believability/Playability: 14/15pts
The cards in actually nicely balanced except for one thing. The possibility of hitting for a 120 snipe if you're in a lucky day. Yes, chances are slim (12,5%, to be precise), but even 40 can be a big snipe.

I gotta say, I liked the card, NameBlank, but it lacked that "Wow" factor amazing cards have. I know you'll do better next Contest! ;)

Total Score: 39/50pts
That Whirlwind said:
Xous's Ho-Oh δ[R][G] HP130

This Pokémom is both [R][G] type

[C] Variety
Switch 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon with the Defending Pokémon. The new Defending Pokémon can't be moved to the bench in any way until the end of your opponents next turn. This Pokémon can't use Variety during your next turn.

[R][R][G][G] Color Complementing
If there is any [R] and [G] energy in play discard all [R] and [G] energy in play. If there is any [W] and [F] energy in play discard all [W] and [F] energy in play. If there is any [L] and [P] energy in play discard all [L] and [P] energy in play. This attack 30 damage times the number of energy discarded.

Weakness: [W] Resistance: [F] Retreat: [C][C]

-Legends claim this Pokémon flies the world's skies continuously on its magnificent seven-colored wings.-

A Pokémon from Xous, that's something I wasn't expecting. xD Let's see how this goes:

Creativity/Originality: 14/20pts
The attack is actually interesting, I gotta give you that. And, the attack is actually a massive discard havoc! Dx Yes, it's creative on its own, but I'll need to address to that in the next two rubrics.

Wording: 10/15pts
First, the attack should read "Until the end of your opponent's next turn", so a point there. Then, the attack is missing a 30x after the attack name. And, finally, there's a comma missing three times in "Energy in play, discard". But also, you forgot to Capitalize "Energy" 7 times. Dx Make sure you proof-read the card more thoroughly next time.

Believability/Playability: 8/15pts
Well, here's the dilemma. The attack doesn't specify enough how it's processed. As it is, I could simply read "Discard all Energy cards except those that provide [D], [M] or [C] energy. This attack does a trillion damage". This because those are the only types with Basic Energy at the time. This mechanic is, although original, quite messy, because there's not really a clear way to say what you intended. Maybe you were meaning to say "Energy that provides [R] and [G] at the same time" in each of the cases, but that's not what's written.

I really liked the card, TBH, Lugia. It's broken as hell, though, it's too bad. Dx I know that if you take this advice, you'll do way better next time. :)

Total Score: 32/50pts
Mr. Crouch said:
Basic Keeper’s Smeargle HP80


NO. 235 Painter Pokémon HT: 3'11" WT: 127.9 lbs.

Diverse Palette
Swap as many Energy cards attached to the Defending Pokémon from your opponent’s discard pile in any way you like.
Your opponent reveals cards from the top of his or her deck until he or she reveal a Supporter card. Your opponent puts it into his or her hand. Then, draw a number of cards equal to the amount of cards your opponent revealed. Your opponent shuffles his or her deck afterwards.
x2 resistance


It marks its territory by using its tail like a paintbrush. There are more than 5,000 different marks.

Thank God WW was over when I judged this card, I wanted to use the quote so bad... xD Let's see:

Creativity/Originality: 19/20pts
Strongly earned. The first attack is marvelous, and the second one is unique. Excellent work, ninjas! :D

Wording: 11/15pts
I believe you were meaning to say "Swap as many Energy cards attached to the Defending Pokémon and in from your opponent’s discard pile in any way you like, because it's kind of dull. :p Then, you made a typo on "reveals", in the second attack. It seems that the "s" jumped from "reveals" to "afterward", since you also misspelled that. And aesthetically speaking, you should always put the shuffle part as soon as you search for something. Like in Swampert PRC's Ability and even in Random Receiver. It would be "Your opponent puts it into his or her hand. Your opponent shuffles his or her deck afterwards." Little details you should look into for next time.

