Pikachu Promo and TCG Box Set Featuring Artist Yu Nagaba!


Eternatus VMAX is Mega Rayquaza's goth phase
Another cool card only one small country gets. Thanks pokemon.


If you don't like the obfuscated complexity of the new V-Union mechanic, you may console yourself with the anachronistic simplicity of this quaint Pikachu promo.


Aspiring Trainer
Those sleeves would be a million times cooler if they were just the sketchy styled card backs instead of having the artist collab text on it and making the design off center and smaller.


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Now, I’d like to point something out. Yes, there have been many Pokémon cards over the years that have only released in Japan, and it would be really nice if they had all been released in the U.S. In fact, this sort of thing has happened since the very beginning, and not just with collaborative projects. But even if they never came to the U.S., it is still possible to buy them. In fact, they are made even more special by their own exclusiveness. I admit I would honestly prefer to make a card more common as opposed to making it a collectors items, but they are still out there. And, like with Japanese card sleeves and deck boxes and play mats, you may have to pay more, but you can still get them. It all depends on how much they are worth to you.