Play! Pokemon Events Remain Suspended Through End of 2020

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by JustInBasil, Sep 17, 2020.

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  2. Alex Leblanc Aspiring Trainer
    Alex Leblanc


    I hope organized play will resume in 2022, although I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't
  3. Jackrockstar Aspiring Trainer


    I hope they can work something out with local card shops to make it so they don't go under. I know YuGiOh has the remote duel setup where you can still get prize packs from competing at locals via discord or zoom, hopefully, pokemon can figure something like that out too.
  4. MilesEX Aspiring Trainer


    Am I wrong in thinking you could do a socially distanced tournament. Limited people, perspex screens, masks, no tocuhing others cards? Seems doable? Shorter time spans (so pre-release max of three rounds.
  5. Jeff Stratford Aspiring Trainer
    Jeff Stratford


    The only problem I see is that in a competitive setting, players typically cut there opponents deck, shuffle their deck and look through their discard pile which requires interacting with their cards. Players could stack their decks if there isn’t an option to cut, but in a more relaxed setting like a league it could potentially work
  6. Tytus Expanded Best Format


    There is still hope for Dallas Regionals.
  7. Red-EyesHydreigon Aspiring Trainer


    Well, what Yugioh has been doing for their video chat tourneys is that after player 1 finishes a deck search, player 2 picks a number, then player 1 counts out cards from the top and does the cut themselves. The main issue would be either having extremely limited player caps, or too many people to distance when there isn’t 2 masks and a plexiglass wall between everyone.
    Could be done, but still a fairly tricky situation as you can never assume that everyone there will have a mask on constantly until they leave the venue.

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