Believability/Playability: 15/15pts
TBH, the card is perfectly balanced. In the first attack, the worse you can do is either attach all Energy to a bench-sitter if brought up, or mess a bit with Energy Acceleration from the discard; and in the case you discard all... Well, tell Hammers that. xD And the second attack, yeah, you get some draw, but you also give your opponent a Supporter, which is a nice drawback. Nicely done!

Amazing work, ninjas! Those wording mistakes costed a lot, though. :/ Take a better look next time and you'll do even better!

Total Score: 45/50pts
TCG Head Quartz said:
Stage 1 - Raichulover11's Raichu - HP90 - [L]
Evolves from Raichulover11's Pikachu

NO. 26 Mouse Pokémon HT: 2'07" WT: 66.1 lbs
(Ability) Charger Trickery
Once during your turn (before your attack), you may attach a basic Energy card from your opponent's discard pile to his or her Active Pokémon. If you do, draw 2 cards.

[L] [L] [C] Battery Split 70
This attack does 20 damage to 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon that has a Pokémon Tool card attached to it. (don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon)

Weakness: [F]
Resistance: [M]
Retreat: [C]
Upon evolving, it's tail becomes narrower, allowing for quicker movements in battle. They are known for being sneaky and fast.​

Haha, great, another card by Gadget! Let's see how this one goes out:

Creativity/Originality: 15/20pts
The card is actually very unique. The Ability, as you said, was /just/ used by Jellicent, but as an attack, so this is a nice touch. The attack, though, is nothing to be amazed, but it does have a nice detail in the snipe requiring a Pokémon Tool, so it's still somewhat nice.

Wording: 12/15pts
I was happy to see a card with a perfect Wording this month... until I reached the bottom. No modifications for Weakness and Resistance?! D: Why, Gadget, y u do this to me?

Believability/Playability: 10/15pts
The card by itself isn't that huge apart from the draw engine it has. However, paired up with something like Yveltal-EX, Mewtwo-EX or Leafeon PLF can be a huge card. A big draw engine AND damage rising FOUR TIMES? YUS, PLEASE! xD This card, it it only drew a single card or something similar, it could be a bit more balanced. And also, add in the fact that Weakness is worthless. Yes, he's weak to Fighting, but what? You don't know how much more damage you deal? :p Little details that turn out to be big. :/

Gadget, this card looked amazing in the first place, but it pummeled down hard. :/ Take better care next time and you'll do way better!

Total Score: 37/50pts
Is that a Seismitoad...?! said:

[LEVEL-UP] Gallade BB LVX HP130 [F]


(POKE-Body) Knight of the Night
If the Defending Pokémon is a [D] Pokemon, Gallade BB LV.X does 30 more damage to the Defending Pokemon (before applying Weakness and Resistance).

[F][F][C] Blade Blast 70
Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does 20 damage to each of your opponent's Benched Pokémon. If Tails, this attack does 20 damage to each of your Benched Pokémon.

Put this card onto your Active Gallade BB. Gallade BB Lv. X can use any attack, Poké-Power, or Poké-Body from its previous Level.

Weakness: [P] x2
Retreat Cost: [C]

/me tries to not show bias
I mean... let's see how you do, Steff:

Creativity/Originality: 13/20pts
Well... The card IS creative up to some point, but it's nothing new. The Body is very similar to Justified, to say a recent reference, and the attack deals damage to the bench on a flip, period. While interesting, it's something we've seen before a couple times already.

Wording: 13/15pts
Wording according to the DPPt Era is perfectly fine, so grats on that! But, there's a couple little mistakes. Capital "tails"? And also, you forgot to accent the "é"s twice in the Poké-Body, so that's a couple points.

