XY PhantomHaze's Pokemon Black Nuzlocke! Chapter One is Here!

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    Hello everyone, PhantomHaze here, I will be doing my first ever Nuzlocke Challenge and telling it in brief stories on PokeBeach. The rules are as follows:

    1) You may only catch the first Pokémon you encounter in any route or Area.
    2) If a Pokémon faints then it is considered dead and cannot be used again for the duration of the challenge. These Pokémon must either be released or placed in a 'Death Box'.
    3) All Pokémon must be nicknamed (not completely necessary but is strongly advised to give your Pokémon more personality).
    4) Dupes Clause - you may not obtain a Pokémon if you have already obtained another member of its evolutionary family (e.g. you can't catch a Swellow if you have already obtained a Tailow, even if the Tailow is dead). (This rule helps to prevent you having a box full of Bidoof or other common Pokémon)
    5) If an HM is needed to progress in the game I none of my Pokemon can learn it, I am allowed to catch a Pokemon who can. I will only use this Pokemon as a HM slave for that move and must be released when I catch a Pokemon who can learn said HM.
    N's charater will be named Reggie McGigas

    Current Team

    *PhantomHaze started the game*
    Professor Juniper(Juniper): Hello, and Welcome to the-
    PhantomHaze: Yea, Yeah, I've heard this a million times can we just skip to the Boy/Girl selection?
    Juniper: I make most of my pay check by saying all of this so you WILL listen and enjoy it
    *After Hours of talking I can choose my gender*
    Juniper: So, are you a boy or a girl?
    PhantomHaze: Im a boy.
    Juniper: Are you sure about that?
    PhantomHaze: Yes Im sure!
    Juniper: If you say so, please tell me you name.
    PhantomHaze: My name is PhantomHaze can't you tell from the dialogue?
    Juniper: Um, no.... And besides PhantomHaze is to long to be a name, pick a new one.
    PhantomHaze: *Sighs* Fine, my name is Phantom.
    *PhantomHaze is now known as Phantom!*
    Juniper: This are your friends, Bianca an Che-
    Phantom: Whoa, Whoa, wait a minute I can't choose their names?
    Juniper: Well, what did you have in mind?
    Phantom: I was thinking $%@# and &%@$#...
    Juniper: Absolutely not, especial with names like that! They will stay Bianca and Cheren.
    Phantom: Well if you say so.
    Juniper: Now, get ready for a wild adventure in the world of Pokemon!
    Phantom: Why am I shrinking! Someone help me!
    *Juniper laughs evilly*
    *Phantom has enter Nuvema Town*

    Thanks for Coming! Stay Tuned for More!​

  2. RE: PhantomHaze's Pokemon Black Nuzlocke! Suggestion Phase

    I want to be a character, preferably N.
  3. Lugia123 ...


    RE: PhantomHaze's Pokemon Black Nuzlocke! Suggestion Phase

    I would request a character but I don't want to end up as a plasma guy so i'm mainly posting to acknowledge the existence and my enjoyment of things like these because I know no one doing that can sometimes cause runs to be canceled and this being canceled would really suck.
  4. PhantomHaze Aspiring Trainer


    RE: PhantomHaze's Pokemon Black Nuzlocke! Suggestion Phase

    I will let you have a say in who you want to be since you are only the second person to post, if you do want to be a character. Also I will change the sentence stating that.

    @Reggie McGigas Ok! I will make you N! thanks for posting!
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    RE: PhantomHaze's Pokemon Black Nuzlocke! Suggestion Phase

    Since know one seems interested in being a character, I will be starting the Nuzlocke without people being characters. Reggie McGigas will be N since he did ask. The First Chapter will be uploaded later today!
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    RE: PhantomHaze's Pokemon Black Nuzlocke!

