Help Paralysis Condition (Rulebook Wording Clarification)


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The rulebook says:

"Remove the Special Condition Paralyzed during the between-turns step if your Pokémon was Paralyzed since the beginning of your last turn."

As written, it would seem they are referring to the beginning of your previous turn and not the beginning of your current turn (otherwise it would be written simply as "since the beginning of your turn"). I guess it's because the Pokémon Checkup phase happens between turns (and not at the end of your turn), so by the time you've gotten to that phase, your turn is over which is why they use the term "last turn"?

Can someone confirm that if you begin your turn with a Pokemon that was Paralyzed by your opponent (earlier on his/her turn), that the Paralyzed condition is removed at (after) the end of your current turn during Pokémon Checkup?
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Yeah, I think it should say "... Paralyzed since the beginning of your turn that just passed" or something like that.
I think it's like this:

Opponent's turn = your Pokemon gets paralyzed.
Checkup = (nothing)
Your turn = Your Pokemon can't attack or retreat because it is Paralyzed. Although there are other ways to heal if you still want to attack.
Checkup = your Pokemon automatically heals from paralysis if you haven't already healed it.
Opponent's turn

I hope this helps. Keep the questions coming, I will try to answer them!