Believability/Playability: 14/15pts
The card, to be fair, looks very balanced for the Era it's supposed to be in. Not many (playable) dark types aside from Sableye SF and Spiritomb AR make a nice balance on itself, and the attack isn't that big of a deal because of the possible drawback, although dealing a 20 spread might have been a little too much those days. Also, Gallade cards usually have a [C][C] Retreat Cost, but since that's subjective I'm not deducting anything from that.

It was a very nice card overall, Steff, I liked it! Hope you do better next month!

Total Score: 40/50pts
Pokébeach's Official Chameleon said:
[D][R] - IceEspeon's Umbreon -- 110 HP
Delta Species (This Pokémon is both [D] and [R] type.)
Stage 1 (evolves from IceEspeon's Eevee)


[R] Moon Flare - 30
Does 10 damage to each benched Pokémon (both yours and your opponent's).

[D] Foul Play - 10+
Does 20 more damage for each Energy attached to the Defending Pokémon.

[D][D][R] Lunar Radiance - 20+
Flip a coin for each [R] attached to this Pokémon. For each heads, discard the top card of your opponent's deck. Then, flip a coin for each [D] attached to this Pokémon. This attack does 50 more damage for each heads.

Weakness: [F] Resistance: [P] Retreat: [C][C]
An Eevee that evolves into Umbreon during a Lunar Eclipse can sometimes develop powers similar to another of Eevee's evolutions: Flareon.

Ice Espeon's Umbreon... It had to happen, right? xD Let's see:

Creativity/Originality: 15/20pts
This is actually a very nice card. A Delta Umbreon is interesting, so its the typing. And although the first attacks look kind of dull, the last one IS very interesting, so nicely done!

Wording: 11/15pts
First of all, you forgot to put "Benched" capitalized, so one goes there. And, you forgot to add "Energy" after the corresponding Energy symbol, so another point for that. But worse of all... No Weakness/Resistance modifiers? D: That's a big one, buddy.

Believability/Playability: 12/15pts
Well, the card is actually playable, and a lot. Using FFI's Eevee I have a chance to evolve either with a Fire or a Dark, and attacking T1 is neat. Having good attacks for 1 Energy and no Weakness is kind of a bummer, though, because that's what makes it able to be abused a little.

Well, it was a nice card, Keeper... Too bad silly things like that can give away that much points. :/ Check the card more thoroughly next time and you're sure to do best!

Total Score: 38/50pts
Machamp in Rage Mode said:
BASIC / Camoclone's Cobalion // HP120 [M]

NO. 638 Iron Will Pokémon HT: 6'11" WT: 551.2 lbs.
[Ability] Pressure
As long as this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, whenever your opponent would draw cards from the effect of a Supporter card, he or she draws 1 less card.

[M][C] Scumhunt 50
Choose a random card from your opponent's hand. Your opponent reveals that card. If it is a Basic Pokémon-EX, put it onto your opponent's bench, and put 5 damage counters on it.

weakness [R] X2
resistance [P] -20
retreat [C][C][C]

"It has a body and heart of steel. Its glare is sufficient to make even an unruly Pokémon obey it."​

So many references to Forum Games so far into the Contest, I like that. :p Let's dig it:

Creativity/Originality: 19/20pts
Even though some people can say that I used to give inflated points, this isn't the case. That Cobalion is, in one word, marvelous. Amazing attack, wonderful Ability, so fitting for the member... It's just amazing. Points well earned.

Wording: 15/15pts
Wording's perfect. Let's move on.

Believability/Playability: 14/15pts
The card is actually not bad. Energy cost seems reasonable for the damage, and the effect is very unlikely to happen, and even if it does is not that much to be abused. What I see like a bit too much is the Ability, which can turn something like an N to 1, played by you, into an N for 0 for your opponent. However, this is like the most extreme case scenario, so it's not that bad.