    Chapter One
    *Cheren Entered the Room*
    Cheren: Where's Biance? She is suppose to be here by now!
    *A few minutes pass ans Bianca enters the room*
    Cheren: Finally, now we can choose our pokemon! I think Phantom should choose first.
    Phantom: I was going to go first no matter what you say.
    *Phantom opened the box and choose Oshawott*
    Bianca: Then I want Tepig!
    Cheren: Then i guess I get Snivy.
    Bianca: Lets battle Phantom! I wantt to see how strong you are!
    Cheren: I dont know about this you could damage something.
    Phantom: Too late!
    *Phantom sent out Oshawott*
    *Bianca sent out Tepig*

    Tepig used tackle!
    Oshawott used Tail Whip!
    Oshawott used Tackle!
    Tepig used Tackle! Its a Critical Hit! Oshawott has 2HP
    Phantom: Well I guess that was a quick run through...
    Tepig used Tail Whip!
    Oshawott used Tackle!
    Tepig used Tail Whip!
    Phantom: Wait so your saying I won?!?!
    Oshawott used Tackle!
    Tepig Fainted!

    *Bianca handed over $500*
    Phantom: Whoa, thanks!
    Cheren: Guys, look around you....
    Bianca: Opps, looks like we destroyed your room Phantom.
    Phantom: My.. my... room, this is your fault Bianca.
    Bianca: That was a great battle Phantom Your going to be a great trainer one day.
    Phantom: I know, I already am.
    *Cheren healed Phantom's Pokemon*
    Cheren: Now its my turn to battle
    Phanton Do you not care about my house?!
    *Cheren sent out Snivy*
    Phantom: Ugh, fine.
    *Phantom sent out Oshawott*

    Oshawott spammed tackle!
    Snivy Fainted!

    Cheren: That was a great battle but we should go apologize to your mom.
    *Cheren and Bianca start to become kiss a##es to my mom*
    Mom: Its ok I'll clean in up in no time, but you should go thank the Professor!
    Cheren and Bianca: Ok!
    *Cheren and Bianca left*
    Mom: Before you go Phantom, take this.
    *Phantom recieved the Xtransceiver*

    I walk to Bianca's house since I know I have to go fetch her anyway, before I go to the lab.

    *Phantom entered the room*
    Bianca's Dad: NO, you cannot go on an adventure!
    Bianca: I will anyway!
    Bianca: I will met you at the lab Phantom!
    *Bianca Storms Out*
    *Phantom goes to the Lab*

    Juniper: I see you all got your Pokemon, blah blah blah...
    Juniper: Would you like to nick name your Pokemon?
    Phantom: Yes!
    *Oshawott is know known as Revolver*
    Juniper: What a great name! and here-
    *Phantom Recieved the Pokedex*
    Juniper: I want you three to complete the Dex for me by adventuring across Unova.
    Phantom: What if I say no?
    Juniper: I'll make you... Now Everyone come to Route 1 to learn to catch a Pokemon!
    Phantom: I already know how!
    Juniper: Shut up! You do not!
    *Phantom and Co. left the Lab*

    Mom: I got all three of you town maps!
    *Phantom received a Town Map*

    *Phantom and Co. enter Route one together*
    Phantom: Let's never do that again...
    Juniper: Watch and learn,
    *Juniper caught a Patrat*
    Bianca: Wow that was cool.
    *Phantom received Pokeballs*
    Juniper: I will wait for you ahead!
    Bianca: Lets see who can catch the most Pokemon before the next town!
    Phantom: Um, Im going to lose.
    Cheren: Why?
    Phantom: This is a Nuzlocke...
    Cheren: What is that?
    Phantom: Don't worry about it...
    *Cheren and Bianca left*
    *Phantom walked into tall grass*
    *A wild Lillipup apeared*
    Phantom: Go Revolver!

    Lillipup used Leer!
    Revolver used Tackle!
    Revolver used Tackle!
    Lillipup used Tackle!
    Phantom used a Pokeball, Lillipup was caught!
    *Phantom named Lillipup Muffin*

    On Route 1 Revolver learned Water Gun and Muffin learned Odor Stealth

    Bianca: Looks like we all made it!
    Cheren: yes, how many pokemon do you have Phantom?
    Phantom: Two..
    Cheren: Well looks like all three of us tied!

    End of Chapter One
    Let me know if you want longer or shorter Chapters, also give me feed back!
    Stay Tuned for the Next Chapter!
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