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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by ejorange, May 21, 2015.

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    Is it still a rule that you can only play one stadium card per turn in the current format? It says that you can only play one in an old EX series rule book I have, and that is the rule I am currently using. However, the stadium cards themselves don't say that, and the rule sheet on the back of play mats you get in the newer pre-constructed decks doesn't say anything about it either. I also cannot find the ruling on the internet. Here's a scenario where I would want to play two stadiums in one turn, though it is unlikely that I would be able to.

    1. I go second, with a Flabebe or Nincada active, with a Nincada in my hand.
    2. I play Team Magma's Secret Base.
    3. I play the Nincada to my bench, and it recieves 2 damage counters.
    4. I use Wally to evolve Nincada into Shedinja (RSK).
    5. (Here's the controversy) I play training center to give Shedinja +30 HP.
    6. I attach rainbow energy to put a third damage counter on Shedinja.
    7. I give Shedinja a Silver Bangle.
    8. I plays switch, scoop up, or escape Rope, sending up Shedinja.
    9. I use Shedinja's Hopeless Scream Attack, hitting for 180, hopefully KO'ing an EX

    Can I legally play the Training Center in this case?

    Any thoughts are welcome!

  2. (I am not asking for scans since despite you mentioning two specific cards this is a general ruling that applies to all Stadiums.)

    As of the current rules, you may still only play one Stadium card per turn, even though it's not actually printed on the card. You also cannot play a Stadium with the same name as the one currently in play.
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    This breaks that rule (since it's not from your hand), right?
  4. In a sense yes, but not exactly. It it's not because the Stadium isn't coming from your hand, but rather because the card is entering the field via an Ability rather than your stadium per turn. , So long as you fulfill the condition for using Teleport Room (a Stadium must be in play, but it doesn't matter if it's your stadium or your opponent's) you may use the Ability to put a different Stadium from your discard pile into play. You can use Teleport Room and then play a different Stadium from your hand (or vise versa), as long as it doesn't have the same name as a Stadium currently in play.

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