Wow, Machamp, amazing work! This card definitely deserved every single point I awarded you! :D

Total Score: 48/50pts
Scumhunter said:
MTC's Machamp // HP140 [F]
Stage 2 (Evolves from MTC's Machoke)

NO. 68 Superpower Pokémon HT: 5′3″ WT: 286.6 lbs
[Ability] Flex
If this Pokémon has no damage counters on it then your Pokemon's attacks do 30 more damage to the Active Pokemon (before applying Weakness and Resistance).

[C][C][C] Million Arms 30x
This attack does 30 damage times the number of arms your benched Pokemon have.

weakness [P] X2
retreat [C][C][C]

"He is coming to tickle you. I promise that's what he does with the arms."​

Creativity/Originality: 17/20pts
My God, Million Arms?! xD That made my day, week, month... Amazing name for an incredibly clever effect. The Ability isn't as creative, but it's something. Great job!

Wording: 14/15pts
The Ability should read "on it, your". Apart from that , everything else seems fine, since the attack is a new one and I personally wouldn't word it otherwise. Nice work!

Believability/Playability: 13/15pts
Well, Million Arms can enter a big dilemma. Doesn't Arceus have, technically,a thousand arms? If so, I can't wait to hit for 30.000 for each Arceus in play. xD But being serious, a lot of Pokémon either have 2 arms or non, because their animal shape, so it can't be that abused. However, with 3 Pokémon with 2 arms, you're already hitting for 180. D: It's a somewhat high damage output for a Machamp, specially with the Colorless requirement. Flex, though. is a somewhat better version of Machamp FFI's Ability, because it boosts a bit more. Yes, it needs no damage on it, but can be a bit better because you can simply heal off and keep boosting, but it's still tricky to pull off. Good overall, so nice!

It was quite an interesting card, Camo, I really liked it. Keep up the good work!

Total Score: 43/50pts
That Fiery Creature said:
Blui's Espeon 60HP [P]
Basic Pokemon

PokeTool - You may attach Blui's Espeon from your hand to one of you Benched Pokemon that doesn't have any Tool Card attached to it. As long as Blui's Espeon is attached a Benched Pokemon, ignore all effect of attack done to that Pokemon by both player's Active Pokemon.

[P] Run Back 20
Discard all card's attached to Blui's Espeon. Choose a Basic Pokemon from your hand and switch it with Blui's Espeon. You can't use this attack if you have no Basic Pokemon in your hand.

W - [D] x2
R - [-]
RC - [-]

Nice to see another of your cards, Drac! Let's see how it does:

Creativity/Originality: 17/20pts
I gotta say it's an amazingly thought card. The fact that it attaches itself like a Tool is something that, although not completely new, is interesting. And Run Back is just as good. Good job!

Wording: 11/15pts
Ok, forst of all, you forgot to accent the "é"s in Pokémon, so a point there. Also, "effect of attack" should be "effects of attacks"; "one" should be "1"; "doesn't have any Tool Card attached" should be "doesn't already have a Pokemon Tool attached" and "card's attached" should be "cards attached". Apart from that, we're good.

Believability/Playability: 15/15pts
Well, to be honest, I can pretty much see this card being played. The tool helps for snipe damage, which was huge back then. And also, Run Back hits in a very interesting way, since you can simply put up a wall after you attack, and keep retreating the wall with Baloon Berry and the such, so it's balanced enough. Great job!

Wow, Drac, I gotta say this is an improvement from last rounds I've judged you. Keep working and you'll eventually do even better! :D

Total Score: 43/50pts
Rainbow Water-Sprite said:

[/size] / / / / HP 150
Blah's Accelgor


Surprise Strike 30
If this Pokémon was put into play this turn, the Defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed and Poisoned.

Power of the Team 30+
Does 30 more damage for each Machamp and Garchomp (including Pokémon-EX) you have in play. You may switch this Pokémon with 1 of those Pokémon.

x2 resistance / / / / / Pokémon-EX Rule
retreat / / / / / / When Pokémon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

(C) 2015 Pokemon / My Little Keldeo Illus. Someone Awesome xx/xx

Ok, someone actually though of good 'ol Blah! Let's see how good is it:

Creativity/Originality: 17/20pts
The first attack is very well thought, I gotta say that. The second one, though, is the one that caught my eye: it's very clever, the effect is very nice. Very well thought!

Wording: 12/15pts
Everything's perfect in the card. Every single part... except for its type. Where did it go?! xD That's a big one, it's a very important part of the card and cannot be missing.

Believability/Playability: 14/15pts
Surprise Strike is not difficult to stream if you play 4 Accelgor and a bunch of cards with free Retreat and Scoop effects, and is, TBH, the scariest part of the card. The second attack, however, can't hit that much and would require a lot of setup and a huge inconsistency. The fact it has no type also helps in terms that it will never hit for weakness, which gives it a bit more balance, although unwanted. :p

It was a very nice card, Keldeo, I liked it a lot. Hope you be a little bit more careful and do even better next round!

Total Score: 43/50pts
A Great TCG Strategy said:
[Stage 2] Machamp the Champion’s Machamp HP 130 [F]
(Evolves from Machamp the Champion’s Machoke)
NO. 068 Superpower Pokémon HT: 5’03” WT: 286.6 lbs.

[Ability] Champion’s Call
Once during your turn, (before your attack), you may search your deck for a Pokémon that has the Champion’s Call Ability, reveal it, and put it into your hand. This Pokémon’s attacks cost [C] less for each of your Pokémon (including Machamp the Champion’s Machamp) that have the Champion’s Call Ability.

[F][C][C] Champion’s Challenge 50
Before doing damage, you may switch one of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon with his or her Active Pokemon. If the Defending Pokémon is a [P] Pokémon, has [F] resistance, or is a Pokémon-EX, this attack’s base damage is 80 instead of 50. If more than one of these conditions apply to the Defending Pokémon, this attack’s base damage is 110 instead of 50.

[F][C][C][C] Champion’s Victory 40x
Does 40 damage times the number of Prize Cards you have taken.

Weakness: [P]
Retreat Cost: [C][C][C]

Many myths tell of a legendary trainer and their invincible Machamp. No trainer or Pokémon dared, nor could, stand up against them.

I think I've lost the count of how many MTC card I've judged so far. ;P How will this one do?

Creativity/Originality: 18/20pts
At first glance, I thought something like "wow, this is a bunch of effects jumbled into a single card, how can this be any good?". Turns out, it's the way they were assembled what makes this card so good. Champion's Call is just brilliant, I have to admit it. And Champion's Challenge is, although a mouthful, a great attack. Well-earned points!

Wording: 11/15pts
Ok, let's see: You forgot "Shuffle your deck afterward." In the Ability. Then, you forgot to accent a single "é" in the first attack (so close Dx); "Resistance" is always Capitalized; and "base damage is 80 instead of 50" should be just "base damage is 80" (see Archeops PLB). A couple details that you need to look out for next time.

Believability/Playability: 13/15pts
Well, the Ability seems fine. It would be good to see which other Pokémon have Champion's Call, but since for now it's only those, it's a bit more balanced. Then, Champion's Challenge should honestly be called "Yveltal and Ghost Slayer" with 2 Energy thanks to its ability, can hit very hard opposing Yveltal-EX's and a lot of Psychic-type Pokémon. It's not that over-powered, but it can be huge. And Champion's Victory is just a nice finisher move. 4 Prizes down, you can knock out most Pokémon as long as you have a Muscle Band. It's not extremely good, but it's playable. Overall, I think this card could be a bit weaker. Maybe reduce all Champion's Challenge's damage by 20 could do it, I think.

This was an amazing card, SP, It was very good. Hope you look into those things I pointed out and do much better next Contest!
Total Score: 42/50pts
Salealentaluk said:
Basic Luispipe8's Gallade EX HP170


NO. 475 Blade Pokémon HT: 5'03" WT: 114.6 lbs.

GR8 M8 80-
This attack does 80 damage minus 10 damage for each damage counter on this Pokémon. If this attack Knocks Out your opponent's Active Pokémon, place two damage counters on this Pokémon. If this attack does less than 40 damage to your opponent's Active Pokémon (after applying Weakness and Resistance), return Luispipe8's Gallade EX and all cards attached to it to your hand.

Thought Ninja 70
Choose one of your opponent's Active Pokémon's attacks. If that Pokémon were to use that attack during your opponent's next turn, you may place 3 damage counters on that Pokémon. Ignore this effect if your opponent's Active Pokémon has less than two attacks.

x2 resistance

When a Pokémon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Everyone talks about Jovimohnaeliackvid, but I think nobody noticed Salealentaluk. :( Too bad. On your card, though:

Creativity/Originality: 19/20pts
Both very original effects, I gotta say. The first attack is something I've never seen or thought about, and is marvelous. And the second attack... well, I have to say exactly the same! Very well thought card, IE, great job!

Wording: 14/15pts
To begin with, "return Luispipe8's Gallade EX and" should be "return this Pokémon and", like you did twice in the same paragraph. :v Also, you made me take a 20 minute grammar lesson about the second attack, but turns out it was right, so that would be it. Good job!

Believability/Playability: 15/15pts
As much as I hate to say it, this card is not as good as I want it to be. You must be the one making the Gallade cards for TPCi, because most are barely playable. :p Still, this one's still a bit better, to the point of actually having use. GR8 M8 isn't just a mediocre damaging attack. It can be used for prize denial, which is very good. If you're almost dying and have some wall/Robo Sub on the back, simply use GR8 M8 and all the damage is gone! Thought Ninja could be better, since it's not easy to charge up, but GR8 M8's versatility makes up for that. Also, Gallade cards usually have a [C][C] Retreat Cost, but since that's subjective I'm not deducting anything from that. Amazingly done!

Wow, great job, IE! This card is certainly good. Keep up the good work! :D

Total Score: 48/50pts
3rd Place: Here stands Vom, who made a pretty good card for Turtwig that scored 44 points. Nice job, Vom!
2nd Place: This spot goes to bbninjas, who scored 45 points with his amazing KoN's Smeargle. Nicely done!
1st Place: It's a tie! No, not at 50pts, but close enough. Both Machamp The Champion and Ice Espeon have won with Cobalion and Gallade, respectively, earning themselves 48 points and the Contest! Congratulations!

So this wraps up the Contest! I, again, apologize for being so late, life just kept going in the way, but I did it. See you all next round!

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RE: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: Jan. 2015 - Member's Pokemon (Fan Voting)

Fan Voting Results

1st Place: BigfootAUS - 6 Points!!
2nd Place: Amperglyph - 4 Points
3rd Place: Huderon of Canossa - 2 Points

1st Place: [TIE] Machamp The Champion, Reggie McGigas - 3 Points
2nd Place: GadgeJax - 2 Points
3rd Place: bbninjas, Camoclone, GM Draclord, steffenka - 1 Point


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Congrats to everyone! :D
>.< I always forget "afterwards" is actually spelled "afterward" (you can go look at all my fakes, they're all worded like that ;_; )
Anyways, I'm pretty happy I got 3rd place! I actually wasn't expecting a lot for playability xD

PS: My Goomy is awesome :p

Machamp The Champion

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Woooooooooo I won! And thanks everyone who voted for me in the Fan Vote. I'm glad everyone liked my card so much. :D Thanks Camo and SeventhPrize for basing your cards off me. They were both very creative, I must say. I burst out laughing when I saw Million Arms. XD

Congrats to Blui and IE for sharing this victory with me. And congrats to everyone else who entered, too! There were tons of great and funny entries this month. You all did a great job!

So... we still having CaC next month?